Claim one-way move affecting hundreds

Making a South Dunedin street one-way is inconveniencing hundreds of motorists daily for the safety of a sole cyclist, Marlow St resident Trevor McStay says.

Marlow St used to be a ''free-flowing'' two-way roadway before it was made a one-way street after construction of a new cycleway in Royal Cres started, Mr McStay said.

The street ''block'' had made the journey from central Dunedin longer and inconvenienced many parents of pupils travelling home from nearby schools, he said.

The consultation by the Dunedin City Council on the cycleway construction was inadequate, he said.

If he had known about the consultation process, he would have supported the cycleway but opposed the decision to block the street, he said.

The council had been ''underhanded'' with its lack of consultation and council staff should have been proactive and sought feedback by knocking on residents' doors, Mr McStay said.

The change to a one-way street had inconvenienced hundreds of motorists for the safety of the one cyclist he had seen using the cycleway, he said.

''About 400 motorists could be using that roadway a day and they are being inconvenienced by one cyclist.''

Marlow St resident Marion McLean, who lives nearer the cycleway than Mr McStay, said in 15 minutes yesterday she saw three motorists ignore the no-entry sign and travel the wrong way down the one-way street.

The change had made her return trip from central Dunedin longer and although she received a letter about the change, there could have been more consultation, she said.

She had not seen any cyclists using the cycleway.

Council senior transportation planner Lisa Clifford said a council consultant deemed Marlow St, west of Royal Cres, a ''quiet street'' and recommended it be blocked to discourage ''cut-through traffic'' to make it safer for cyclists.

''Traffic turning into a road is more of a safety hazard than traffic coming out.''

Not all Marlow St residents had been contacted during the consultation process, only the ''directly affected'' residents nearer the cycleway.

The consultation had been well publicised and residents had had many chances to make a submission on the cycleway.

The cycleway would be used more once it was completed.

''You have to build it before they come.''

Pain in the butt with no thought mentality council

I travel from Ocean Grove to central dunedin and back again 1/2 dozen or more times each day and use either Shore street with its waste of space crossing humps no student or cyclists use, and have witness the useless $45000 fencing which still has lumps of dirt around it falling and virtually no cyclists. Or I travel via culling and marlow street  with its new dumb give way and no entries - and drunk as skunk footpaths.

Why waste money when I am sure I saw people over in KV with sewerage during bad weather affecting their property, a stadium that just loves wasting money and so many blasted potholes as the idiots dig up pipes and barely fill holes or overfill making roads a disgrace.

They just replaced roading in St Clair and as you get to the end of Forbury they have left a decent size hole around a metal plate just another trap for our new cars and tyres. 

All this waste of money in a city full of hills and just because you spent all this money doesnt mean I am going to pull out a bike.

I am sick to death of cyclists with no registration who pay nothing towards all of this and are arrogant on the road coming up the left of you to go straight ahead when you have already indicated a left turn.

So council on your bike!

Who pays?

Would the users of the newly created cycle lane like to pay the additional fuel costs for the motorists who now have to take a detour and a longer route?  I bet not.

And Portobello Rd

Add to that, the related mess they have made of Portobello Road between Portsmouth Drive and Andersons Bay Road.  Especially around the BP and Countdown area...  I have witnessed neumorus near misses and I'm sure the staff at the BP have seen a fair bit more!

Funny that this comes to light today

Just last Sunday I was visiting my elderly auntie and husband in Normanby st. They were moaning and complaining about it too.

You just gotta love how the DCC will go to any lengths to support minority groups while inconveniencing the majority.

Love Dunedin? Not anymore 

Stand-up comedy

'Build it and they will come'? More from this very funny Council lady, please.


"You have to build it before they come." Maybe this cycleway should take a direct route to the Stadium, then maybe 'they will come'. 

It appears the council is in the business of inconveniencing the many for the few. I, like many others, drive the streets of Dunedin daily. Dunedin is not Christchurch, not flat. Dunedin is a 'hilly' city. Day after day I drive past empty cycleways, for the entire stretch of the street hardly ever a cyclist in sight. It is unbelievable that these cycleways are thrust onto the ratepayers of Dunedin whether they are warranted or not. It's just the way it is now in this city. To heck with the majority. 

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