Waiting list 'just crazy'

Clare Curran
Clare Curran
Waiting up to a year for an ultrasound in the South is ''incomprehensible'', Dunedin South MP Clare Curran says.

The Southern District Health Board confirmed this week southern patients needing a routine musculoskeletal ultrasound are waiting 48 to 52 weeks.

Waits were shorter for non-musculoskeletal reasons (25-30 weeks).

Ms Curran said when contacted yesterday she was writing to the health board and Health Minister Tony Ryall on behalf of a constituent who faced a wait of up to one year.

''I'm not mucking around with these things.

''I don't know how many of them are out there, but it's just crazy.

''I find it incomprehensible that people are waiting for a year for a diagnostic procedure for something that's hampering them from being able to function properly.''

Patient services director Lexie O'Shea, in a statement this week, said the board was investigating how to reduce the waiting times.

''Options being looked at include undertaking additional lists where this is possible, and investigating whether some referrals can be undertaken by other providers.

''If you are anxious and think that your condition has deteriorated, you are advised to go back to your GP to be reassessed.''

Those needing urgent scans were being seen on time, she said.



Seriously? As an American, you have NO idea how good you have it here. Although, a one year waiting list for something so simple is ridiculous.

Labour Party

The Labour party is well established in Dunedin and in my opinion we need to hear the local Labour party mps banging louder on the government's doors and get answers to all our local health problems, it's not right that people have to suffer medically and financially.


And repeat visits to the doc all cost. Maybe if successive visits for the same problem were free and the cost was picked up by the government they might be motivated to fix problems like this.

The real problem is haveing to sit within annual budgets. The health sector needs to be able to have a longer term view. Quite often proceedures which are delayed due to annual budget considerations cost more down the line, leading to a ever increasing problem.

Not only do you have to do the proceedure eventually, it's usually more complicated and costly when its done - plus you have all the medical costs incurred in the meantime ie doctor and medicine. You also have the loss of productivity and social costs like quality of life to account for.

If the just fixed problems as they occured the annual cost might be larger for a short time while they catch up but in the long term they wouldn't have the deferred costs to cover, leading to an overall drop in future costs. 


Just another ploy

Just another ploy for user pays mentatality - we are no better off than the USA before Obamacare!

And let's face it, the National Party are quite happy for Labour-driven provinces to have no services. 

Fantastic, but a teleconference would be quicker

Nice to see Clare Curan getting on with her MP role, as we seem to slowly see more and more unproductive people within council and government sitting on their backsides writing on their pencil cases. [Abridged] 

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