Parking message not getting through

The number of infringements the Dunedin City Council has issued for parking in mobility parks without a permit has not changed drastically in the past five years. Photo by Jonathan Chilton-Towle.
The number of infringements the Dunedin City Council has issued for parking in mobility parks without a permit has not changed drastically in the past five years. Photo by Jonathan Chilton-Towle.
Dunedin's able-bodied residents do not seem to be getting the message that they should not park in disabled car parks.

Figures obtained by The Star show the number of infringements given to drivers parking in a mobility car park without a permit have not changed drastically during the last five years.

Between July 1, 2009, and June 30, 2010, 181 infringements were handed out, and between July 1, 2010, and June 30, 2011, there were 236.

Numbers declined slightly with 149 infringements being given out between July 1, 2011, and June 30, 2012, and 148 being given out in the same period in 2012 to 2013.

As of March 31, 2014, 96 infringements had been given out.

Disabled Persons Assembly kaituitui (community networker) Chris Ford said disabled people, especially those with mobility issues, relied upon mobility car parks to participate in the community.

It was wrong to think it was OK to use the car parks because there were few disabled people and the parks were only used infrequently, he said.

''When disabled people need the parks, they really need them,'' he said.

In many cases, if a person could not find a mobility park they would have to travel kilometres to find another, or even turn around and go home.

Mr Ford was pleased the council was enforcing the mobility parks but said it was up to everybody to recognise that disabled people needed the parks.

A Dunedin City Council spokeswoman said enforcement had changed during the past two years.

''If a vehicle is parked on a mobility park and has a driver in attendance, then the parking officer must request compliance [for the vehicle to move off]. If the vehicle is unattended or if immediate compliance is not achieved, a ticket is issued,'' she said.

The fine is $150.



Ywtsmwfhm: While it is equally possible they were just as ignorant as any other driver I fail to see why they would park in a delivery zone if one they had paid for the right to use was available (Yes mobilty permits cost the user).

Not to say they were right to park in the delivery spot (people who do were a pet peeve on mine to) but it's quite probable when they pulled up someone was in theirs, not knowing where this was or the person's situation they may have been left with no choice (ie had an important appointment close by and could walk further or spend time driving around till it freed up).


Parking issues

I get at least 5 cars parking across the driveway of my business every day. When challenged the most common excuse is "I am only going to be a minute". Not one ever says sorry, not one acknowledges that they should not be there. Some get aggressive, some pretend not to see you, others even lock the car and are nowhere to be seen. I have a huge no parking sign on the drive but alas they are blind as well.

The thought of having to walk 100 meters from a legal car park is a foreign concept to these rather ignorant motorists. What can you do? the only parking cops are buzzing around and around the inner city, the suburbs are not a great source of infringement revenue and are largely ignored. I pay $20,000 in business rates and yet when I complained to Council about the issues with my drive way they told me to take pictures of the offenders' cars. What an utter waste of time and effort, more aggression, more abuse from the ignorant parkers, no thanks.

Disabled parking

That's fine but disabled parkers also have to not park where they shouldn't be, about a month ago I had to park my van in a disabled park in castle street while doing a delivery as the marked park for delivery vehicles directly behind the disabled park was occupied by a car with a disabled parking permit.

Unlawful AB Seaman

Just park alongside and box them in. They'll get the message needing to await your return.

Flawed data

Of course this analysis is flawed because the main reason for the number of infringements dropping in 2011 was because the city removed the bulk of the city's mobility parks and replaced them with paid parking spots - now when a disabled person wants to visit a business on a block without a park within their walking range they must circle until a normal space opens up.

With something like 1/3 the number of spaces  available than before I'd argue that infringements have actually gone up.


As these people who park in the disabled spots have no morals or standards to speak of . . . it may be time to increase the fine to an amount that means something to them or get the vehicle towed away . . . with the hassle of getting their car back and an additional fee they might have a wee think about things before they park in a spot designed for those who require it.


2009-2010, 181 infringments

2010-2011, 236

2011-2012, 149

2012-2013, 148

2013-2014 (9 months), 96 (project to 130 for end of year)

So between the peak in 2011 and now, there's a drop of about 100 infringements annually or about 48%.  That's not insignificant! 

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