Streaker on tackle: 'Good hit, eh?'

The tackle is made on Adam Holtslag. Photo Getty
The tackle is made on Adam Holtslag. Photo Getty
The man who streaked during Saturday night's All Blacks test match says he bears no ill will against the security guard who crunch tackled him from behind.

Adam Holtslag, 28, admitted he "probably started [drinking] a bit too early" on Saturday, and was egged on by his mates to streak across the pitch at Dunedin's Forsyth Barr Stadium.

The now infamous incident has divided opinion over whether Holtslag deserved the hard-hitting tackle, or whether security guard, Brad Hemopo, himself a Canterbury rugby player, went too far.

But while Holtslag said he was left nursing sore ribs from "a bit of a cheap shot", he doesn't want to take the matter any further.

"It was a good hit, eh," he said.

"It was definitely a bit over the top, but if you're going to streak, you have to expect that you're going to get hit. Not usually from behind though," the self-employed builder said from his Christchurch home.

He recalls the incident clearly, but he "didn't see that coming at all".

"I wasn't going to resist or anything. As soon as they got me, I went along with it," he told APNZ.

Holtslag had travelled down to the game with five mates, and earlier in the day watched the Nude Blacks vs England naked game.

During the All Blacks test, he was encouraged to take his clothes off and jump from the stands onto the pitch. "Yeah, I got egged on a bit," he said of his mates.

He's now hoping they will cough up to pay his $500 fine imposed by the stadium. "They're gonna pay up. They better help out with the fine eh."

Holtslag is also facing a maximum $1000 court fine, after he was arrested and charged with offensive behaviour. He was also banned from the stadium for two years.

He will appear in Dunedin District Court on Wednesday.

Holtslag was surprised by the attention the incident gained across New Zealand and the world, he said.

"It's gone crazy. I'll just wait till it blows over.

"The phone's been going mental -- I've had to switch it off basically. Thousands of Facebook messages."

Meanwhile, management at Forsyth Barr Stadium resolutely stood behind Mr Hemopo, 19, saying he was "absolutely, 100 per cent" in the right.

"We are going to come down hard on anyone who breaks rules at the venue," Terry Davies, chief executive of Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML), said.

"We have been speaking with the security guard, the security company, we looked at our pre-planning and pre-briefing, and it all fell into line and was consistent, and on that basis we will support him 100 per cent."

Mr Hemopo's mother, Sandy, also defended her son -- a Canterbury Rugby ITM Cup wider training group member -- saying he's "not a violent person", and was simply doing his job.

"He's [Mr Hemopo's] been told to tackle if anybody goes on the field, so what do you do? That's why the security guards wear their rugby boots out there," she said in an interview with Newstalk ZB.

Despite admitting her first reaction when she saw the tackle was to think 'ouch', she described it as "a bloody good tackle".

"If it had been any lower, the guy would have been injured. He [Mr Hemopo] knew exactly where to tackle him," she said.

- Kurt Bayer and Patrice Dougan of APNZ

'Good hit, eh?'

I understand about the need for player safety but if a streaker had intent to harm a player where would he hide any weapons or whatever? I‘m on the side of the poor Streaker bloke.
It is my firm belief that the “tackle” was over the top. It was from behind, the guy wasn’t ready or prepared bodily for it, it was borderline high and arms were not used until the shoulder had contacted; In summary it was a shoulder charge carried out under the orders of the Fun Police. [Abridged]

Fines? Maybe a solution

overit: A great point. I doubt they can fine people, they have no statutory authority. Then again, maybe they just send a couple of burly security guards around to collect it if you don't pay up, threatening to tackle you every time you strip off and head for the shower.

Then again maybe this is a solution to the rugby community promising to raise $50m in private fundraising and then neglecting to actually do so. DVML could simply fine everyone who has ever been to a rugby game at the rugby stadium, the stadium debt could be gone by lunchtime.

Get off your high-horses

C'mon people - lighten up ! You're taking yourselves too seriously. Your hypocrisy is mind-blowing since you say its OK to publicise a bunch of schoolboys playing a nude rugby game as, "Oh well done chaps - good show' but get on your high horse about a sole streaker with all sorts of daft statements including academic ramblings. After all, wasn't the streaker just doing a bit of advertising? Ooooops! Not allowed in their stadium! Get over it! For those old enough to remember when helmeted police used to wander around the Carisbrook paddock during test matches- their helmets were ideal for covering streakers vital parts! 

Accountability and professionalism

"This needs to be addressed to preserve accountability and professionalism in the security role."

I couldn't agree more, but you would have to have a management structure that exhibits both those qualities. And in the opinion of many DVML certainly does not.

Rewarding bad behaviour?

Dear ODT, I would appreciate it if you didn't feed this cretin with the 'Oxygen of Publicity'. Rewarding bad behaviour will only make it worse and encourage others. Thank you.

Can DVML fine people?

Just a quick question? Can DVML fine anyone as claimed above? Maybe this is a new income stream for DVML! 

Over the top

The security role in any situation is to detain, restrain, remove using the least amount of force necessary to maintain safety to people and property.

What happened here shows that both the security guard and his management require further training and understanding of their role and better use of techniques to carry out the job.

This guy could have received a serious neck injury, and for what! The streaker was hardly showing intention to hurt anyone.

This needs to be addressed to preserve accountability and professionalism in the security role.

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