Intersection altered

A cyclist crosses at the new roading layout and kerbing on the corner of Factory Rd and Elgin Pl, Mosgiel. Photo by Craig Baxter.Changes to the Elgin Pl and Factory Rd intersection have been made to make it safer for pedestrians, the Dunedin City Council says.

Consultation about 18 months ago highlighted a need for the crossing point on Factory Rd near the intersection with Elgin Pl and the nearby corner to be reviewed, senior traffic engineer Ron Minnema said.

There was also a nearby bus stop and it was identified as a place where many people crossed Factory Rd.

''We also had complaints from a resident in Elgin Pl about people turning left into Elgin Pl far too fast.''

The intersection was very wide which enabled drivers to turn into Elgin Pl quickly, he said.

''It also left pedestrians exposed for longer.''

It was decided to upgrade the Elgin Pl intersection alongside the Factory Rd crossing point to make the whole area safer, he said. The project cost $93,000.

A kerb protrusion was put in on the Elgin Pl corner to slow left-turning traffic and reduce the width of road pedestrians had to cross.

The problem with the old crossing was that it was not a pedestrian crossing and motorists had ''no visual cues'' that it was a crossing point.

''With no island and the volume of traffic, it was very difficult for people to cross,'' Mr Minnema said.

There had also been concerns about the crossing expressed by visually impaired people and the elderly, he said.

It was therefore to be shifted to accommodate the bus stop to prevent buses going into the cycle lane.

A median island was to be put in the middle of the road enabling pedestrians to cross in two movements, he said.

The crossing point would then be consistent with others in the area. In conjunction with Silverstream School, the council was monitoring pedestrian demand on the crossing to see if a formal pedestrian crossing was needed.

If so, it could be put in without any major work, Mr Minnema said.

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