Pay rise for mayor and councillors

Dave Cull
Dave Cull
Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull is looking at a 3% wage increase next year, and councillors 2.8%, following the Remuneration Authority's latest review.

Last year the authority moved from a pool system to a process whereby the authority directly sets the level of remuneration.

Under the new system, councillors and community board members are paid a base salary and those with extra responsibilities or undertaking extra work flowing from the district plan process receive extra.

The amount paid is determined by the authority assessing each council's ''size index'' and general wage growth. Remuneration is reviewed annually.

Councillors have been asked to note the increase at today's council meeting.

Pay rises 2014-15
Pay (and % increase)

• Mayor $146,250, incl. vehicle allowance (3%)
• Deputy mayor $65,650 (2.8%)
• Committee chairman $60,600 (2.8%)
• Councillor $50,500 (2.8%)
• Community Board chairmen (population based) $14,000 (0%) - $17,400 (2.7%)
• Community Board members $7000 (0%) - $8700 (2.4%) 

Mayor's pay rise

Do they take the "Ratepayer's Report" into account when setting this level of reward?

Hmm, I wonder

Rates rise = twice inflation

Wage rise = twice inflation


Mayor's pay rise

Just one question: why?

Milk it!

Milk it while you can guys . . . sounds like you'll all soon be starting from scratch.

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