Apple misses mark in Dunedin

Apple Maps is still misplacing Dunedin International Airport in the Octagon almost two years after the problem was first reported.

Airport chief executive John McCall said it was frustrating Apple had not fixed the problem after it raised the issue with the company in 2012.

''We raised it with Apple and have absolutely got nowhere,'' Mr McCall said.

He had ''no idea'' why the airport's location still came up as the Octagon when people searched for it on Apple Maps, but had a simple solution.

''Go to Google [Maps].''

The error was reported in the Otago Daily Times in September 2012 after Apple took over as the default provider of maps software on iPads and iPhones.

The launch of the software was plagued by problems around the world, but Apple has since worked to fix issues which included highways that ended in the middle of nowhere and towns in the wrong location.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment yesterday.


NZ is bigger than the UK and Ireland, quite a few European countries and roughly the same as Japan,  but we have a small relative poulation. We just look small because we sit out in the middle of an ocean beside our western island also known the world's largest island and smallest continent, otherwise called Aussie. 

Our so-called small size is a matter of perception rather than reality. 


The data itself is actually provided by TomTom Navigation.

Misleading story

Dunedin Airport is located perfectly in Apple Maps if you search for 'Dunedin Airport' or 'Airport' or 'Airport Road', it only points you to The Octagon if you specifically search for 'Dunedin International Airport'. I agree it should be changed but really it's not that big a deal, 99% of people will just search for 'Airport' or 'Dunedin Airport'.

Follow the signs

Or you could just follow the signs - NZ isn't that big!

No wonder . . .

No wonder I've been missing my flights!

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