Public urged to report possible fires without delay

Fire Service officials emphasised the importance of alerting the Fire Service promptly, after business premises in City Rd, Dunedin, were briefly affected by smoke from a tumble dryer yesterday morning.

Fire Service St Kilda Station Officer Pete Douglas said a staff member at the business had noticed an apparent smell of burning from a domestic-style dryer at the premises.

At that stage, the dryer had been switched off and its door was kept closed.

But about an hour later, smoke was noticed pouring from the dryer and the Fire Service was alerted at 9.41am.

Two fire appliances attended and the fire was extinguished. The dryer was damaged but the building escaped fire damage and firefighters helped clear smoke from the premises.

Station Officer Douglas said items inside the dryer may have been smouldering after the smell of burning was noticed.

If people believed a fire may have occurred or there was risk of a fire, they were asked to contact the Fire Service promptly, even as a precaution.

That would enable the fire to be fully extinguished and the situation checked to prevent possible future reignition, he said.

Some people hesitated to trouble the Fire Service but firefighters were happy to check things out to ensure there was no risk from reignition, he said.

Fire Service risk management officer Michael Harrison said there had been several cases in Dunedin in the past two months where residents had rung some time after an initial small house fire, sometimes the following day, to ask about having it checked.

But the Fire Service would rather respond immediately, to ensure the fire had been fully extinguished, Mr Harrison said.

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