Illegal dumpers 'slack and lazy'

Bottles and general rubbish lie on the side of Flagstaff-Whare Flat Rd, Dunedin, on Saturday. Photo by Hamish McNeilly.
Bottles and general rubbish lie on the side of Flagstaff-Whare Flat Rd, Dunedin, on Saturday. Photo by Hamish McNeilly.
Whoever is dumping whiteware, animal carcasses and other rubbish in Dunedin's quiet corners needs to take ''a bit of a look at themselves'', a Dunedin community board chairman says.

Scott Weatherall, chairman of the Saddle Hill Community Board, made the comment following the dumping of more rubbish around the city in recent weeks.

That included a chest freezer and other whiteware left amid piles of bottles and bags of rubbish beside Flagstaff-Whare Flat Rd over the weekend.

Mr Weatherall said he had also noticed a ''huge amount'' of rubbish dumped in his board's area, including along Big Stone Rd, south of Brighton, in recent days.

The practice appeared to be increasing again, which could be due to charges at the Green Island landfill, and Flagstaff's proximity meant it was quicker to drive there than to the city's landfill, he said.

However, that was ''no excuse'', he said.

''Some people are just slack and lazy and they just need to have a bit of a look at themselves.

''What's it going to look like in our community in 25 years' time, when their kids have grown up or their grandkids have grown up?''

Mosgiel Taieri Community Board chairman Bill Feather said he found ''extensive'' amounts of rubbish - including whiteware and animal carcasses - when he visited Flagstaff-Whare Flat Rd yesterday.

''It's not good.

''I will certainly be in touch with the council and we will see what we can do to get it cleaned up,'' he said.

The latest incidents came after concerns were raised about illegal dumping in January, amid a public outcry over charges to the way fees were charged at the Green Island landfill.

Cr David Benson-Pope, speaking last week, also criticised the way the contract to clean the inner city was being carried out.

A Dunedin City Council spokeswoman, contacted late yesterday, said illegal dumping remained an ''ongoing issue'' in the Flagstaff-Whare Flat Rd area, but was not aware of any city-wide increase in the practice.

The problem was taken seriously, followed up ''where possible'', and ''we encourage people who see anyone dumping rubbish illegally to contact the DCC with details, such as the vehicle registration plates,'' she said.


I am old enough to remember Arlo Guthrie's song Alice's Restaurant - which begins with an amusing and embellished account of when he dumped rubbish where he shouldn't.  In 1965, Guthrie and his friend Richard Robbins, were arrested for illegally dumping some garbage after discovering the town dump was closed for the holiday. In the end, Guthrie and Robbins were fined $50 and told to pick up their garbage.  (if you want to hear the song on YouTube... the garbage part comes in at about the 2 minute mark)  

On the DCC council website, it states "Dumped rubbish often contains evidence such as letters, envelopes etc, linking the rubbish to the offender."  That's what gave Arlo Guthrie away.

The DCC website goes on: "In most cases the offender will be issued with an infringement notice and may be fined up to $400. If the litter is injurious to health, such as glass, syringes, spiky metal etc, prosecution under the Litter Act will be considered and may result in a fine of up to $7500 plus the cost of the rubbish removal."

I think most of us would be essentially against littering - who wants a dirty city? I certainly won't be doing rubbish dumping - but I think the new landfill fees are way too high.


spanna1: I very much appreicate the point you make and would very much like to be able to agree with you. However this is not a perfict world. Some people can't or won't pay ridiculous tip fees, do produce waste and are dumping it all around the place. The fact is we need the tip to be cheap to use so waste can be recycled or disposed of in a reasonable way. I would much rather that the council subsidised the tip to keep cost down rather than the cost of a rugby match ticket.

Yes, really

Look at your rates bill and you'll see that rubbish collection is itemised, or are you suggesting that ratepayers should pay twice? $15.00 for 5 bags is absurd, or perhaps you enjoy being ripped off? I don't.


@FernFrond please don't tell me you really think the cost of the rubbish bag is actually the cost of producing it. The reason that council rubbish bags are so 'expensive' is that the price incorporates the cost of disposal. It's not free you know. 

Don't like paying? Then don't create waste

Don't like paying to dump your crap in our earth? Here's an idea - don't create it! I don't have a problem with the landfill charges because I rarely use it. Take some responsibility, change they way you live and stop creating waste that is not going to go 'away'! It's a no brainer. Making it free to stick your useless stuff in a hole in the earth is not going to stop lazy people dumping it, and where's the incentive to not create it in the first place? It should be even more expensive than it is, and governments must start requiring 'product stewardship'. As consumers we can put pressure on producers too. Become an empowered person instead of a complainer.


Murry4nz , the council didn't need to vote for one, they just need to use the exsisting one which is only occasionally used now.

Green waste

Can you tell where is your tidy town that has green waste is?  I'd like to check it out and see how they do it.



Official rubbish bags

Why are the official DCC black plastic rubbish bags (the only brand the DCC will collect) so expensive? If the DCC could be  persuaded to give up their monopoly perhaps someone else might be able to produce a cheaper version. Perhaps an opportunity to  create a couple of those much vaunted 'green jobs' in the process? Maybe I'll go and dump a great big load behind the stadium later tonight.


Landfill charges

The landfill charging mechanism is indeed the issue.  The main problem is it is not fair.  Charging by vehicle type does not promote waste minimisation - it just annoys people, particularly those that dont have much in their vehicle.  The fair method is a weighbridge.  It was dumb recent decision by Council not to vote for one.


Where I live green waste is free...recycling is free and we live in a tidy town.  

Rogue rubbish

Hey! Council big-wigs,are you taking any notice of the growing public concern about those absurd landfill charges? I think not, since the dumping of rubbish around the city is on the increase.The rogue dumpers would be better off making a protest by taking their rubbish and depositing it at the council chambers or at the front door of those councillors responsible for making it so easy for the landfill operators to charge those high prices.
This bulldozing of public opinion on issues needs to be sorted; we don't need endless excuses as to why we must accept it as a fait-accompli.There are countries where the citizens would march on the bureaucrats' citadel and burn them in effigy, and the protesters usually win in the end. Is this what we need to do to bring common sense about the householders disposal of rubish?
I wonder if the councillors take their own extra rubbish to the landfill and pay-up. Or does a council vehicle quietly turn up at the gate and whisk the rubbish away?



Many posts mention rising costs at the landfill in order to fund the fubar stadium. The irony in this is that Cr Weatherall was one of the visionary city fathers who voted for the stadium.

Disposal pricing is too high

As all the other commenters have said, the increased charges for disposing of rubbish will lead to even more fly tipping. Disposing of one small trailer of green waste has risen from $17 to a ridiculous $37, and that's too high for retirees in particular. The Council needs to revisit refuse pricing if they want to avoid roadsides covered in litter. It's pretty obvious, isn't it?

Filling the big hole

Don't forget that at the time of the price hike, it was revealed that the cost increase was not to cover opperational costs of the tip, they were already being well met. The hike was to meet the council's profit expectations, which was to go into the city coffers. No prizes for guessing what particular project that extra money would end up being channeled into propping up. Yeah, go the FUBAR Stadium. [abridged]

Dumping charges

Welcome to Dunedin's new reality, a financially broken Council doing whatever it can to collect more money to paper over the cracks. This is just the start good people, this is the beginning of huge increases in Council charges across the board. Next thing will be your rates, does anyone think the $650 million in consolidated debt can be managed? $32.5pa million in interest alone at say 5%? $625,000 every single week. Think about that number for a minute, think about what that could buy. In the meantime there is virtual silence from the DCC concerning this debt. They bicker over cycle lanes, Mayor Cull's overseas junket and making Princes Street look pretty. In the meantime Council charges go sky high, retail stores close every day and Dunedin goes deeper into a financial mire.

Landfill charges

The council should have a look at itself Mr Weatherall. High charges are making visits to the tip a luxury. There was a time here when the tip was free to domestic users apart from the rates charge. I am as others have said here surprised that there isn't more dumping. Every time these issues and the effects of over, increasing charges at the tip are rasied the council ignores them. It will be no different this time. They have to get income from somewhere if not from the beloved stadium. Provider of huge financial returns and answer to all employment and financial problems in Malcolm's promised dreamland rugby paradise.

Instead we have rates increases well above inflation, increasing council debt, selling of council assets, increasing service charges, more street tiles, and subsidised rugby tickets. That's our reallity.


Two-thirds of rubbish can be recycled

I previously lived rural where there was no rubbish collection. I quickly learnt how to cut down on waste because whatever came in had to be taken out.

1 Shop for things that don't come 'packaged'. (Bottles, plastic, polystyrene). Take your own bags or boxes to shop.

2. Recycle what you can- card, cans, hard plastic- or re-use stuff.

3. Compost. I became an expert.

4. Chop up garden waste for mulching the garden. 

Of all those, I think the shopping without packaging is the most useful. 



Rubbish dumping

The DCC should not be surprised at the incidence of random rubbish dumping around the city. The increase in its fees for dumping at its Green Island landfill are bordering on extortion and what used to be a very busy, well run recycling centre now just looks like a disfunctional wasteland. Where has everyone gone? Who can afford to pay $40-$50 for a trailer load of rubbish? If the city keeps up its mercenary policy of penalising law-abiding ratepayers, it is going the right way about turning us all into criminals. Well done! 

We could all see this coming

No-one should be surprised at this. We have to pay for the privilege to use DCC approved rubbish bags, we have to pay for our rubbish collection. We also have to pay to use the rubbish tip, recycling centre and rummage shop and of course we pay for the DCC to collect illegally dumped rubbish.

I'm more surprised at limit of dumped rubbish considering how much it costs to get rid of the damned stuff!

Fly tipping

Hardly a surprise that this is happening with the landfill moneygrabbers putting the price up.


I have to ask why there is rubbish dumped all over Dunedin - yes people can be lazy but the prices of the land fill are shocking ..just greed ..if you want a tidy city lower the land fill prices.

Keep rubbish collection costs low

The council should keep rubbish collection costs low so there is no incentive for dumping. Only recently the council increased using the tip at Green Island from $18 to $30 (>>link<<). In the article there was concern this increase would increase dumping.

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