Multitude of twins can cause double takes

Eight St Joseph's Cathedral School pupils have one thing in common - they make up an uncommonly large group of twins at the school.

It is the most sets of twins the school has had and telling some of them apart can prove challenging, principal Michelle Bednarek-Burrow says.

''We have 138 on our roll. Four sets of twins makes up about 5%,'' she said.

There are pros and cons to being a twin.

Ben and Oliver Delaney (10) enjoyed getting into ''twice as much mischief''.

''It means we can get up to more mischief if we bind together. It's double the fun.

"Being a twin can be terrible. It means we have to share our birthday and a birthday cake. It also means we are equally as handsome.

"I can't be more handsome than Ben. Some people can't tell us apart,'' Oliver said.

Always having someone to play with and talking to each other before they go to sleep are two things Katalena and Maria Moata'ane (5) and Avena and Leilagi Alefosio-Tuck (5) enjoy about being a twin.

The two sets of twins are in the same class.

''We also get one birthday cake each.

"We share a room and always have someone to talk to at bedtime.

"Sometimes people get us mixed up,'' Avena said.

Anna and Oliver Peyroux said being a twin could be ''special'' at times.

''It's good that we are not alone and that there are other twins at school,'' Anna said.

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