Grant means 'dreams are possible'

Greater Green Island Community Network members (from left) Steve Hayward, John Moyle, Lynda Davidson, Melanie McNatty, Jules Haldane and Pam Tonkins, in Green Island this week. Photo by Craig BaxterGreen Island has more to offer visitors than just the landfill, says a community group about to be given $240,000 to transform their suburb.

The Greater Green Island Community Network has been selected for the Government's annual community development scheme.

Group spokeswoman Melanie McNatty said it would receive $80,000 a year for three years.

Network members celebrated with high fives when they learned the news.

''Dreams are possible,'' Ms McNatty said.

Some of the funds would be used to employ a community development co-ordinator.

The position would be advertised next week, she said.

The remaining funding would help with operational costs and projects.

Projects could include improving traffic flow in the business district, installing better lighting where youth congregated, relationship-building between neighbours, encouraging retailers to the area and improving the appearance of ''shabby'' amenities.

The community would be consulted on desired projects.

The grant was ''perfect timing'', with the redevelopment of Sunnyvale Sports Centre and the planned construction of a supermarket in Green Island.

Network member Lynda Davidson said the network wanted to make the suburb ''a destination hub with a unique feel'', for residents of surrounding suburbs and beyond to visit.

Green Island had more to offer visitors than ''just the landfill''.

A survey the network started on Green Island last year was completed by nearly 450 people and convinced the network to apply.

The scheme, administered by the Department of Internal Affairs, funded 12 projects in New Zealand.

Presbyterian Support Otago is the fund holder for the network.

Co-ordinator salary

I agree with the above comments.  The co-ordinator salary will use up a large sum of money.   Many heads are better than one.  Surely these skills are already within the group/community.   Perhaps a stipend could be paid for one person to set meetings and tie the ends together, as with many community volunteer projects. Green Island is a great little suburb, with a strong and healthy community spirit; its residents connect with one another. In more recent years individual business owners have made great efforts to develop people-centred and friendly services. Let's continue with a group of enthusiastic people.  It may take a little longer, but funds will go further and satisfaction will be guaranteed. 


It kinda annoys me when money is given to places/people, and some/a lot of it is used for salaries and such.

I got quite interested when I read how much money they'd be getting, then i found out what they were possibly going to spend it all on and my interest level completely dropped.

From the proposals put forward so far, it doesn't seem like anything will look much different than the status quo. 

Development scheme

That's awesome for Green island but from what I just read in that article it sounds like most of the money is going to go in to adminstrative costs and paying a salary for a development co-ordinator, which would probably eat up about a third of the money. So the little that is left will go to some small piddly work done in the suburb that hardly anyone will even notice. Sorry,  but it seems a bit of waste of time and money to me unless the bulk of it is used to better the community. I find this all rather self-serving.

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