DVML business development chief appointed

Kim Dodds
Kim Dodds
The company running Dunedin's Forsyth Barr Stadium has appointed a new business development manager as part of a push to secure more bookings.

Kim Dodds, a projects co-ordinator with Catlins Coast Incorporated, was responsible for implementing the Catlins tourism strategy, but would take up her new role with Dunedin Venues Management Ltd today.

She would oversee DVML's meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions business, and management of DVML's suite of venues, including the stadium and refurbished Dunedin Centre, chief executive Terry Davies said.

''We have the most outstanding event facilities in the city and Kim's enthusiasm and expertise will ensure their maximum potential is realised,'' he said.

Her appointment came after Mr Davies in July confirmed DVML was shedding six staff, but recruiting four more, as part of a push to sharpen its commercial focus.

The restructure was designed to shift the company from a start-up business focused on operational issues to one that was more commercially driven.

The changes were being staggered over a few months, but would reduce DVML's overall staff from 27 to 25.


Kim Dodds

No doubt her lengthy experience in the Catlins will lend greatly to the increase in securing high class performances for the stadium. After all, Catlins tourism strategies and attracting large stadium gigs have a lot in common.

Congrats on your new pay packet Ms Dodds. 

Here we go again

Perhaps after CEO of DVML Mr Davies failed to meet his ticket target for the Newcastle v Sydney FC match by 2000, costing ratepayers $130,000, he thought it best to find someone else to do the job. Here we are in middle of a debt crisis with DCC managers resigning daily and DVML hires another Manager. She would need to be good as we have only seen three major concerts at the stadium in the past three years. I hope she proves to be the catalyst for turning things around, but what a job. So many before her have failed to make FSB work on a commercial basis. I wonder if she has been given a KPI, or if in fact any sort of contract which makes her accountable for finding ways of filling FSB on a regular basis? Mr Davies says he ran Adelaide Oval and Edihad Stadium in Melbourne, one wonders why he as CEO of DVML has been unable to make any impact on Stadium bookings especially with all those contacts he must have made in his previous roles?

Time-honoured practice

This is a time honoured bureacratic solution. Create a new job title, appoint a new person and make out that things are on the move for the better.

When that doesn't work, disestablish the position and let the person go....for family/personal reasons... create a new job title, appoint a new person etc.... and so it goes on.

An easy million

Losing about ten managers should just about do it then, Max!

1000 hours

One thousand hours of work a week paid for! How many of them are useful, ie work that adds value to the DVML machine, and how many deduct wages with no value added? Any private venture would know the answer to that question regarding their own operation and would take action to make sure nearly all the hours paid for produced a positive outcome or they would be finished. DVML too would be finished without the continual largesse of Dunedin's ratepayers. Sadly, the answer will be deemed 'comercially sensitive' so we will never truly know.

Sharpen the pencil

I strongly support the stadium and have gone in to battle to support it many times. However I question why there are 25 staff employed. Yes, I do know that DVML supports more than just the stadium, but what can 25 staff members do all day? At 40 hours per week times 25 staff, that's 1,000 hours. Equate that to the average NZ wage of $72,731 and you get a wage bill of $1.81 million.  And these are just the support staff and don't include event day staff. It seems to me that there's at least an easy million that can be saved.

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