Stevenson to apologise for leaking information

Dunedin City councillor Teresa Stevenson will be censured for breaching the code of conduct and standing orders, and asked to make an "appropriate apology" to the council.

In a statement, Mayor Peter Chin said the apology for disclosing confidential information to the Otago Daily Times would have to be to his satisfaction.

A complaint from Cr Fliss Butcher that Cr Stevenson had breached standing orders was investigated by the council's conduct committee earlier this year.

The committee consists of chairwoman Prof Nicola Peart, Mr Chin and deputy mayor Cr Syd Brown.

Its findings were reported to the council during the non-public part of an extraordinary council meeting last month and a decision was made to censure Cr Stevenson and ask for an apology.

Ms Stevenson was alleged to have leaked to the ODT details of a confidential letter about the Awatea St stadium sent to the Government by Mr Chin and Otago Regional Council chairman Stephen Cairns.

Mr Chin would not comment further last night.

Cr Stevenson has previously said she is unable to comment.


forgot one thing ....

Something you forgot: one of the things Cr Stevenson exposed was that the mayor was offering to sell off some of our elderly person's housing stock in exchange for this money from the government - if you remember back to the previous council election this exact issue was raised by one of the anti-stadium candidates who was roundly denounced in the ODT by the mayor for rumour mongering - you can understand why the mayor might be a little sensitive about being caught doing exactly that same thing a year or so later

councillor stevenson for mayoress

finally a city councillor with integrity
rock on cr stevenson
keep the truth coming

let the citizens know the covertness of their representatives

Mayor and councillors censured

The Mayor and councillors supporting the decision to proceed with the Awatea stadium have long ago lost any moral authority which they may have held in the City. I am confident that the majority of Dunedin people would like Cr Stevenson to know that:
• the Conduct Committee’s report is rejected
• the Mayor is censured for his attempt to for failing to make the letter public himself
• the Major must make a public apology for this failure
• his apology must be to the satisfaction of the majority Dunedin people

I am equally sure that, if Cr Stevenson did in fact disclose the contents of the letter to the ODT, then the majority of people would want to commend her for such a courageous action, which in the circumstances was entirely justified. Cr Butcher will no doubt wish to ponder over her role in the affair.

It should also be noted that Mayor Chin and councillors supporting the stadium decision are now tolerated only in the absence of any democratic means to have them removed from office. Their lack of leadership and stubborn disregard of the clear and strong majority opposition to the stadium brings great shame to local body governance.

Our Democratically Elected Representatives

I am amazed at the cronyism of our elected council, which continues to favour those who toe the line and censure those who seek to inform the electorate.

The apology that the town requires is from Mayor Chin for seeking to carry out under-the-table bargaining without mandate from either the board, or the ratepayers.

The current council has continued to drive this deal without any elected mandate (no one campaigned on their position vis the stadium), or subsequent approval of the townsfolk.

I agree

It's not that hard for the mayor to figure out: If you're so ashamed about what you're doing that you have to keep it secret probably you shouldn't be doing it.

We need an accountable council, the current one has gone rogue, to do that we need transparency in all their actions and deliberations

Councillor Stevenson Aplogy

Further to Sally's comments I can only say that while Councillor Stevenson may have been technically wrong in a strict legal sense; in moral terms she was correct to alert the public that the Mayor was allegedly offering Council Housing to the Government in an effort to gain their financial support for the new stadium.It is not the Mayor's perogative to offer our assets in the first place and the reaction at current Council Annual Plan hearings should be a guide that you don't take unilateral action including withdrawing $10M over 10 years from the capital housing fund until you have first consulted the people. It is even worse when you know that their Social Housing Strategy document doesn't go out for public consultation until July.The question of whether or not Council housing should be a core activity of the DCC should be debated in an open forum first. That's democracy and what we used to have in the previous administration under Sukhi Turner.
Lyndon Weggery

Cr Stevenson's censure

To my mind, Cr Stevenson is one of a mere handful who have sat around the Council table during the last few years, mindful of who put her there and for what purpose, namely representation of the interests of her constituents. That members of the 'old-boy' element should censure her, for doing what the majority of them conspic- uously fail to do on behalf of the majority of their own constituents is, frankly, gross, but not in-the-least unexpected.

She is to be commended

Well done Theresa. Any leader who has to wait until December 23, and then shove a 'private' letter to Government on 'public' business, is clearly not grasping the essence of civic leadership. Faulty reasoning denotes faulty decision-making. The recent whistle-blowing legislation is well done, and for this kind of reason. Where was the editorial?

Cr Stevenson is

Cr Stevenson is able to hold her head high. She had every right to release the undemocratic letters of the ORC Chairman and Mayor Chin. To be asked to make an appropriate apology that "would have to be to his satisfaction" in my opinion is dictatorial. Democracy is dead around this council's table.

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