Pasture cover key to cutting numbers

Pasture cover has been key to reducing the rabbit population on Earnscleugh Station, research scientist Barrie Wills says.

Dr Wills spoke to the about 300 people attending a field day at Earnscleugh Station last month.

''If you don't have good vegetation here you aren't going to grow any animals at all on it,'' Dr Wills said, speaking to attendees near Fraser Dam.

Pasture cover was ''quietly improving'' at Earnscleugh Station and was allowing the Campbells to rebuild stock levels.

Owner Alistair Campbell said the pasture was vital to keep rabbit numbers down and grazing and pasture management played a key role in rabbit management.

Duncan Campbell, Alistair's son, said nutrient management and grazing practices were evolving and ongoing considerations in the day-to-day running of the station.