Aerosmith perform in Dunedin

A spaceship from the 1970s called Aerosmith berthed in Dunedin last night. More than 20,000 people descended on Forsyth Barr Stadium to herald the arrival of America's biggest rock and roll band.

Photos by Stephen Jaquiery and Craig Baxter; prints available from

Van Halen

Just so you know, Aerosmith are touring Australia with
Van Halen.
Why weren't Van Halen brought over as well instead of the average pub acts that were there?
Van Halen spent the week sightseeing in Australia while Aerosmith came across for the gig! Whoever booked the gig needs to be asked why Van Halen wasn't a part of the deal as they are in the Aussie gigs.

Aerosmith concert

Aerosmith were amazing.

The lead-up bands were really bad, poor choice for lead-up to Aerosmith. Couldn't understand what they were singing, to much echo and feedback, had to spend most of the time out the back where the sound was muffled.

But I loved Aerosmith. Would love to see and hear them at another venue.


Aerosmith rocked

Come on Dunedin! What an awesome concert you missed for those who were unfortunate enough not to go. Everything was just amazing- from the stage setting to the lighting to the live music, and Steve Tyler is an absolute performer. 

Perhaps better marketing, and packages  from other centres could be an incentive to encourage others to come and enjoy our amazing stadium.

Bring on the new hotel to allow for more accommodation. I have also heard that people only wanting to stay one night, have to pay for two (what is that about)?, And as a suggestion  advertise events on one of the large billboards with neon lights on the one way into the city. Let us know what is happening in our stadium, and get 'more bums on seats'.