Temperatures near record highs in South

The weekend's scorching weather was near the hottest on record in some parts of the South Island, according to Weatherwatch.

On Saturday, many of the South Island's centres had temperatures in the mid-30s, and unofficially the temperature was closing in on 40 degrees in some sheltered areas.

Dunedin airport had a near-record high with a maximum of 34C. The hottest ever recorded there was 35.5C.

Nearby Mosgiel was 35C and Hanmer Springs further north also had 35C.

Yesterday the South Island again stole the show with Murchison clocking up 34C, nearing its record high of 36C.

"It was very hot across so many areas on either day or both days and it doesn't like it'll be the last time with temperatures well into the thirties this summer," said weather analyst Richard Green.

"There are signs that once more that heat will drift across from Australia again as our neighbours are standing by for some stations to hit 50 degrees."

Temperatures today were not expected to be as high as those at the weekend but would be comfortable in most places.

The week ahead was forecast to be a little changeable as an incoming depression came in from the Tasman with rain moving into western districts before skies cleared.



Why does the ODT use the term "mercury" instead of temperature! Mercury is not a unit of measure, it is a poisonous heavy metal that has not been used in thermometers for decades. Modern thermometers use alcohol or are electronic.

So even if you wanted to use really bad reporting terms then the more correct term would be "unofficially the red coloured alcohol was closing in on 40 degrees" or "unofficially the electrons were closing in on 40 degrees.

[This was an APNZ story, but you make a fair point. Story has been amended. - Ed]

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