Flat wrecked in party mayhem

houseparThe aftermath of an out-of-control party in Christchurch. Photo / Kurt Bayerty_300x200.jpg
houseparThe aftermath of an out-of-control party in Christchurch. Photo / Kurt Bayerty_300x200.jpg
A Christchurch flat was destroyed in a New Year's Eve party that spiralled out of control via social media.

The 12-hour party was shut down by police in full riot gear shortly before midnight after the tenant finally called them in.

When the officers, wearing shields and helmets, arrived at the "large scale disorder" they had beer bottles hurled at them.

Two arrests were made and six on the spot fines were handed out.

Now, the young tenants have been left with an unenviable explaining job to their landlords, who are out of town.

The back-section Frankleigh St flat was yesterday barely habitable.

Every window had been smashed, graffiti scrawled over walls inside and outside the house, with large holes in the interior plasterboard.

A wooden picnic table was on the roof, and hundreds of empty and broken bottles and crushed cans were strewn about the yard. Pools of blood and blood trails led up the driveway.

Chockful rubbish bags were stacked in the garage from a half-hearted early morning mop-up operation at the front of their property which police officers forced on them.

Party co-host Hemi Carstairs blamed Facebook for spreading the party's message beyond his group of friends.

"It was a mean night until it got out of hand then people started getting out of control, breaking the windows and it got too ruckus and out of control," he told Newstalk ZB.

Mr Carstairs isn't looking forward to facing his landlord.

"I don't think he's going to be happy."

Another of the party's organisers, Connor Dunlevey, told 3News that once the windows started smashing "that was it".

"I mean, this is the bro's house, can't have that s*** happening eh?"

The house was owned by the father of another of the party's organisers, Taylor Te Kata, who told 3News he had yet to see his father's reaction.

Attempts to contact the owners were unsuccessful.

One neighbour said she had phoned police earlier in the night as the party escalated.

"It was turning ugly pretty early on," said the woman, who did not wish to be named.

"They were all pretty young and just going crazy, screaming, shouting, loud music, smashing bottles.

"And they just kept coming. There were hundreds of them. I knew it was going to get out of control. I just wished the cops would've turned up sooner than they did.

"It was quite unnerving, wondering what was going to happen. Terrifying actually."

Another neighbour also called police after seeing young teenagers he believed were 13 or 14 drinking alcohol.

They were spilling on to the street, he said, where one car was doing burnouts, while other youngsters were throwing bottles at passing buses.

Police tried for nearly an hour to get a warrant to gain entry to the property before one of the tenants finally phoned them and they were able to move in.

"Evidence gained from a partygoer established that there was a high potential for missiles to be thrown with the backyard covered in empty glass bottles," police said.

The previous week police had also closed the address down and also had "a large amount of glass thrown" at them.

Overall, it was a quiet night for police across the country.

Revellers in the main centres of Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin were reasonably well-behaved, police said, with no major incidents.

Bay of Plenty saw the New Year in peacefully with just a minority of people causing concern, while Waikato police reported celebrations in Whangamata as "friendly and "trouble-free".


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