US studios try to freeze Dotcom's cash

A claim for damages caused by Kim Dotcom's Megaupload to the Hollywood studios has moved to New Zealand courts with an attempt to freeze his fortune.

The fresh legal case has been lodged at the High Court at Auckland by Twentieth Century Fox and other major studios. It seeks a court order freezing his funds - potentially including money made since the January 2012 raid during which he and three colleagues were arrested.

And the New Zealand Herald has learned the action could expand beyond assets seized before the 2012 raid. Investment in Dotcom's new venture Mega has created a new fortune - although no shares are held in his name.

The Hollywood studios' application for the freezing order comes after the High Court told Dotcom he could have access to money seized at the time of the raid.

A ruling refused requests from authorities to renew an order restraining the funds.

The case is under appeal but Dotcom is lined up to have an estimated $12 million returned.

The Hollywood studios' New Zealand lawyer Matt Sumpter, confirmed the ruling releasing the funds was a factor in the case.


Plain crazy

Regardless of what you think of Kim Dotcom, this is just crazy. If the studios feel that strongly about piracy, why haven't they gone after Sony or TDK for having their brand of DVDs used for bootleg films, or perhaps Xerox or Canon for having their copier machines print the covers for pirated DVD cases? It amounts to the same thing.

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