John Key to get $150 a week pay rise

John Key
John Key
Prime Minister John Key will get $3895 in backpay and an extra $150 a week as a result of a 1.9 per cent increase for MPs awarded by the Remuneration Authority.

The increase means $1400 in back-pay and an additional $53 a week before tax for backbench MPs.

The Remuneration Authority - the independent panel of three that sets pay for MPs, other elected officials and judges - says the 1.9 per cent increase is less than the rise in general salaries and wages.

But the Public Service Association says the increase is more than that received by other public servants in recent settlements.

The increase boosts Mr Key's annual base salary $7790 to $419,300, equivalent to an additional $149.80 a week before tax. As it is deemed to have come into effect on July 1 this year, that means backpay of $3895, or $2594 after tax.

Backbench MPs' base pay rises $2800, or $53.80 a week before tax, to $144,600. Their backpay will be $1400, or $932 after tax.

Remuneration Authority chairman John Errington said MPs' pay had not kept pace with increases in the cost of living or with general wage movements.

Since 2009, general salaries and wages had risen 5.6 per cent while parliamentary salaries, excluding the $2000 and $5000 increases to make up for the loss of travel perks, had risen only 2.9 per cent, he said.

Yesterday's increase "still leaves members of Parliament receiving lower remuneration increases than the general population".

But PSA national secretary Brenda Pilott said the increase was higher than the 1 to 1.5 per cent settlements in most public sector collective agreements from the past year.

She said many PSA members were angry about any pay increases for ministers who presided over departments that were struggling and cutting jobs to save money.

The backdating of MPs' pay was particularly galling as it had been off the table in public sector pay negotiations for some time.

"To see that the ministers and MPs have had a decent-sized pay rise backdated for nearly six months is just such a double standard," Ms Pilott said.

The Remuneration Authority also announced a 2.5 per cent increase in pay for judges, effective from October. That takes a High Court judge's base pay from $385,500 to $395,137 and a District Court judge's salary from $293,000 to $300,500.

Mr Errington said the higher increase reflected changes in the legal profession.

Going up

$419,300 Prime Minister ($7790 increase)
$297,400 Deputy PM ($5600)
$262,700 Crown ministers, the Speaker, Leader of the Opposition ($4900)
$158,700 Party leader base salary ($3000)
$144,600 Backbench MPs ($2800)
$52,676 average NZ wage


It's the law of averages unfortunately. It means that a few of us are getting enough to average it out so that the rest of us look like we're doing well, but are poverty stricken. It's all in the sleight of hand.

Politicians' wages

$52676 a year?Ah hahaha . . . what planet are the people who come up with these figures on because it ain't the same one as me. I don't get anywhere near that amount of money and I work a 40-hour week.


And what do all the other pollies do with their bonus that he allowed them and encouraged before Xmas so they could all get huge backpay?


I think you'll find that he actually doesn't donate his salary to charity, maybe he donates a little of it, like many other thousands of NZers, but in reality he gets everything paid for anyway so he would have no need to spend his own money. He's just a fat cat skimming off the cream.

Payrise - nah, plain greed

In the same breath that they declare increased taxes on fuel / road user costs.

Redundancies are hitting hard with not much in the way of payout and these people get a pay increase, on already disgustingly high wages.

Hekia Parata should be paying the teachers out for the stuff-ups she is doing!

This country has enough debt.[abridged]

Yet another pay rise!

It makes me ashamed to be called a Kiwi, but it shouldn't surprise me that once more the fat cats at the top are skimming off the mulla. While us mere mortals are struggling from week to week, and our children are being fed at school because their parents can't, our polliticians are lining their pockets yet again. They can spout about it being out of their hands, that it was decided by the Remuneration Authority blah blah but how about saying 'no thanks, we already get paid far too much!' It disgusts me.

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Why has it not been pointed out that John Key donates his salary to charity? This fact would drastically alter the context of this story.

MPs' wage increase

Absolutely diabolical.  They are all nothing but a bunch of scroungers and vagabonds.  No wonder MPs are at the bottom of the list of most trustworthy.  They don't give a tinker's cuss about the people who put them there.


How dare he/they. And just before Xmas when they think we will be too busy trying to make ends meet to notice. Perfidy!

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