Kim Dotcom launches Internet Party

Kim Dotcom. Photo / Richard RobinsonInternet mogul Kim Dotcom has revealed the name of his new political party.

In typical Dotcom style, he announced the name - The Internet Party - on Twitter.

"My new political party won't be named Mega Party. We are the Internet Party," he said, referencing the name of his file sharing service Mega.

He also posted an image of the party's logo, which depicts the name of the party inside a purple speech bubble.

Dotcom has previously talked about his political aims of tightening laws around internet privacy and spying by Government organisations, and cheaper, faster broadband services for Kiwis.

Meanwhile, the German national has had to shift his 'Party Party' to a bigger venue after demand for tickets soared to 15,000.

The extravagant bash, designed to combine his 40th birthday celebrations with the release of his music album, Good Times, was moved to the Vector Arena from Auckland's Shed 10 late last night.

Next Monday's event will also coincide with the second anniversary of the FBI-initiated raids on Dotcom's Coatesville mansion.

An offer of 2000 free tickets to Monday night's festivities was taken up by around 15,000 people who registered to be in with a chance to party with the larger-than-life Dotcom.

He announced the change of venue on Twitter, saying: "WOW!!! Over 15,000 tickets registered for #The PartyParty. Moving the event to Vector Arena now. This will be EPIC.

"Vector Arena booked & confirmed. Ticket registration for #The PartyParty re-opened. Happy to party party with you ;-)"

Dotcom also said the event had received 10,000 ticket registrations in "just a few hours".

He has already hinted the party will have some "very, very special guests".



Mainstream media always at some pathetic 'side-show'

Mainstream media's informed insights into what is happening in New Zealand are lower than a pre-school mentality...They regard themselves as self-appointed, super detectives of the issues of the day...Their audience disregards the rubbish they exfoliate and see through their smugness, bias, sheer ignorance and intellectual deficiencies.....The 'Dotcom side show' pales into a nothingness alongside the "Political Oligarchy" of Key/Finlayson/Bill English.....Tyrannical oppression and destruction of the New Zealand Democracy....the 'treaty rorts process'...The 'Racist' Marine and Coastal Area Act....the situation is so serious that to favour one ethnic group over another is discrimination at the highest level....and therefore constitutes description as a "High Crime"... To stop more tyrannical acts of this type by Finlayson and the others who will follow; an urgent public debate to call for an 'Act of Impeachment' to made part of our Parliamentary process...So when are New Zealanders going to be informed of this treason ..? Where are the mainstream media, when they are needed ?.....lying low well below the ramparts...?


It is a sad day in NZ to see a convicted criminal being accepted and feted by us, now being ably assisted by the left in trying to disrupt our electoral processs. He should be loaded on to a plane and deported forthwith!

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