NZ: Land of the long don't care?

John Key
John Key
New Zealanders are interested in very little, if Prime Minister John Key is to be believed.

The America's Cup is the latest in a long list of things Mr Key has declared New Zealand to be unconcerned about.

"My sense actually is the public is waning on the idea a bit," he said last week as the Government was faced with deciding whether to subsidise another Team New Zealand America's Cup campaign.

A look at the records shows Mr Key has previously said the public also has little interest in spying, most political parties' policies, Kim Dotcom, the teapot tapes, muck-raking, and nearly anything that is not health, education, the economy or rugby.

Last year, he said New Zealanders cared more about snapper catch limits than changes to spying laws, "because they like catching fish".

Mr Key's assertion was likely to be backed by extensive public polling.

He would also have noted that the GSCB Amendment Bill received 123 public submissions. The Ministry of Primary Industries received 30,000 submissions on snapper fishing cuts.

But some polls have proved him wrong. One survey showed three in four people were concerned about reform of the Government Communications and Security Bureau.

According to Mr Key, New Zealanders also do not care for scandals - particularly when they involve the National Party.

He has described Judith Collins' Oravida visit, Kim Dotcom's allegations, and the "teapot tapes" as things people did not care about.

When Dotcom first claimed that Mr Key knew about him earlier than he had publicly admitted, Mr Key responded: "The Government actually doesn't care about Kim Dotcom ... In fact, most New Zealanders don't care about Kim Dotcom."

There is a pattern in all of the things New Zealanders are "not interested in" - they are all potentially damaging to National.

What Key says

On the America's Cup
"My sense actually is the public is waning on the idea a bit." (Newstalk ZB)

On spying
"I think they're much more interested in snapper quota." (Campbell Live)

On Labour
"I'm going to be interested in voting for somebody who's actually growing the economy and growing jobs, not what Grant Robertson and the Labour Party's focused on."

On whether Judith Collins' Oravida scandal undermined his trip to China
"My own guess ... is there will be a bunch of New Zealanders who look at what I'm doing and say 'at least the bloke's trying to advance things for New Zealand'. They're probably a lot more interested in that."

On Kim Dotcom
"The Government actually doesn't care about Kim Dotcom ... In fact, most New Zealanders don't care about Kim Dotcom. The person who cares about Kim Dotcom is Kim Dotcom." (TVNZ)

On the teapot tapes
"The public are really interested in the economy, they're interested in the serious policies that matter, and they're not interested in other things ... It is these issues that will decide the election - not Labour Party dirt-digging on my past, nor sideshows like Winston Peters."

- NZ Herald

Not interested?

John it's not that we are not interested, it's just your lot plug on regardless of what we want or say.

Tax tax tax and more tax is your only answer to everything. My income has most certainly not risen by the same level as the taxation I am subject to. I note that the well-to-do pay less tax than I do per dollar earned.

Sadly we have no options as all our politicians are tarred by the same brush

Democracy New Zealand style is government of the people, by the party, for the party faithful. [abridged]



Best guessing

@Jartin: Perceiving public interest in various topics is exactly what John Key's job involves. It's not arrogance, it's a skill for which his finesse is respected internationally and even by our centre-left commentators. National's party vote will measure the success or otherwise of their perception this September.

And also not interested in . . .

A person such as JK who thinks he can speak for what I and no doubt hundreds of thousands of other NZers are or are not interested in. What a bloody arrogant cheek that is.

I think even Nat supporters should be affronted at that. They surely can't all be only interested in fishing quotas, mining.. and how many houses they can accumulate or farms they can take over in the next year ..?..can they..?

No more money for boat racing

I agree with all Big John's comments too.

Sorry to throw a spanner in your works though, Kris but I only attended the protest against the stadium. It was the only protest I have ever attended. Guess I felt pretty strongly against it and still do. And boy, can I hold a grudge.

I'm also not interested in

A banker who was a major player in the sub prime fiasco as Prime Minister

A person who while accusing another of not being "trustworthy" due to not remembering one letter while time and time again having a faulty memory of his own

A PM who accuses Labour of massive spending while in fact Labour constantly was paying down debt to almost record low levels ($10bil in debt) and was constantly saying the were puting aside for rainy day (cullen fund etc) while national has presided over icreasing debt to nearly 100bil (10 bil a year)

A PM who says referendums are pointless and a waste of money and ignores the overwhelming results as long as they go against him but proposes them when it suits him

I could go on but in short

I'm not interested in John Key and his car salesman smile. (Actually that's demeaning to car salesmen I apologise to any offended)

One thing Key and I agree on

John Key is right about all points.

Just looking at our little neck of the woods the only thing Dunedin residents will come out in protest of is health.  They are more scared of dying than in paying of taxes.

e.g. the protest movement of neurosurgery vs stadium. 

We really do not care!

Seriously, we really do not care one iota about the America's Cup and we do not want any money poured into it either. I do not know one person that watches it or has any interest in it whatsoever; I think the only people that are interested in it are the rich and the media. I am very certain there is better places to pour money into and also people have more important things to concern themselves with other than what the rich are doing.

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