Disgraced engineer designed QLDC buildings

Tony Major
Tony Major
Disgraced Southland engineer Tony Major designed two Queenstown Lakes District Council buildings, one of which has been structurally checked.

Earlier this week Mr Major - who designed Stadium Southland, which collapsed in heavy snow in 2010 - was expelled by the Institution of Professional Engineers for breaching its code of ethics.

The Institution said all his work should be checked.

QLDC chief executive Adam Feeley confirmed Mr Major was involved in the design of two council buildings.

The council is in touch with the private owner of another building which Mr Major designed, and it was checking his involvement with another private development.

Mr Feeley would not name any of the buildings.

Engineers have carried out a detailed structural assessment, including the removal of sections of roof and cladding, on one council building, he said.
The building does not meet the current earthquake code, he said.

A desktop assessment had been done on the other building's structural integrity.

Both council buildings are occupied.

Mr Feeley said the council was taking the situation seriously but urged calm.

"There will be lots of buildings in Otago and Southland he has been involved with.

"If there is a perception that having Tony Major's name next to [a design] means there is a problem would be a very dangerous perception to have, and largely wrong."

- david.williams@odt.co.nz

Interesting stance

I find the council stance interesting with all this. Clearly there have been issues with some of Mr Major's work. But - and it's a big but - all the work he did passed across the council's planning dept' desks and was approved to be built. I want to know exactly what these councils are charging (extortinate amounts) for. They are being damn good at pointing the finger, but it looks to me like the councils should share some of the blame for this. Of course they won't take any responsibility, council employees won't be repremanded/fired and no doubt fees for building consents will continue to rise regardless.

[Structural and civil engineering firm Batchelar McDougall Counsulting, otherwise known as BMC, wishes it to be known this comment was not posted on behalf of the company - ODT Online].