Simple writing tool an essential

A ballpoint pen is an everyday necessity.

It is such an uncomplicated, yet brilliant tool.

It allows you to write by imprinting marks on paper, so it is visible to the human eye for later use.

The ballpoint pen is made up of small parts which makes it functional.

The main parts are; the ball, which is a very tiny sphere that rolls around in the nib, slowly releasing ink.

The nib is the section of the pen which connects the ball to the ink tube.

The ink tube is what holds the precious ink.

The clicker, which is located at the top end of the pen, presses down the ink tube using a spring which makes it possible to begin writing.

All of this is safely wrapped in plastic with a rubber grip.

To operate this tool, you must begin by pushing down the clicker, which will expose the nib so you can scrawl down your works.

Secondly, grasp the pen on the grip at the lower end of the pen, to give optimum control and accuracy.

To avoid hand cramp, do not hold the pen too tightly.

Move your hand in the form of the desired shape while pressing down on paper to leave the ink trail.

Pens are the superior tool compared to pencils, which need sharpening and often break.

The pen is the king of writing utensils: everybody looks forward to the privilege of using this device.

It is used worldwide to write stories, practise sums, writing in office, writing notes, drawing and writing in general. In conclusion, the pen is the finest option to write with because it's simple, effective and long-lasting and just brilliant.

Where would the world be without the ballpoint pen?


By Autumn Forbes  and Eden Wilson, Year 10, Lawrence Area School