School sport: Co-ed day kudos to Kavanagh

It was Kavanagh College's day.

It won the third annual co-educational sports day for Otago schools in Dunedin yesterday.

Kavanagh College was overall winner in basketball, hockey and badminton and was runner-up in netball, football and rugby.

It won both the boys and girls hockey and was the winner of junior and senior girls and senior boys basketball.

Taieri College finished runner-up and Logan Park High School was third.

Taieri College won senior and junior netball and rugby, and was the overall winner in football.

Third-placed Logan Park High School was runner-up in badminton and hockey and was third in girls football.

The annual sports competition was first held in 2011 but was cancelled last year because of the heavy snowstorm in Dunedin.

The East Otago High School team arrived late yesterday because its bus was delayed by an accident to a car that slid on ice on the motorway.

It had to default its first two games.

Six schools participated in the competition in the six official sports of basketball, hockey, netball, rugby 10s, football and badminton.

Indoor bowls was an unofficial sport.