'Cat whisperer' saves kitten trapped in car

'Cat whisperer' saves kitten trapped in car

A kitten stuck inside a car's dashboard has been saved and returned to its grateful owners, thanks to the efforts of Tauranga firefighters.

Quote of 2014 goes to... Slater

Quote of 2014 goes to... Slater

Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater uttered the most memorable quote this year when he compared his role in politics to the Fijian rugby team.

"I play politics like Fijians play rugby. My role is smashing your face into the ground," Slater said following the release of Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics book.

Lightbox signs major studio deal

Lightbox signs major studio deal

Online TV service Lightbox and Coliseum Sports Media have signed a 50:50 partnership but at this stage they are not promising lower prices.

Inside billionaire's $50 million retreat

Inside billionaire's $50 million retreat

It's the size and scale, as much as the detail, which is breathtaking at Helena Bay -- estimated to have cost more than $50 million to build.

Air NZ's 75th anniversary takes off

Air New Zealand's 75th anniversary of international flight is being marked by an exhibition, opening at Te Papa in Wellington tomorrow, which celebrates "hero moments" but also notes challenges and commemorates tragedies.

Worst killers of Kiwis changing

More New Zealanders died from Alzheimer's disease and chronic kidney disease last year than in 1990, a study has found.

Probe reveals 'catalogue of issues

New Zealand's maritime authority is investigating how shipping around our coasts can be made safer, as a high-level report into the grounding of the Rena reveals an alarming catalogue of issues.

Fog in Auckland causes flight delays

Fog blanketed Auckland this morning and caused flights to be delayed.

Austrian tramper missing in the Tararuas

Police and volunteer search and rescue teams are looking for a missing 21 year-old tramper.

Motorist drives into checkpoint cop

A motorist drove a car into a policeman at a roadside checkpoint, leaving the officer with injuries to his legs, face and arms.

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