On the waterfront

On the Waterfront: Ships of big three operators will call

Three chartered container ships calling here for the first time this week are Buxlink for Mediterranean Shipping, Maersk Norwich (Maersk) and Hansa Meersburg.

On the waterfront: Interesting line-up of vessels entering NZ trade to call

Over the coming weeks the container terminal will be visited by an interesting line-up of vessels entering the New Zealand trade. Of the eleven ships scheduled to call, only two have been seen here before.

On the waterfront: Icebreaker comes towing disabled fishing boat

On the waterfront: Icebreaker comes towing disabled fishing boat

Icebreakers are a type of vessel that we do not see here often. The last to call was the South Korean Araon, built in 2009. It had been at Lyttelton during the February 22 earthquake, and came to Dunedin from there three days later.

On the waterfront: Add two more Sydneys to list of vessels

In regard to 12 ships named after Sydney that I referred to last week, there were also a further two that carried the name Union Sydney. Both were chartered roll on/roll off vessels employed in the transtasman trade and seen here over the period 1974-86.

On the waterfront: 'Sydney' made in Japan

Sydney has been a popular source for naming all kinds of vessels. I recall 12 visitors to this harbour in the last 65 years, having multiple names linking them to the port city. But by way of a change, a container ship on charter to Mediterranean Shipping, and named Sydney, is scheduled to call here next Friday.

On the Waterfront: Wind turbine component carrier first of type to call at Dunedin

The arrival of the Chinese-built, German-owned Palembang at Dunedin this week, is bound to attract attention. This vessel, which comes direct from Xingang with wind turbine components, is also the first of its design to call here.

On the waterfront: 40 years with Hamburg-Sud

Yesterday, 40 years of containerisation was celebrated at Port Chalmers with the arrival of the Hamburg-Sud group's Bahia. Its Columbus New Zealand introduced this cargo-handling concept to the port, when it berthed on its maiden voyage on June 26, 1971.

On the waterfront: Container ship age celebrating 40 years

Next Sunday marks the 40th anniversary of the arrival of Columbus New Zealand, the first container ship to visit Port Chalmers.

On the Waterfront: 'Chitral' reminder of past

On its visit to Port Chalmers last week, the log ship Chitral became the first Pakistan-owned and registered vessel to enter this harbour.

On the waterfront: 'Ernebank' last of fleet to call

Thirty-four years ago yesterday, the Bank Line's Ernebank berthed at Port Chalmers to discharge cargo. A few weeks later, the vessel built at the Doxford yard in 1965 returned and berthed at Dunedin on July 19, to load for overseas.

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