On the waterfront

On the Waterfront: Changes in the face of a port

Today the waterfront area at Port Chalmers has large reclaimed areas, cargo sheds, stacks of containers, two container-handling berths, plus logs and woodchips awaiting shipment from the Beach St berth.

On the waterfront: German owners quick to join container service

When container shipping services gathered momentum on the trade routes of the world in the early 1970s, several German owners seized the opportunity to build vessels purely for the purpose of chartering out.

On the waterfront: Container ship age celebrating 40 years

On the waterfront: Container ship age celebrating 40 years

In a few weeks time, it will be the 40th anniversary of the coming of the container ship age to Port Chalmers. Hamburg Sud's Columbus New Zealand introduced this concept of cargo handling to the port when it berthed on June 26, 1971, while on its maiden voyage.

Looking forward to next cruise-ship season

A month has passed since the cruise-ship season, one not always blessed with good weather, came to an end. Despite two vessels' visits being cancelled due to weather conditions and a third because of machinery problems, it was a record season.

On the waterfront: Sixth of nine here today

Listed as coming from Bluff, the 19,882gt carrier Carl Oldendorff berths at Dunedin today to load logs.

On the Waterfront: Sixth 'Bahia' visits Port Chalmers for first time

The name Bahia has enjoyed a long history with ships of the Hamburg South America Line (Hamburg-Sud) since 1872. Yesterday, the sixth ship of the name made its first appearance at Port Chalmers.

On the waterfront: A ship by any other name

Well in the case of MSC Brianna, due on its first visit this week, its former and current names bring back memories of earlier visitors to this harbour.

On the waterfront: Record cruise ship season ends today

An interesting week at Port Chalmers with a visit from Stellar Eagle, the largest ship to load logs, and a record cruise ship season ending with visits from Pacific Pearl yesterday, and consort Pacific Dawn today.

Rare reefer visit for holds of apples

In the past we used to see quite a lot of them, fully refrigerated vessels (reefers). They called here to load for overseas markets, fish, meat and apples when the export apple season was in full swing. These cargoes now go by container ships.

On the waterfront: NZ roles in transtasman runs recalled

Now operated by foreign-owned container ship companies, regular transtasman services were once the domain of Australian and New Zealand lines.

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