Interpol, Dunedin police probe scam

Dunedin police are helping Interpol investigate an international scam which has duped Otago people.

Cyber criminal court 'needed'

Cyber criminal court 'needed'

Although the first definition of cybercrime was developed in 1979, the dominance of digital technology now is such that an independent criminal court or tribunal for cyberspace "is urgently needed".

Cybercrime changes target

The face of cybercrime is changing as criminals target social networking sites and mobile devices, and a new report says New Zealanders are vulnerable.

'I'm in Oamaru', scam victim says

An Oamaru man yesterday was trying to rectify a scam email sent out to people in his address book appealing for them to send money to him in Spain.

Businesses report more cybercrime

New Zealand has jumped up global economic crime rankings for reported frauds but it appears businesses are not taking the threat of cybercrime seriously.

Cybercriminals prey on fascination with death

Cybercriminals prey on fascination with death

The online interest in Osama bin Laden's death has attracted numerous internet scammers who are baiting Facebook and Google users by claiming to offer pictures of a deceased bin Laden.

Scammers remotely control victims' computers

A Dunedin person was among South Islanders encouraged by a cold-calling international scammer to log on to a website then used to remotely control their computers.

To catch a corrupt file

To catch a corrupt file

It takes special skills and a certain amount of inside knowledge to crack the secret world of traders in child pornography, Chris Barton, of the NZ Herald, reports.

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