Logan Park High School

Election year - teens just don't care

Already we have seen a multitude of political dramas; Hone Harawira and the Mana Party, Don Brash and the ACT Party to name a few, all in preparation for the political crescendo that reaches a climax on November 26th, Election day, writes Georgina O'Reilly, of Logan Park High School.

The iPad: To buy or not to buy

Recently my father visited America. And because my mother is excellent at reminding people to do things, he came home with a brand-new iPad 2, writes Claire Weiss of Logan Park High School.

Opinion: Thinking differently about tattoos

‘Ewww look what she's wearing!' Possibly one of the most common phrases of the 21st century, writes Matt Dunbar, of Logan Park High School.

Opinion: The move to post-humans

The constant improvement and change in technology has become quite a topic and underlying idea in modern society, writes Connor Sherson, of Logan Park High School.

The world isn't black and white

Was it Sigmund Freud who said, "Biology is destiny?" When really it's simply a self fulfilling prophecy, writes Ruth Walker of Logan Park High School.

Young pair making name for themselves in theatre

Bronwyn Wallace and Piu-Piu Maya Turei are making a name for themselves in Dunedin Theatre, writes Josh King of Logan Park High School.

Young, wild and extremely fortunate

Unless you have been living under a rock for the entire history of mankind, which I can assure you that you haven't, you will be aware that young people exist, writes Mya Middleton, of Logan Park High School.

Go on, I dare ya!

Go on, I dare ya!

Logan Park High School science teacher Peter MacCaskill takes a hit from a water balloon at the school yesterday while Dane Forgie-Stephens (13) launches another attack.

Drama at Deborah Bay

Drama at Deborah Bay

Teams from across the country raced to create a movie for the 48-hour Film Festival this weekend.

Chosen to study overseas

Logan Park High School year 13 pupil Annie Welvaert has been selected to take part in an international science school in Sydney in July.

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