ORC confident of sale processes

Robust policies at the Otago Regional Council mean it can be confident fraud involving the sale of assets is not occurring.

ORC ups its insurance

Fallout from the Rena grounding off Tauranga's coast has led the Otago Regional Council to nearly triple its insurance cover for harbour incidents.

Contract changes cost $145K; no rates impact

Extensions to public bus contracts due to changes in the Land Transport Act are costing the Otago Regional Council an extra $145,000.

Water plan action will start well before 2020, ORC says

Water plan action will start well before 2020, ORC says

New water quality rules in Otago will start having an effect well before their introduction in 2020, the Otago Regional Council says.

Airline 'a great Dunedin idea, but . . . '

Airline 'a great Dunedin idea, but . . . '

The Dunedin City Council and the Otago Regional Council should get together to underwrite air services to Dunedin, an aviation expert says.

Algal blooms meeting topic

The Tomahawk community will ''mull'' over the science behind the algae problems in its lagoon last summer.

Council pushes for rabbit-proof fences

Council pushes for rabbit-proof fences

As the number of rabbits in traditional Central Otago hot spots continue to breach allowable totals, the Otago Regional Council is appealing to resource consent panels to require rabbit-proof fences around new subdivisions.

New rules for areas prone to hazards

The Otago Regional Council and the Dunedin City Council will later this month begin consulting the public on new rules and standards for development in areas of Dunedin identified as vulnerable to natural hazards.

ORC approval allows more widening of peninsula roads

Further road widening work on the lower Otago Peninsula road can now begin after consents were granted for the next stages of the project.

Community groups seek water quality support

Community-based groups seeking to improve water quality in their areas have asked the Otago Regional Council for support and funding.

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