Unclear on campus shooting threat inquiry

It is unclear whether Dunedin police are still actively investigating an online shooting threat to University of Otago students last year.

Police seek information on stolen firearms

Police are worried guns stolen from a rural Dunedin home have fallen into the wrong hands.

Judging by inconsistencies, cases fall apart

Judging by inconsistencies, cases fall apart When a Queenstown constable took the court stand in a drugs trial last month, it took only minutes for serious cracks to appear in the case - with implications for other previous cases.

Gobsmacked by report: detective

Gobsmacked by report: detective

A prison reform campaigner is calling for the police decision not to prosecute those charged with the care of remand prisoner Jai Davis to be reviewed after internal police emails revealed a ''significantly substandard'' report was used in the decision-making process.

Police reviewing safety of stations

Police reviewing safety of stations

Changes may be in store for Otago's police stations after police announced a nationwide review of station safety.

Dunedin community

Commuting to work on my bicycle this morning, my chain came off.  After some fruitless struggling, a truck driver and a police car stopped and offered to help, and I was back on the road minutes later.  A big thank you to all three men who paused to help a baby boomer and her heavily laden bike - and three cheers for our great Dunedin policemen!

Pim Allen

Three police jobs cut in Invercargill

Three jobs are being cut at the Invercargill police station after a decision to centralise the Southern district intelligence group in Dunedin.

Burglars check out with contents

Brzaen burglars have stolen bedding, televisions and a microwave from two Dunedin motel units.

Neighbour not told of prison escape

Neighbour not told of prison escape

The first Noel Weir knew about a prisoner escaping was when he noticed a large police presence near his Milburn home - but authorities say he failed to give them an updated phone number.

111 call after 'thump, thump' on roof

111 call after 'thump, thump' on roof

Police are unable to rule out an escaped prisoner might have been on the roof of a Milburn home yesterday.

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