Secondary Scene

Forgotten woman's sad and lonely vigil

At the corner of the dim, musty pub, the woman sits. She never drinks, never eats, just waits. She waits surrounded by her moth-eaten garments and the furs of long-passed animals draping her long-passed figure. There she waits every day.

Triumph for a perfect team

The cold Autumn sunshine peered feebly through the soft wisps of cloud, lighting the milling crowd.

Taking viewers back to the magic of childhood

Taking viewers back to the magic of childhood

This painting is part of Lucy's Tyrell's year 13 portfolio for NCEA level 3.

Plea for fairness, honesty

A poem inspired by Andy Mulligan's novel Trash.

Driving to Otematata for a rest can be exhausting

At first everyone is excited about the journey to come, anxious to get out of the busy city and get some needed rest in Otematata.

Tale of beauty and the beach

I peered over the sheer escarpment.

Cast aside

Cast aside

The title for the John McGlashan year 10 exhibition in the grounds of Olveston, ''Invest'', references both the investment casting techniques employed in the production of the relief sculptures, the culture of coins and medallions and the investment made in the students' visual art education.

Centenary time to show respect and earn it too

Centenary time to show respect and earn it too

World War 1 100-year commemoration speech given at school assembly: This week, we are asked to think of the men who, 100 years ago, were asked to go and fight for their freedom, and ours.

Free life beyond the wall one gruelling climb away

Escape - based on the novel Chasing the Valley, by Skye Melki-Wegner:

Anythingis better than this

Unbelievable cold numbs the spectacular pain enveloping me.

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