Secondary Scene

Eye in the sky vantage point observing Chernobyl's last holiday

The calm before the storm. I am non-living, but my perspective is key.

Long, cold walk to witness true beauty finally brings closure

Blood stained the snow as he pulled himself back up to his feet, wiping the last drops from the edge of his mouth before coughing again and continuing to trudge on.

Ko koete tino taonga

Wear that feather in your hair

Mt Aspiring pupil a true all-rounder

Mt Aspiring pupil a true all-rounder

A day with no sport on the timetable leaves 14-year-old Phoebe Young feeling restless.

Forgotten woman's sad and lonely vigil

At the corner of the dim, musty pub, the woman sits. She never drinks, never eats, just waits. She waits surrounded by her moth-eaten garments and the furs of long-passed animals draping her long-passed figure. There she waits every day.

Triumph for a perfect team

The cold Autumn sunshine peered feebly through the soft wisps of cloud, lighting the milling crowd.

Taking viewers back to the magic of childhood

Taking viewers back to the magic of childhood

This painting is part of Lucy's Tyrell's year 13 portfolio for NCEA level 3.

Plea for fairness, honesty

A poem inspired by Andy Mulligan's novel Trash.

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