Secondary Scene

Digital devices should be the way of the future

I believe that books should be replaced by digital devices.

The huhu undergoes metamorphosis

I live in darkness so thick, I can taste it.

Like an ancient ruin, he is the last of his kind

The peaceful silence of night is broken by a slow series of cold echoing thuds.



Each day after the clouds have let themselves go I take you outside to look in the puddles.

Last winter rose blooms in a scene of desolation

It was late May when she left, right before the start of winter.

What makes a great radio show?

There's always something happening and it's usually quite loud on our Otago Access Radio show, Funky Monkey Underground (FMU).

Animals suffer experimentation

I stood in my cage shaking.


Waking up in the morning, frost is covering the grass like icing sugar dust.

Kayakers battle with icy maw of the savage river

His mouth opening and shutting like a fish on land, his white teeth shone like pearls as his pale white face slowly became engulfed in the foamy white water.

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