Secondary Scene

Uncomfortable lessons learnt from Gallipoli campaign

In 1915, trench warfare had begun and the Western Front was at a standstill.

Stuck inside with only one person to talk to

I often can't be bothered getting up in the mornings - I never have anything to do.

Learning from the rain, the lights and other things

You're supposed to be able to tell a lot about someone from the way they react to a rainy day or tangled Christmas tree lights.

Rider and horse together in unison

The frost-encrusted grass crunched under hooves as I urged my meticulously groomed horse forward into a rhythmic canter.

Timeless time capsule message

About 250 years ago, careful hands shovelled dirt over the rusty, metal capsule.

At heart, it's our soul that really counts

It's not what we look like. It's who we are inside that matters.

The Smell of Daisies at Equinox

In the morning of the equinox, when the sun rose and bathed the horror of what had happened in perfect pink light, I ran.

Eye in the sky vantage point observing Chernobyl's last holiday

The calm before the storm. I am non-living, but my perspective is key.

Long, cold walk to witness true beauty finally brings closure

Blood stained the snow as he pulled himself back up to his feet, wiping the last drops from the edge of his mouth before coughing again and continuing to trudge on.

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