Secondary Scene

Memories crisp as a country morning

Days at my aunty's farmhouse always start with a bang. Literally.

Fun day's end at the beach with my family

The sky glows in the harsh rays of sun as we collect firewood.

The bush will bloom and joy will live again

The sun beat down on my back and warmed my blood as I made the short walk down into the lush, grassy paddock.

Passing the time

It's always the clock, isn't it?How awfully stereotypical of me.


How can a place

Yellow coat a beacon to lost love

The rain came down one Thursday morning, washing out the cafe's window with a dirty whiteness, the sunlight that had lined the window turning away its head to the kiss of the summer rain.

Outside, the endlessly blue sky; inside, fear whispers

I try to claw my way back into dreaming, but it's useless.

Birthday cake and blitzkreig

It was Ronald's big day: he was turning 5.

A world alone?

Autism has established a defining presence in modern society. About one in every 88 children born each year in New Zealand is diagnosed with the disorder. Shey Pope-Mayell, a year 13 pupil at Wakatipu High School, sheds some light on the issue of living with autism.

Action needed for road safety

Tourists have been boosting our economy for years, but are they really safe driving on our roads?

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