Secondary Scene

Richie suits rugby not Parliament

As the sporting world drew its attention to the 2015 Rugby World Cup in the United Kingdom, once again the weight of a small island nation rested on the shoulders of one team, and more specifically, one man - Richie McCaw - The Kurow Kid.

The Department makes its choice

Three days. Just three days was all it took for his life's dream to change into a nightmare beyond comprehension.

It’s time to say a fond farewell

‘‘Come on guys, it's time to go,'' Dad called from the kitchen.

A life lived by numbers

Live low, live fast. Pay well, die last.

Christmas peace before pain resumes

The sound of rumbling and tapping is all that plays in every single soldier's mind.

All about being a mum

When we moved houses, I came across an old, blue, leather bound photo album of yours.

Neighbour saved from flood-swollen river

The inspiration for this story was the uncle of Dunstan High School year 9 pupil FinlayRussel, who was trapped alone in his home during the 1978 floods.


A secluded sanctuary, tucked away in an obscure corner of middle earth

No running away from your problems

The yelling begins again.

Leave nature a free hand

Leave nature a free hand

This photographic artwork by Dunstan High School year 13 pupil Phoebe Smith is part of a body of work which looks at our impact on the environment, and its fragile existence.

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