Sharp as tax

Non-profit groups can overpay tax

Non-profit groups can overpay tax

Many clubs or societies operate within our community, Scott Mason writes.

Opinion: Grey areas in share trading and tax

Investing in shares is a little like being at the races.

Sharp as tax: Rules strict on gifting and rest-home subsidies

In October 2011, gift duty was abolished which meant that any amount of money could be given (or forgiven) to people/trusts for whom one has ''natural love and affection'' without paying gift duty.

Tax on property transactions not straightforward

As record property prices are recorded in some places (e.g. state houses selling for $2 million in Auckland), it is perhaps timely to remember that while NZ does not have a formal capital gains tax, profits on land can easily fall into the taxing net.

Sharp as tax: Extra care urged in dealing with allowances

Let us reconsider the key principles underpinning when allowances paid to employees are either taxable (as remuneration) or tax free. This will become particularly relevant as the IRD's new view on accommodation allowances is applied.

Sharp as tax: U-turns on policy to boost takings

This year has been interesting in many ways, more punctuated by case law and hardening of IRD positions than significant legislative change to the tax framework, although the significant delay of long-ago announced legislation will mean there are some law changes for us to manage.

Sharp As Tax: Property market liabilities complex

New Zealanders have always had a passion for investing in land.

Sharp as tax: Beware GST on holiday homes

As we head into summer, it is timely to consider issues around holiday homes and their potential GST implications.

Sharp as tax: Research and development tax deductibility complex matter

Although New Zealand taxation rules have been developed with a view to encourage innovative research and development, tax deductibility for such has traditionally been fraught with difficulties.

Is your `donation' in reality a fraud?

From April 1, 2008, individuals have been able to claim a rebate on all charitable or other public benefit gift in a tax year if they meet the requirements.

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