Wakatipu High School

Escape from the piercing chill

I wonder, will it ever stop snowing?

Redefining the value of truth

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Rubbish!

Being positively patriotic

God of Nations at thy feet, in the bonds of love we meet, hear our voices we entreat, God defend our free land.

A world alone?

Autism has established a defining presence in modern society. About one in every 88 children born each year in New Zealand is diagnosed with the disorder. Shey Pope-Mayell, a year 13 pupil at Wakatipu High School, sheds some light on the issue of living with autism.

Action needed for road safety

Tourists have been boosting our economy for years, but are they really safe driving on our roads?

Med student inspired by life's hard experience

The brain is the most incredible thing on the planet and we can't do anything without it.

Wakatipu High School senior prizes

Wakatipu High School senior prizes

Wakatipu High School held its senior prizegiving recently.

Thumbs up for new uniform

Thumbs up for new uniform

Wakatipu High School pupils, staff and parents have voted overwhelmingly to adopt the proposed new uniforms, which will bolster pride in the school and improve its image, principal Steve Hall says.

Draft uniforms modelled

Draft uniforms modelled

Progress on the introduction of a new uniform for Wakatipu High School pupils from the start of next year is continuing, with pupils, parents and staff viewing the latest version last week.

Gifted children policy bid

Wakatipu High School needs to develop a more coherent policy for its gifted and talented pupils, principal Steve Hall says, after a report slammed the only identification method as ''invalid''.

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