Water restrictions

C. Otago water limits lifted

Alexandra, Clyde and Omakau residents will get a greater allocation of water this year than they first thought, after the Vincent Community Board took into account opposition to the planned reduced levels.

Economic value of Lindis discussed

Tarras residents spelled out their concerns this week to the Otago Regional Council about the economic effect of any minimum flow restrictions imposed on the Lindis River.

Restrictions may end

Dunedin City Council staff will decide by early next week whether to lift water restrictions in place for residents at Waikouaiti, Merton, Karitane and Seacliff.

Water use increases despite restrictions

Level three water restrictions could be introduced for the first time in parts of Dunedin, if a dry spell continues to parch the Waikouaiti River.

Waikouaiti River level forces water restrictions

Dry weather on the east coast is starting to bite, with a low Waikouaiti River forcing water restrictions north of Dunedin.

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