Blog: Tempted to change by promise of iPhone 5S

Photo by Reuters.At Labour Weekend, visiting family meant having three iPhones and three iPads logged on to my home Wi-Fi network.

Why, was I asked by one of my children, did I not have an iPhone - as I sat there with my Samsung phone and lap top.

In fact, I had never even touched an iPhone, let alone used one.

That all changed with the iPhone 5S arriving courtesy of Nicole Bain from Gen-i Dunedin.

The iPhone 5, which has a recommended retail price of $1049, was full of promise and I wish I had been able to write this review in glowing terms.

Although the iPhone 5 Gold was frankly amazing to look at, it was a struggle for a committed Samsung user to use.

Battery life, compared to some of the other devices trialled in the past two months, was shocking.

Even with everything turned off, the battery just drained away using social media, news apps and my favourite - the weather.

One reviewer reported getting two days of use out of one charge, so perhaps the battery was faulty. Nicole was having it tested.

Apple has opted to increase the screen size, but by lengthening the device and keeping the width the same.

The home screen had a good selection of apps, some already loaded for a review device. Downloads were seamless once I had set up an account.

One of the frustrations was having to have my normal SIM changed into a nano-SIM.

But once I had downloaded my Google mail account, all the contacts and details shifted over seamlessly.

Bowing to other reviewers, I note the iOS 6, Apple's most up-to-date mobile operating system, means good maps and locations within 20m of where you are.

The camera was a dream to use and I could send photos to my daughter's iPhone without her having to go online and download them, as she does when I send from a Samsung.

Being able to do that for both my son and daughter makes me tempted to swap phones when my contract is up at the end of next month.

There is a lot to like about the iPhone 5.

It has a sleek, distinctive design, almost an accessory to bring out and flash in certain circumstances.

I will try to get another chance at using the iPhone 5 before deciding whether to join the rest of my family.


Product review

Apple iPhone 5S (RRP $1049)




Perhaps a more up to date review would be good? Labour weekend was two months ago, and it is now iOS7, which is quite a different thing from the older versions.

I am vendor agnostic, although I do use an iPhone 5S because of work, so I am more familiar with that than Android. Battery life isn't an issue for me.

Frustration in changing sim is an interesting comment for a review - it isn't hard to do, and you only have to do it once.

My advice to any prospective purchaser is to try both an Android device and an iPhone, and buy the one you like to use the most.