So you find certain words annoying? Whatever

"You know," "whatever" is a really annoying term -- "like" "you know." We're "just sayin'."

When it comes to the most annoying words or phrases used in conversation, those four top the list in 2012, according to the annual Marist Poll.

"Whatever" headed the list, cited by 32 percent of adults, and next came "like," which 21 percent didn't like.

Runners-up included "Twitterverse" and "gotcha'."

The results mirrored last year's survey when "whatever" topped the annoying words list for a third straight year. But "seriously," named by 7 percent last year, dropped off the list entirely - really.

Marist questioned 1,246 adults in a U.S. nationwide, telephone survey.

Results showed differences by age and regions, with people younger than 45 or in the Northeast especially annoyed by "like," while "you know" offended more of the 45-and-over set.

Men and women gave similar responses overall, but whites were twice as likely as non-whites to find "you know" irritating. And people under 45 were more than twice as likely as those over 45 to be put off by "just sayin.'"


Like it was OK?

Someone should tip the news-people at Channel One off about the use of the phase 'like it was'. At the same time they should be introduced to a novel new concept, 'singular' and 'plural' the lack of which distinction, makes so many of these would-be linguistic trendsetters sound like the hicks and hacks they really are. And, will somone please inform them, also, that if you bring something with you, say a dozen of beer to a party, it's 'brought' and not 'bought'.

In any case, my pet hate is not even on the list. The use of the word 'Yay' in any situation where the speaker is simply too lazy to come up with the appropriate word; or the universal 'stuff' when today's brats are asked what they did at school today, eg 'English and Stuff'.

Strangely enough, 'whatever' doesn't upset me, in the least.

Like, where?

In which country was this Marist survey carried out? People seem to be easily annoyed. 'Whatever' is a 'diss' word, used to discount someone's point of view.

So So So ....

The most annoying trend I have found is the habbit of people starting almost any first sentence with "So...".

Listen to John Key, he is by far the worst offender - almost every question he answers he starts with "So ..."  



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