Kiwi confirmed dead

A New Zealand woman has been confirmed as being among the victims of the Malaysia Airlines crash.

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully confirmed the death and said another person, a British citizen who had been living in New Zealand, was also killed.

The New Zealand woman, a longtime resident of Australia, was travelling with her husband, a Dutch citizen.

The British citizen woman was also travelling with a spouse.

Mr McCully, speaking at a press conference this afternoon, called the MH17 crash a "terrible tragedy''.

"Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those involved,'' he said.

Mr McCully warned there was a possibility more New Zealanders could be among the 298 who were aboard.

"The identities of all those on board was still to be confirmed,'' he said.

Mr McCully said the families, who were being supported, had asked for privacy.

He also said he would be meeting Russian officials, saying he was concerned over reports the crash site was not being kept secure and that he wanted to see a concise investigation into the crash.

Safety and maintenance

I am completely unaware of safety measures or maintenance which can prevent an airliner being blown out of the sky by a rocket. Or the pilot flying off course and crashing the plane in to the ocean.

It seems these two planes might be the common denominator, but in the fact both are blameless as both were taken down by human action.



Putin or Put-out

There is little doubt about the influence of Russian separatists in this international crime. Who else could it have been, really? This is a war crime and international condemnation and heavy sanctions placed on the country held responsible for this disaster. The perpetrators need to be held to account. The 777-200 is probably one of the most reliable of aircraft, nothing to do with Malaysia Airlines! International aviation experts have already highlighted the safety of the aircraft! Time to stop the stupidity and learn to live with one another. Militants of any variety do nobody any favours, least of all themselves, their countries or their religion!

Deliberately shot down

It's saddening to read that so many lives have been lost. I appreciate the fact that two 777-200s from the same airline crashed disasterly but it's not the fault of the airline this time around. MH17 had been deliberately shot down and it did not crash because of safety and maintainance issues. A shot down plane will be downed regardless of how well it is being maintained. Furthermore, this plane was shot by a relatively powerful ground-to-air missile. Truth must be known and those who're responsible for shooting down the plane must be brought to justice. My heart goes out to all who are affected by this incident and may all the deceased rest in peace. 

Aircraft or airline?

777's have an excellent safety record so it's more likely the decisions made by Malaysian Airlines such as not subscribing to Immarsat's services in the case of MH370, and flying over a war zone which other reputable airlines were avoiding. There have only been three hull losses of 777's - MH370, MH17 and the Asiana crash. Only one of these is possibly caused by aircraft malfunction and unless the aircraft is found it will never be known for sure. The other two were human factors and warfare.

Air disaster

Two Boeing 777-200s from the same airline crash disasterly one still to be found of the coast of Australia. I begin to wonder about the safety and maintenance of that aircraft type first.

Not the political convenient one automatically being used hours after crash blaming Eastern Ukraine separatists.

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