What was this?

What was this? It went over Dunedin this afternoon.

Du Pont to Nowhere

S'alright. It's not Orange in the morning. Is it?

More factual information

Geo-Engineering and Chemtrails have been changing the earth's upper atmosphere since 1997, that's why you hardly ever see brilliant blue sky any more, just blueish haze generally. It's advisable to get the facts before you make comments on issues you don't know anything about.

The US Patent is US5003186 registered by David B. Chang, Tustin, C.A. and I-Fu Shih, Los Alamitos, C.A. on behalf of the Hughes Aircraft Company, Los Angeles, C.A. [abridged]



An obscure Swedish Green Party MP declaring chem trails to be factual is a bit like the US politician that recently declared pregnancy via rape to be A.O.K as it was God's will.  Their chosen professional status hardly deems them to be any more authorative then anyone else with a thin grasp of reality.


Swedish politician Pernilla Hagberg spoke out publically against these chemtrails starting a groundswell of global support from others in many other countries with this stand. She has stated that the Swedish Govt have given approval to the US programme of aerosoling the skies over Sweden. I believe the Australian and New Zealand Govts have also approved of chemtrails programmes over Australia and New Zealand. Many including former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson say chemtrail Death Dumps must be stopped.


I wondered . . .

. . . why I was coughing tonight.

Two more today

The rumor mill will be working overtime..Two more Con-Chem or whatever trails today.

The first at around 1pm was Aerolineas A340 heading to Sydney and the later one around 4.45pm was Qantas 747-400 from Santiago to Sydney.

Nice try, Waza

You raised the issue that 2 American states filed for injunctions against these 'chemtrail' flights with the implication that it gave some legitimacy to these, frankly, ludicrous claims.  Myself and others simply pointed out the obvious flaws in your logic (live long, and prosper).

Youe also seemed to imply that 'conspiracy theories' are outside the boundaries of this discussion, when in fact we are discussing a theory (a proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural and subject to experimentation) about a conspiracy (a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose).

Self evident

Waza: You're going to have try a little harder than that at dodging.

My point should be self evident - just because a group of people believe something strongly enough to try and convince the courts to take action, it doesn't neccessarily make that belief any more correct.

The examples I gave are all examples where substantial numbers of Americans hold a wrong belief.

Sorry guys you are all off subject

Trippy, what has the world ending, Apollo moon landings, creation and evolution to do with this subject?

Silentlord, whether you fail to find something, or you find the judicial system amusing or you're preoccupied with conspiraciy theories doesn't really matter here because we are not discussing these.

Riley Taylor, no I'm not saying that, you are and as an aside your unusual comments on people breaking out of asylum beg the question, areyou a asylum seeker yourself?

Lots of people.

Lots of people disagree with things I say.  They're usually wrong, what's your point?

2% of Americans believe that the world is going to end in a week and another 22% think the world will end in their lifetime.  Does that make them any more correct?  20% of Americans believe that the NASA faked the Apollo moon landings.  Are the correct as well?

What about the 46% of Americans that believe in creationism.  Should we discard the theory of evolution just for them?

Higher standard of proof required

Waza, you assert that 2 American states were successful in gaining injunctions against this activity.  Other than the case that was dismissed on procedural grounds (Thabault v. Sorrell), I wasn't able to find records of injunctions.  That's not to say you're incorrect;  the American justice system often produces some amusing outcomes...

What I will say, however, is that if there were injunctions granted they would be examples of the absurdity of the American judicial system, rather than any validation of these conspiracy theories.

Also, I highly reccomend  Google'ing the subject of so-called 'Chemtrails'.  It provides an interesting insight into the gullibility of the human psyche...

So what you're saying is

So what you're saying is two people escaped from asylums in two different states in America?

2 American states disagree with you

Absurd to the extreme for some Kiwis on the other side of the world but deadly serious for the citizens of 2 American States who went to the Federal Court getting injunctions prohibiting the flights in their airways, so stop the conspiracy to publish the true facts.

Chemtrails and contrails

The chemtrail conspiracy is absurd in the extreme, but, to be fair steelblades said this: "If those trails are dominately chemical in nature (and intended for nefarious purposes)..."  Water is a chemical, therefore even contrails are dominately chemical in nature. :)

Chem trails - Another amazing conspiracy

It's amazing that that in this day and age, where Bill Clinton couldn't get away certain 'acts' in the privacy of his own office, that people still believe that a global conspiracy involving (as mentioned below) thousands of engineers, maintenance crew, air port ground crew etc can exist without one shred of evidence existing.

CHEMtrails (my foot)

If those trails are dominately chemical in nature (and intended for nefarious purposes) then I guess all the trails above Europe and Britain during the major air campaigns were too. I'm quite sure the engines of those thousands of bombers were plumbed with weird and exotic chemicals that would cause birth defects in the enemy's children in the following decades. Why bomb the enemy for a few years when you can poison them over decades!

Or perhaps it is just frozen water crystals from the exhaust of high altitude aircraft engines. Nothing new - it's been happening for over 60 years.

But that's unlikely. I was having coffee with Elvis the other day and he was sure it was CHEMtrails, so who am I to disagree?

The moon landing were a fraud too. America just needed a distraction, so the US govt made it all up (with the help of aliens from Mars).

Contrails and nutshells

Not COMtrails. 

I agree with the nutshell guy but Dunedin has more going for it than otherwise!

Contrails are well known to be persistant before evaporating but it depends on the air temperature at that altitude and upper winds (which also determine the aircraft route). The fact the trails clearly come from the engines doesn't help make the conspiracy theory seem any more credible.

When heavy aircraft disperse liquid (such as water bombers in Greece or the states) they do so from the fuselage, not the wings mainly due to aerodynamic, space and weight constraints on design. See this Youtube clip. Heavy, fast aircraft were never designed to disperse anything - see the angle of attack on the 747 in the video when it's loaded. The idea that the smaller A340 can take a load of passengers and still carry a load of dispersant is ridiculous.

And there you have it

Dunedin in a nutshell:

- provincial unawareness of global activity
- informed comment providing details
- wild conspiracy theory 

Chem trails

I'm surprised the "Chem Trail" post made it past the moderators as it's the stuff of conspiracy theorists & mad men.  Unless of course the governments, airlines, engineers, maintenance crew, air port ground crew etc are all in on it and keeping their lips tightly sealed, which doesn't sound overly feasible to the reasoned. 

CHEMtrails not comtrails - toxic aerosoling programme

This CHEMtrailing which is happening globally at high altitudes by commercial aircraft. It is not a comtrial which is evaporated vapour which disappears within 30-40 seconds. These trails will hang in the air and expand out causing wave like formations and stay in the atmosphere for days and causing the natural blue sky to be obscured by haze. It upsets the natural weather. If you google "chemtrails" and hit images, there is plenty of information on the net about geoengineering programme.

More importantly is the knowledge of the substances they are using, barium, strothium and aluminium, all dangerous level neurotoxins. Ask your science teacher or doctor, or again google them, it's all out there. These flights are happening in most western countries including Australia and our main cities. We can monitor the flights diverting off normal flight routes to deliberately aerosol large cities. As a young person growing up in Dunedin I appreciated the lovely blue skies. Here in Australia we hardly see blue sky anymore. Enjoy it if you can. As a previous blogger stated, you can track these flights on www.Flightradar24.com to identify these flights. Unfortunately governments are not interested. It is a US programme and governments won't ask questions.

Aerolinineas Argentina A340-200

This flight used to go Beuenos Aires to Sydney via Auckland but now goes direct. It nornally is a A340-300 but on Thursday was a 200 model. It sometimes calls in to Auckland for fuel westbound if headwinds are strong. The flight path of these flights is dependent on picking up the best wind patterns. Qantas 747 Sydney to Santiago is also visible some days but can cross NZ anywhere from Stewart Island to Wellington.

Look up www. Flightradar24.com and you can identify these aircraft as they cross over us. Takes the guess work out of it.

The A340 has the same fat bit

The A340 has the same fat bit where the wing joins.

It's an A380

It's an A380 going over the south of NZ to miss the Ash from in the North Island. It's got a fat body where the wings connect to the body of the plane meaning it's an A380.

Aerolineas Argentinas flight ARG 1180

Thanks for the photo and all the suggestions. We checked with Airways New Zealand and they conformed it was an Airbus A340 of Aerolineas Argentinas flying from South America to Sydney.


It's called a jet contrail.  It's what happens when the water vapour in the jet exhaust condenses under certain well known conditions.

What was this

Probably Qantas 747 on Flight 27 /28 Santiago (Chile) - Sydney.  Flight path seems to vary depending on weather conditions.

It's called a plane

It'a called a plane. Probably a boeing 747 or an Airbus A380.

Bomber? Spy plane? or a lost passenger jet?

I saw that also, It was a large plane that came from across the Pacific and headed on a path across the South Island from East to West.

What was this?

US Air Force C17 Globemaster?

Could it be a 747 flight

Could it be a 747 flight travelling from Sydney / Melbourne to one of the South American cities, such as Santiago or Buenos Aires?