More unwanted greenery in Dunedin

It was interesting to read of the weed problems in parts of our city.

You should visit Barnes Drive in Caversham and have a look at the disgraceful state of the rhododendron beds which grace the side of the new Caversham motorway.

I have several times logged 'Fixit's with the DCC but whilst they are allocated a number, nothing happens. Last week, I again logged a fresh job.

My wife and I cleaned up the garden adjacent to our home, but weeds are again growing a week later. It needs to be cleared and fresh woodchips need to be laid.

Many weeds are a metre high and are spread a metre wide (each). 

Clear to see

There are a lot of weeds in there.

A Shrubbery

I'm no expert on flora, but cannot see any obvious weeds in these shots.