Strange objects in the Dunedin sky

Strange objects in the Dunedin sky. Click on photo to enlarge
Strange objects in the Dunedin sky. Click on photo to enlarge

I'm aware this photo looks staged, but I caught these objects in the sky to the left of the pony at the end of a day's worth of photography around an abandoned factory in Kaikorai Valley in Dunedin.

I uploaded the photo on Sunday on Facebook as a 'spot the UFO' joke... then a friend sent me the ODT link about reported sightings on the West Coast! I found it somewhat uncanny that it happened on the same day.

I did not see anything in the sky when I was taking the photo - I was focused on the pony. It was only when I looked at the end results of the day I noticed these objects.

- Esta De Jong

- Have any other readers innocently taken photos only to discover unexplained flying objects zipping around in the background? Please send them to us at



Strange objects in the Dunedin sky

I found that quite interesting, as it bought to mind an incident  I witnessed about 20 years ago while sitting in my garden in Tripoli Libya one night. I noticed 2 lights identical to the ones in the picture, traveling silently across the sky in unison. If I remember correctly, the forward light was smaller than the following one.There wasn't any means in those days to question or receive news of someone else's sighting so it always left me wondering,  and I never quite forgot about it. So I was quite delighted  to see something which appeared to look like a copy of what I had seen -  whatever it is


Sensor dirt?

Looks a lot like sensor dirt.

The Kaikorai Grey

Anyhow, it is a very well groomed pony. According to the Indian legend 'Jumping Mouse', spots in the sky are hawks.

Strange objects in the sky

These objects could be specks on your camera's CCD, especially if it is a DSLR where you can change the lenses.