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End of democracy

The TPP agreement, if approved, means the end of democracy as a form or government and the beginning of oligarchy run by corporate interests for sake of profit. All other interests will by subordinate to this one. International corporations hold no other allegiances than to their quarterly profit reports. Jobs will be sacrificed, the environment will be sacrificed, and health will be sacrificed on the altar of profit. Taxpayers will be held hostage to the international corporations. 

What's the big fuss?

I've had a brief look at some of the plan. It is a large document. Not surprising considering what it covers. I wonder what parts Councilor Hilary Calvert found incomprehensible or what sections should be left out? Should we just group industrial, residential and rural together .. that would make it shorter. Might make things a bit tricky implementing it, but it would be fewer pages.

Or would it be better to have no rules at all ? If my bedroom was on the 2nd story of my house , facing the street of course, and partway up the side of a valley then I should be able to build a 10m wall to stop prying eyes . Maybe curtains would be cheaper .. but I want the option! I might live in a residential area but I'm a hermit at heart. I want walls all around. High walls, nice thick bluestone walls, with electrified wires on top and motion activated spotlights, maybe some high pressure hose to stop any ... graffiti attempts. Who is this council to decide what I can do ?!

Seriously ... the fence height is unchanged. Most fences I pass are 2m or less and many are much more than 40% see-through. What's the big fuss?

Patched member

Although I fully suport this in principle, if council really had any guts they would have had him give up his patch first. Tough love. [Abridged]

Don't worry

Don't worry 'House'. Actually, the fellow was venturing an opinion, as Harlene Hayne stated. What wasn't reported was that she had asked for questions, not statements.

But we are beyond that point. Time to move on, and the precautionary approach is the valid one. Even if this turned out to be a mass scientific delusion, we'd still have every litre of unburnt oil still available to burn. Nothing would have been lost to humanity in the long term.

The only losers would have been short-term immediate gainers - and every denier is inevitably one of those. That just boils down to selfishness versus altruism. 

The proof is that the denier types also usually deny the Limits to Growth problem, deny fisheries depletion, deny any restriction at all - even overpopulation. At that point we have to disengage with them, as society has with tobacco companies. [Abridged]

Sir Geoffrey Palmer's address on climate change

Typical of contrarians. They weren't there but have an opinion on it. The audience were quite entitled to react the way they did. Mr Foster (The contrarian) has had and has ample venues for his opinions. He was off topic. The subject was (given the scientific consensus IPCC etc) what can we do about climate change? Sir Geoffrey's response was excellent. [Abridged]

Two great shows!

Two great shows!


This might encourage "Turf" wars. Geddit?

Not happy here

50% not happy? Seeing about 25% responded it could be interperated that 75% aren't happy


Tautoko hardout! This is not only showing that patched members of our country can do good but also show their intelligence.
Obviously they are working hard on changing the views that most New Zealanders have of gangs, and their opinions as well.
I saw that someone had posted negatively about Mr Epere having to leave the gang and cut off from all other members before having the contract signed,
well all due honesty it is not that simple. 
So I support Mr Epere and what he is achieving - big ups.
Hope that the rest of New Zealand will accept it and support him too. This is a positive thing for our rangatahi to see as well as be a part of.

Black Power

I think it's madness. He is a current patched member. What on earth is council doing? There's no way he'd get a liquor licence out of council, so why this? BTW, everyone I've spoken to about this just shake their heads in disbelief!

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