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If you're not with us, you're against us

Not all of us want to be sheeple and bow down before the great god of rugby, even though we are all forced to pay for the ridiculous vanity project of the Forsyth Barr stadium. And all for a bunch of people paid very well to do something they enjoy. The dominance of the rugby culture demeans New Zealand.

Wine lists

And is this limitation also to apply to restaurant wine lists? Sorry sir, you and your wife have had a bottle already - can't serve you any more!

Rational emotions

Matthew: Just making a comment about overwrought, irrational emotion. That's all. People legitmately cry about love and loss, injustice, tragedy, inspiring actions. A rugby game emotes passion, but you have to put win or loss in a game in proportion.

Just goes to show...

Just goes to show that there's still the seam of passion running deep in our area. Funny what folks find as their passion, but there you go...

May work

Dave, in many ways I agree with you. What this article dosn't tell us are what outcomes these diversons have had. Has reasonable ORC testing found improved waterways and non-offending from previously offending properties? If the answer is no then the ORC should prosecute; if yes then the diverson is worthwhile. After all, it's improved outcomes that are required. If money from diverted prosecution can effectivly provide good reasults then we all win. As long as the ORC remains vigilant.

Issues that really matter . . .

What a ridiculous comment, you clearly have a glass half empty view of life. For most people who enjoy rugby, this has been a fantastic celebration for our city! I have seen so many happy children and families meeting and cheering for their heroes in the last 2 days, and I for one think this is awesome to see! There is so much negative news in the media going on in our country and world, I am loving having something positive to embrace!


It's still called the SDHB even though the board itself has been given the boot.


Some good news marious. The commissioner running the SDHB has said Oamaru services will not be affected and has rolled the existing contract over. So we will see if she sticks to her promise and see what happens next year. Now what will happen in Dunedin?

Success . . . for now

The commissioner is rolling over the same contract for another year as reported by RNZ today. Obviously it's political but it wasn't meant to be party political because that stops ordinary people turning up (even this minor stoush kept some away). As for ownership - yes it's a people's parade but responsibility for it was with Kirchner and Tavendale who organised it and therefore owned it in that sense.


It's a practical approach for practical people. The goal is better water quality so the option resulting in improvements on farm would be the way to go.

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