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Not a fan of the roundabout

Not a fan of the roundabout really. Five way roundabouts are not pleasant to navigate, and definitely not small ones. I sat all my driving tests at 5 Cross Roads in Hamilton and it is one intersection that I always go out of my way to avoid. The position of that roundabout on Princes St was not great either - there are times of the day when the sun makes it impossible to see what's coming from the right and the fact that it is not on flat ground makes it even more difficult. If they had any sort of raised roundabout constructed, it would block the view of the cars coming down Stafford and Manse Streets to the cars driving up Jetty St and vice versa. This is the way I drive to and from work everyday. I would almost certainly change my route if a roundabout was installed.

So easy

Like other commentators I too found this way better. Traffic flowed really well, except when the odd driver and a couple of cyclists got a little confused with what happens at a roundabout, so nothing new there.

I wonder how pedestrians got on?

Poison use

One day, hopefully, we will stop seeing pesticides as a solution to environmental crises. Crises largely of our own making. How we view our relationship with fellow citizens in this Earth community needs new thinking.

So easy to go round.

It was amazing - no waiting for four sets of light-changes, everything flowed beautifully. More roundabouts should be considered throughout Dunedin. 

Days of Hope

Raymondo, it is written that nothing is written. Many Socialists were Socialites, Che, Janie, Joanie and the Redgraves. A cat can look at a King. Rgds,.Zennit Meaningless Koans with a very good Caste.

Yep, some good memories there

I ve been lucky enough to have been to 4 of the games above and have seen some great action.  FB will never have the character Carisbrook had but the dry track makes for entertaining rugby and the ground is well set up if you need fed and watered.

Top game for me? The first Crusaders v Highlanders game, with the 2014 match close behind. 

Roundabout worked well

I agree, bring it back.  From my experience with driving through that intersection daily, the temporary roundabout worked much better.  Would be interested to know what the crew working there that day thought of the traffic flow.

IPCC's predictions have been wrong

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a political body, not a scientific body. It has no credibility because its predictions of global warming and accelerated sea-level rise have proved to be wrong. The test of a scientific theory is the accuracy of it's predictions. Why should we believe the future predictions of computer models, when they have failed in their past predictions.

Bring back the roundabout

Please, bring back the roundabout – it was *way* better than the lights. The traffic flowed freely and the rush hour queues were much shorter than when the lights were running (at least when I saw them they were).

Thank goodness for experts

See how it can't possibly handle the volume of traffic flow? Thank goodness for experts.

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