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Borrowing is!!

The same as commiting yourself to paying more for something in the future, or getting something you think you need now that you can pay for later. In the Councils case borrowing is something someone else will pay for later. The Council needs to reiterate the benefits, and how much we needed the stadium. They should then explain why we shouldnt borrow more, as the interest has essentially reduced future income. It is a bit like spending on a credit card that your kids will have to pay off, and just like with the Council your kids actually wont appreciate your decision making.  

The last time I saw Vegas

It used to be a big place for shows. Conventions were entertained by performers called 'Our Lovely Maoris They're So Good'. Oddly, some people had hazardous volcanic craters bubbling in their backyards, which they sat in.

Democracy versus dictatorship

An excellent opinion that cuts to the chase. Local councils will always face these problems for two reasons. They are democratically elected and are not required to compete in the real world for market share as they have no competitors. History has proven that the most efficient system is a dictatorship with one person calling the shots. Dunedin citizens would not wear that and rightly so. The result is that we must live with the inefficient democratic system that is currently in place. 

Weak excuse

What a weak excuse to blame Forsyth Barr Stadium as an exceptional reason to break the 3% rate rise cap. Will we see the same excuse next year? It seems this Council is hellbent on spending money it has not got. So easy to spend someone elses money.

Now tell us we "Can't Believe It's Not Butter!"

The new 7pm TV3 show  will have "more of an entertainment focus and more oversight by MediaWorks executives" and they call it "A replacement show"!  The parking lot will be a popular viewing spot for staff who worked with Campbell waiting for the day when Mediaworks executives replace their quality cars with entertaingly daggy 1975 Trabants. 

Magic money

Council staff had identified $333,600 in savings, which had been approved for spending on new projects with a $25,800 overspend.

The overspend did not push up the 3.8% rates rise.

I don't know how  they manage with my rates money.  I pay rates with old-fashioned money, if I spend all my money, then go on spending, I have to steal or borrow or earn  more.  Council overspends but that has - apparently - nothing to do with further increasing the amount of rates they demand, from 3% to 3.8%.  Even 3% was greater than the increase in most people's incomes but never mind, council doesn't.  Different types of money, obviously.  I wish I had their kind, it would make paying rates a lot easier if overspending was not associated with any consequences.

8 out of 10

8 out of 10 for this editorial. It has been a long time since the ODT was so forthright in its views on the Councillors' lack of fiscal responsibility and any Councillor reading this and not getting the message would be pretty thick. However every argument for fiscal responsibly spelt out in this editorial is exactly the same as those for the stadium - which is only briefly mentioned in the editorial. Promises of vast amounts of external funding which never eventuated, dismissal of ongoing operational costs and cost of debt, loss of opportunity money and the total disregard for core infrastructure maintenance was demonstrated in the stadium issue. And to make a salient point, the decision to proceed happened in the face of large ratepayers protest. It is hard to see why the ODT supported the stadium decision while now pointing out the unwise decisions of this Council. 

Good to see such a good

Good to see such a good turnout for such an important subject. Key may be good in many areas but he is a share trader and only interested in short term profits. Climate change is long term problem and the majority of people recognise the threats and the government is sensitive to publick opinion so the more we publicise our fears the more notice they will take. The changes can have big economic advantages for new Zealand.

Simpler way

If only the Dunedin City Council would recognise that communities must voluntarily adopt a simpler way of living or have this later catastrophically imposed on their people, with the poor and the otherwise disadvantaged taking the brunt of that. However, the DCC is still in a time warp competition for the best brand and 'most vibrant' city and still believe 'what's good for business is good for everyone', when, in general, the reverse is true.

Bad choice of punishment

Why should the children be punished for their parents getting into a heated argument? Not being eligible for the trophy at the end of the season is a ridiculous punishment for the children. Maybe things might have happened on the field but that's what yellow and red cards are for and the children would get punished on a case by case basis through the rugby judiciary.

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