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The frequency of Franz Kafka

Is Chorus really that Kafkaesque? No record of what you claim, sir. Your contract is with the electricity retailer. I dont think Chorus is that. Apparently what you get from Smart meters is an electromagnetic field. You also get that if your property is a semi-detached with a resident next door under electronic monitoring. (Are you kidding? The fall will probably kill ya! Butch Cassidy).

Yes, a rip off

TW: Just did a search of the Air NZ website - cheapest i could get was $99 one way seat only and book weeks in advance. At 1 week notice it jumps to between $149 and $309 one way, so yes a rip off. I'll never fly Air NZ again after they they have treated the regions and regional competition

Quarry reports

If annual reports have been submitted, as the quarry operator claims, but the DCC has been "losing" them, then he should produce them for the newspaper and council to see. That way, there can be no doubt such reports actually exist. 

Quarry conditions flouted

If there are comprehensive breaches of the consent conditions, and they are not enforced, and no consequences are forthcoming, then what is the point of a resource consent at all?  Why bother imposing conditions if there is no punishment for ignoring or flouting them? The DCC needs to take a firm line in situations like this or else every other consent holder in the district will twig to the fact that consents, and their conditions, are meaningless. 

The future must be considered

Well said diamantina,  any further erosion of this unique landscape has to be resisted. Not just for our benefit, but for those yet to be born and the other life that thrives there.

Take it when you can

Yes, Jetstar should result in a decrease in Air NZ's pricing too, although they won't go as low. Of course Jetstar doesn't offer all their seats at that price. If you are going to a funeral for example, you will book last minute and have to pay their top shelf price but it won't be as much as the equivalent price for Air NZ. Always book as far in advance as possible to get those first few seats that are offered at cheap prices. However, if you need to get somewhere important then take Air New Zealand as Jetstar doesn't have the same quality service after flights are cancelled and their on-time performance is still inferior.


In my humble opinion, I don't think King's will get any bigger.  It is already beginning to stablise.   I do see your point.  I would point out however, that when King's roll was getting low and other schools rolls were close to the 1000 mark, no one got up in arms and worried that some schools were too big. 

King's roll cap

The ministry is not telling the entire truth.  I find it interesting that they say they have put in temporary classrooms to accomodate the large roll.  But these 'temporary classrooms' weren't even functional until term 3 - not at the beginning of the year like is suggested in the article.  So the school was accomodating the 1000+ students just fine. The school has the room.  So what the government is saying is that they have spent the money (a considerable amount) to put in 'temporary classrooms' and now want the roll to drop down by 100 pupils.  So wouldn't that mean that they were then over classroomed?   Which is it?  It wasn't that long ago that they were saying King's had too many classrooms for the number of students. Again, what is the real reason for the cap? 

Secondly, King's has met with the Ministry.  The ministry weren't trying to work on a resolution, they were at the meeting to bully and tell King's what was going to happen.  In my mind this is not working towards a resolution, this is just meeting to be told what to do. 



Does the $8000 waste include spending money?

What is wrong with the people of Dunedin and the councillors for approving a $8000 trip to China which I can purchase privately (without the discounts offered to DCC) for under $2500?

Indeed why is the mayor off on another junket overseas at such an inflated cost to ratepayers when there are other far more important issues to be addressed in his own back yard -- St Claire erosion, shocking street surfaces, improvements in almost every suburb of the city which seem to have ground to a halt for lack of enthusiasm or lack of funding.

I hope the people of Dunedin wake up soon and organise a march on the DCC. Demand resignations and the return some common sense and reality to the running of the bity.

Next election should see the back end of the majority of councillors, many of the so-called management staff and the introduction of a caring and sensible council that actually listens to the people. Looks like the scoreboard is showing yet another correct score for Vandervis and yet another epic fail for Cull. [Abridged]

The Glad Game isn't for grownups

"Did we all read the article about the school pupils from China?  I bet they spent more than $8,000 in their time here, and have gone back to tell their friends and family about their experiences."

 I'm not  so sure about what they spent, these trips are usually - even more so than cruise ships - arranged in detail and paid for "back home", not in NZ.  And did they come here because of Dunedin's mayor and his chums' jaunts - including this latest one - or because of the sterling work put in by school and university representatives who have been making and maintaining links with Chinese educational establishments for yonks (not on my rates money either)?

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