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I see the sign in question for Woodhouse take precedence over the physio pool cut. Its importance to Woodhouse at least draws a comment from him. If this dosn't show almost a contempt for the cuts his government has carried out in Dunedin then I don't know what does.

Bon voyage 


Moved to tyres

To my bemusement skinhat asserts "...cycle networks ... are a lot cheaper to build than other infrastructure like freeways or stadiums or museums. They probably also bring in a lot more tourists than a museum or stadium."  This may be true in many other countries but not in NZ.  Since passenger ships were replaced as the main means of overseas travel, though still used within NZ in the form of the inter-island ferries, aeroplanes have brought in more tourists than cycles or railways.  Museums and stadiums can at times offer transports of delight to those who visit them on a good day.  Be that as it may, they are however noted for their stolid locational immobility.

The wrong way round

Susan Devoy should suggest to Jamie Whyte that he resign.
If this is supposed to be ACT party policy, then same on him and shame on the party.  His argument is without merit.
The example he gives of Maori seats is ridiculous. Maori vote for one party and one electorate candidate, just like everyone else.
The first thing I would expect of a philosopher is clear thinking, but not in this case.


Time to count pool users

Now that it has been revealed that counters were used to look for cyclists to count to justify spending money on a seasonal facility (cycle lanes) that almost 800 people were spotted using, perhaps they can count the people using the physio pool over the same period and then apportion the same amount of funding allocated to the cycle lanes. That ought to see the facility funded for the foreseeable future at least.


One has to marvel at the focus of some of the negative comments on these cycle-way articles. Taking issue with the routes chosen, or with the way in which our communities have been involved in decision making processes is one thing. However, comments against the establishment of routes in general are backwards, embarassing, and sometimes even frightening.

A modern city requires safe and useful provisions for bicycle commuting. If it does not have this then the city is neither modern, nor will it have many commuting cyclists. N.B. there will be more cyclists when cycling is safe and easy. 

Personally I am a recent convert to cycle commuting, and it is precisely the widening of the cycle lanes that has made it a viable option for me. It is healthy, cheap and (during peak traffic) faster than driving.

Cycle networks well used

Googling, I dont see any cases where a cycle network is built and it's underused or is idle. Overseas they are always popular. It's understandable with high fuel prices, people wanting to stay fit and a lot of traffic congestion. I don't understand the dislike some people have for cycle networks. They are a lot cheaper to build than other infrastructure like freeways or stadiums or museums. They probably also bring in a lot more tourists than a museum or stadium and are a lot more used.

But fraternity and liberty still acceptable - sort of

Move into the 21st century, russandbev. "Equal - not less or more - is the only answer."  What nonsense!  Equality is undesirable now.

Defence blockade and airlift

Then, imagine the best. The United Nations militarily blockade NZ by sea, an international defence shield, flying in all the needed personnel and supplies to our women and children.

Too little too late

Finally our PM is speaking out against the slaughter of Palestinian children. Is that because our elections are just around the corner?


Qsrc: I think you deliberately misunderstand - my point was that they should be chased from the front page,  not that they should be chased out of town. The number of hamburgers sold on that part of Andy Bay road likely won't change once the novelty of yet another American chain has worn off and as a result some of these jobs will displace jobs from their neighbours.

The people who do deserve the front page are those locals who start their own companies that employ people here and export the results - of course they all start small and never just start up with 50 employees. The real world just doesn't work that way.

Carpetbaggers who show up with a bunch of money with the intent of bleeding far more out of the economy don't deserve those sorts of accolades or respect. 

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