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The other way round

@ marious:

The tasks of a police officer and of a minister of police are quite different, thus the requirements are different too, aren't they?

However if you want to harmonise the requirements re drink driving convictions then remove them entirely!

Why should someone not become a police officer with such a conviction when it is shown that behaviour has changed? That is the purpose of our system of fines etc. that people change their behaviour, isn't? If we do not take these changes into account it is nothing but revenge.


Tidy it up

There's no need for insinuations marious.

Hypo: Airways can't just hire a part time controller for ten or twenty minutes a day and you can't have another doctor cover during surgery for ten minutes. Both jobs are dynamic and require continuity to reduce the chances of human error. There's enough inherent risk in handovers as it is. As the current law stands the DHB's and Airways are breaking the law every time their operators fail to take a ten minute break. That's what the problem is and this bill tidies it up. If I was a leftie I would be more concerned by the part covering unions.

Personal protection

All health professionals should act appropriately & not be governed by hysteria. However our employers (the citizens of NZ) & their appointed representatives (the government & more explicitly the DHBs) have a duty of care to their health professionals. I work in a hospital, don't believe that we are adequately prepared for Ebola or anything similar. We do not have adequate training or protective equipment to deal with this. That is why health professionals are unhappy with the handling from all parties, many of whom will be as far away from the frontline of healthcare as they can possibly get.


The article states : People with Drink Driving convictions can not become police officers in New Zealand.

Why should this standard be any different for a minister of police? The current government has set some standards with many of its ministers being removed from their positions over its term so far.

Why shouldn't we the public expect the same standard for selecting ministers of police as for police officers?




No surprise

It's no surprise to read your comment Sv3nn0, They are as expected.

This legislation is a mean little piece of unrequired employment law from the National government. It does nothing to improve the lot of most wage and salary earners. Sorry Sv3nn0 for criticising your beloved National party. You should read the comments from Andrew Little on the effects of this legislation. I don't believe he has it wrong.

I will stick with Raro

Been drinking it for 50 years and I'm still alive.

Fairly sure it's still made in Dunedin by Greggs? 

Just Gone

If Gone With The Wind were a condensed book, it would still be nOisy. Well, fiddle dd. Scarlett? Ashley! Mel! Rhett! Ashley? Atlanta's burning. Where? Frank Lee, I dont damn. Tomorrow is an other. TaRa!. The End.

Love it, love it, love it!

Can we have this Festival every year please so our uglier buildings can gradually disappear under rainbow colours? Just imagine what these guys could do with the John Wickliffe Building...

The real cost

Having to put up with another term with National in government is the real cost of democracy john. If referendums are the price of democracy, as you say, how come your government chooses to ignore them when they show results that don't suit your agendas? You seem to be confusing democratic with autocratic.

Capex is the problem - permanently



Money is only underwritten by energy - all else is optimism. When the Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROEI) goes below a certain level (we think about 8:1) then BAU cannot be supported.

Obviously, this shows up as the companies not being able to mount a 'business case' - but money isn't the problem. Good quality energy availabiity in the future, is. 

This is the 'and Money' section, correct? - maybe we can have an investigative article on the relationship betwen energy and said 'money'?

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