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Three communities,one of them secret

I can think of three communities that Michael Stedman is talking about.
Dunedin's wider community, that has not been consulted at all but will contribute through their rates,
The Mosgiel community, which was not consulted either, which will also contribute twice by donations and rates,.
And the third community of schools, swimming and sports clubs and others we have not been told about who were approached, and probably will not pay anything at all but will benefit the most.

Object through windscreen kills driver

I recall some years ago seeing TV footage of a skeet shooting catapult mishap. A calibrating weight made of iron was accidentaly fired from it. This easily penetrated the side window of a parked car and emerged through another, to disappear from the camera view.

Adding this demonstrated energy to the combined velocity of two approaching vehicles, as the calculated ballistics appear to confirm, a reasonably plausable cause emerges.

This is worthy of further investigation as these devices are not all that common. Local knowledge would be invaluable.

One community, 2 communities, any advance on 2?

Let's see: "although the community is willing to put in $7.5 million, or 50%...." Is there a teeny weeny smidgen of confusion here?  

I mean this bit: "The next step was getting the community to respond during the submission process.  'Nothing will happen unless the community take a small amount of time and engage. It's as simple as that.' ''

The community isn't already "engaged" already?  So what community is it that "is willing to put in $7.5 million"?

How many separate communities is Mr Stedman talking about?

Get real....

Get real.  Colin Craig has the money, if he gets tipped out the money goes with him. 

New age of robber barons

We've entered a new age of robber barons. We've got a bunch of people enriching themselves without adding anything to the public good.

As for CEO's of government departments, the status quo has come about since Rogernomics started to usher in political appointments to senior positions. Before that, department heads worked their way up through their departments and on the way received a firm appreciation of their systems. Not a single one of them received the kind of stratospheric salaries achieved by the current crop.

Political appoints do no one any good except the government of the day, and it seems that if they fail to toe the party line they get ditched along the way, taking with them a weighty severance package. It seems the public loses both ways.

Clare Curran should be trumpeting a return to the status ante.

Agree to disagree

I think we will have to agree to disagree, Marious. Your questions can be answered by going back and reading previous comments.

Get used to it.....

Get used to it, we have become a lapdog to US interests.  There was always going to be a cost for Key's golf games with Obama.  Call it green fees.

Grain of salt

Personally I take utterances from this minister with a grain of salt. I believe he is a master at half truths and mis-information.

Two things;

1. if the economy is growing and the tax take is static then something is wrong with our taxation system.

2. You can't have tax cuts and adequate funding for education and health and all of the other public goods taxation pays for.

I firmly believe the tax cuts were all about this government's determination, as an ideological standpoint, to reel back spending on government activity.



Because the statistics show that this spate of MVA and fatalities is caused by overseas drivers. Because a 5-year-old child should not be a statistic. Maybe those are good reasons to concentrate on unsafe tourist drivers.


Yesterday after driving around at 10 to 8 looking for a carpark around the Uni I finally found one on Dundas and walked the half click to work. After doing my 8 hours and then 2 more unpaid overtime I arrived back to my ride which is a ute. To find someone had filled half the tray with empty bottles.

After a little considerment I just unloaded it all onto the side of the road as I figured that the lazy little angels probably lived quite close and they where the neighbourhood's problem and not mine. I am usually very civic minded so not proud of having to do that. [abridged]

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