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Look on the bright side

Look on the bright side. Key won't be able to bask in the reflected glory of a Black Caps win. Especially after National's thrashing in Northland on Saturday.

He went to see a losing team while his own side also lost. 

Keys to Conspiracy

I am a long time listener to the format 'Talkerback Rager'. People call the station and talk of 'Prime Minister Keys'. See what they did there? Subliminally introduced Francis Parkinson Keys, Catholic writer of Louisiana. We're not silly, believe it or nuts

Fact vs opinion

Sorry L8Show : if you - as the editor noted - look at the big picture , then flying is pretty safe. You're more likely to die driving to the airport than you are flying.

Downton ends at Eurovision Song Quest

Take it away, Hugh: When youre a Tory and the oiks make you hoary, you can always go DOWNTON! When there's a War in all the noise and the hurry, stay DOWNTON! There is always we upstairs to boss and malign you, men who are dark and horrid and jump on Mrs Bates too. Life is alright for us here, plebs have the worries, they have the cares, at DOWNTON! Downton..Downton.. nice, ah, Ron, could you put more oompah on that? This is Europe, you know, Germanic. i>

Reasons for silence

MikeStk: you make good points. I am aware there were awful conflicts of interest but the law, properly advised and applied by the DCC employees,  (whose responsibility it was to know), should have prevented this.

What I find strangest about this conversation is that the 'rugby community' who were so vociferous on these very pages in those years now make no attempt to defend themselves. Is this because of arrogance, shame or, possibly, illiteracy? 

Safe, alright.

There are hundreds of air transport flights in New Zealand each day in aircraft ranging from four seats through to A380. There hasn't been a fatal accident in this category in this country in over ten years. This is due to the current compliance measures. 

Governance or management?

It seems to me that Lorraine may be getting mixed up with management. Boards should set policy as per legislation and leave it to management to implement.

Lorraine is a good lady - but school management doesn't need her contributing to the confusion around management and governance.


Merely pointing out a reason

I did not mean to give the impression that the thefts are acceptable, I was merely pointing out a reason for them. 

Slave labour?

speedfreak43: I agree with all your comments. I prefer to pay extra and get top quality and long product life whether it's hand tools, shoes, sox, or railway locomotives. By "quality" I mean US or EU manufacture. But it does really annoy me the quantity of low labour cost Chinese junk that is dumped into NZ. It is not just NZ fish either. We export a huge quantity of raw products to Asia for processing at ultra-low labour cost/wages and re-exporting. No NZ Government has ever surveyed whether we NZ citizens prefer cheap low-cost junk or good quality long life products when setting up a FTA. 

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