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Another thought. The most likely scenario is that this pledge of $20 million represents a cut in previous funding (presented to us as an increase). There must have been significant funding for GhG emission reduction science in the past as Agresearch has clearly made a major investment in this area. Again ... it smells bad.

Key & Agresearch

How does Key’s commitment of “$20 million toward ground-breaking research to slash agricultural greenhouse gases” tie in with Agresearch’s decision to make cuts in research on agricultural greenhouse gases to reflect areas of Government investment? This was only a month ago. Is it a case of a CRI not talking to the government before making the decision? Is it on-the-hoof policy making by the Key Government? Or is it that both know this money is a one off political sop? Something smells wrong here.


@murray4nz, what planet do you live on? So your logic is we are poisoning our land anyway so why stop, just increase it?

I mean, should we be doing it in the first place? The mind just boggles at your reasoning. 

Have you changed teams?

Murray, the only scared little people are the ones who wasted their Sunday. The only scared little people are the ones preaching doom and the end of the world. Good to see you have finally seen through the fluff and false propaganda and joined the right side of the debate. Good on ya mate.

Already take hazardous wastes

The Green Island Landfill already takes asbestos and many other hazardous wastes. There is no guarantee that the landfill will continue to operate beyond 2023 so we may as well fill it up. If Christchurch cannot compete on price then this is to the benefit of us all. Make hay while we have the resource (capacity) do it.  Looks to me as if the DCC has made an excellent business decision and a smart environmental one too!

Both wings attached

I fly with both wings attached. My ideas on the Labour party could hardly be worse than their own at the last election, marious. My point is most of the same faces are still there. Care to state a view of your own on the reshuffle?

This is a beat up...

This is a beat-up.  I heard the interview and what Little was alluding to with the "beauty parade" quote was the political party's appearances there.  He went on to refer to the spiritual and  importance of the event, but typical of the media, no mention of that part of the interview here.

As for Flavell, he could show his reverence for the event by refraining from cheap shots in order to gain votes for his own party. 

Listen to all the scared little people

You can't change physics by calling people 'Green', or any other colour.

The interesting thing now, is that we are coming off fossil fuels whether we like it or not. The best of them have already been burnt. The dregs are ahead of us. 

So the global 'economy', predicated on 'growth', isn't going to continue. Either way.

That will have a beneficial effect on carbon, and on polulation numbers. May not be cafe-latte enjoyable, though......

Seems about right

While I think Woodhouse could be speaking up a bit more for Dunedin, he is a good MP. David Clark on the other hand is very much a 'me me me' in the spotlight type of guy, with very little in the way of what he wants for Dunedin. Yes we all want a new hospital but it never happened under the last Labour government, so lets not play selective memory Dr.Clark. As for Clare Curran, she's done nothing for South Dunedin.


So says a strongly right wing-leaning pundit. I think Labour will get by quite OK without you sv3.

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