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Glass completely empty!

Firstly, an error in my earlier post: I meant to say, "I've never encountered a bigger bunch of 'glass half empty' types as represented by the Stadium naysayers".

But, in honesty, I'm now leaning toward a 'glass completely empty' point of view.

I would hazard to say that we [rugby types] are paying our way, otherwise how can the Highlanders record a profit?

Yes, that's right, I'm referring to revenue from tickets. Game after game, a portion of our hard earned wage is set aside for the big day. Anywhere from $25 for a single adult, or more with family in tow.

Mind you, I'm happy for ratepayers to pick up the cost of my expenses at the gate if you're offering!

Then I'll graciously tolerate your grumblings with a happy heart and an open mind.

Shirley Zhang

Congratulations young lady, a great honour to be recognised in this way for academic and community excellence.  A pupil the city and Otago Girls High School can be very proud of. 

View from the street causes intoxication?

Cautos scientia may be interested to learn that Gardens New World's  only window onto the street shows nothing but their liquor section.  Over the road is a shop whose frontage is mainly windows.  It is a dedicated liquor shop.  Preventing children being "normalised" to the sight of alcohol containers isn't likely.  However without the taste and smell of the contents there is little in a sealed container to tempt those who have not already become aware of the idea that alcoholic beverages are desirable.  Their heroes of sport and the less elevated older people in their lives are the source of that, not silent sealed containers on shop shelves. 


Very irresponsible of Fed Farmers President to say 'children on four-wheeled bikes are a reality of rural life'. Wonder what the reality was before the bikes were around? 

Well done

So pleased to hear this will go ahead. Good luck to them.

Its not unlike the 'Body Corp' idea that already exists all over NZ with high rise units & communal rules to keep things running smoothly.  The difference is that this way they get to plan ecological buildings of their own design.


What, exactly, do they think underwrites those future dollars - the ones that will 'pay for future flights?

What we are seeing is an EROEI (Energy Retrun on Energy Invested) decline as we wend our way to the dregs, having cherry-picked the best. Fracking is a classic, and you don't run our society on tar-sands; the EROEI is too low.

So now we have a boom-bust saw-tooth, under an ever-lowering real energy supply. Price drops, demand soars, supply can't keep up. 

More pertinently, the 'business case' for new (ever-dreggier) oil can increasingly not be made. BAU, globally, has a bottom EROEI threshold; perhaps 8:1. Thereafter, growth-based finance collapses.Why can so many not see this, even as it is unfolding?

Who woud be involved with a discretionary activity - like flying - in that continuing scenario?

Shortage of workers or willing workers?

Maybe there needs to be some creative solutions to ths problem of a shortage of workers.  I'm not sure if this is an option for the government agencies concerned but how about a policy of no unemployment benefits being paid out to able bodied unemployed beneficiaries during the period of six weeks mentioned in the article? Then again, there is the unemployed and then there is the unemployable.

Another option could be to make the six week season PAYE free so that those that want to do a short stint during their usual holiday from their day job can do so without having to pay more tax.  It would keep the paperwork and compliance costs down for the orchard too.

Total population aged 15 years and over

  • The unemployment rate in Otago Region is 5.6 percent for people aged 15 years and over, compared with 7.1 percent for all of New Zealand. Source




Awful design

Pretty awful, sterile design from an 'award winning architect.' This looks like classic overdevelopment but, let's face it, Queenstown is already ruined by this. It has grown like topsy with little consideration for interesting urban design. It is just a money reeking hub without a soul...though its setting with the lake and the Remarkables is beautiful.

TV at work

What about telly in situ? Our workplace had a monitor to keep abreast of The News. It also kept abreast of 'I Clavdivs', and the late movie, which was always 'Ben Hur'. At home, tv watchers could claim to be doing research. The democratising nature of the medium caused the class conscious to aver they only had tv for the documentaries, or Preston Sturges Season, or De Maupassant Theatre. A long time ago, but they were prime time viewing.

Talk is cheap

The author should move to a third world country so he can at least have some credibility, when he makes such big statements on history and the world. He is so critical of the Western world yet enjoys the benefits. It would perhaps also give him a real perspective on world affairs, as oppossed to simply academic and utopian.

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