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Rates relief

Could people stop making out the university pays zero in rates. They have discounted rates, not completely rate free. I know it makes your whinge sound better, but try to stick to the truth, it's a better story.

What about the others?

Take your issues up with the government. At the same time you might ask that the law be changed to include churches, schools, and early childhood centres, amongst others. The rates relief currently being granted to the stadium might also be mentioned.
I agree the university is not going anywhere. Pity really, Dunedin is one of the least likely places I would choose to live. However, the fact is that I work at one of the best universities in the country, which just happens to be situated here.
I'm quite happy to pay my ever increasing rates, participate in the Dunedin culture and make the best of the weather. I'll also be happy to move once I retire!

How to do football fandom

Wear scarves representing your team; twirl racheting clackers; barrack loudly en masse, following such examples as 'Liverpool! Liverpool..!, and 'Ozzi Ozzie Ozzie! Oi Oi Oi!'.

Not an event?

you cant tell me that this is the problem with Dunedin drinkers. Every Saturday night there are 'kids' out on George Street who couldnt tell you what street they are on they are so drunk! But this is OK for the DCC because it's people making jobs in the city. We are talking about having a bar open to go and watch a sporting event. I watched the world cup final in Rialto in 2002. There were Brazilians with drums chanting and shouting. I'm now of drinking age. If I wasnt going to Brazil to watch the finals and was to be in Dunedin to watch the final you're telling me I can't have a beer and watch it with my friends in a bar because it doesn't constitute an 'event' or falls outside of normal drinking hours?

Well, sit me down and explain how the most popular sport in the world holding a finals doesn't constitute an event! Here's a test: while the final's on at 7pm on a Sunday night can someone tell me if we have larger than expected numbers having a beer in the Octagon. Work on real problems Dr Keith Reid, let us enjoy the football.

University core business

IGN: You are correct, if the university is taking on private enterprise head on how can that be fair? How can accommodation providers and local landlords compete against a business that pays no rates? What will be next? Cafes, pubs, sponsoring more rugby teams? There is theoretically no stopping them from buying up any property and competing against anyone. In fact they can paddle in any pool without fear of the overhead all other businesses face. Council have shown when it comes to the wants and needs of the university boot licking is the order of the day.

It won't happen - the uni closing

Why do we keep reading "if the uni closes" Dunedin will die?

What utter rubbish I hear from some and complete scare mongering as the uni will be here long after we are gone and pushing up daisies. 

There is no reason at all and there not any rumblings or hints that the uni is unhappy here and add to it the very healthy profits they make every year.

Should they pay full rates on their investemnts? Yes they should just like any other business. 

Danger of ignoring our impact on the climate

"Groanpeace" Funny. You do let yourself down however with your comments re Pleistocene coalmines. The Pleistocene epoch enjoyed significantly more landmass, lower sea levels and considerable oscillating glaciation than present. No suggestion of anthropomorphic input as you suggest but a considered person will know that the earth's climate is a complex system that may respond poorly to large short term inputs e.g. geological events or even anthropomorphic CO2.

My personal belief is we are experiencing natural climate change and that we are in danger of ignoring our impact on the climate out of ignorance, laziness, self interest and greed. 

Interesting precedent being set

If this is opposed due to "The committee considering a special licence cannot be issued for a television event" then this will be an interesting precendent, next time the beloved All Blacks play France, Argentina, England or Wales in their home land and bars wish to broadcast those games live what will be the excuse that allows bars to open for that television event? Consider carfully or is there a different rule just for rugby?


There is no denying that the University of Otago is a major contributor to Dunedin's economic wellbeing. But is it the biggest business in Dunedin? Is this just self promotion parroted by the ODT? Does the DCC's Economic Development Unit still maintain that healtcare for the elderly is the biggest business in town? Certainly the ODT wouldn't bother to find out if the university press releases are factually correct.


Well one of the reasons we don't go to the Museum very often is because of lack of parking, or because we have to pay for parking most days.

I'm sure others are in the same boat too... 

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