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What an inspiration

Well done these boys! And well done to their teacher who encouraged their efforts and the BOT who took them seriously and have made real, effective change at the school.

Really great to read this sort of thing and I hope to see more of this sort of thing happen within schools. Top Notch!

This is genius

Wonderful idea from an inspiring person.

What cost to us all?

They are the ones who should pay for the cleaning up of the waterways their "collective" read multinational monster have done to much environmental damage to this country without any consequence for to long.

Fixed like Novopay

Mr Fixit strikes again! Answer to everything. Insert terse or witty one-liner here. Of course doctors, we dont need doctor's here! We can all do it on our smart phones with Dr Google! Let's stop paying Stephen for a year. Better yet let's vote this no-idea-make-it-up-as-you-go-along man out of office. He got his so called education for free, so get lost. [Abridged]

Show me the money

So much investment in NZ - this is great news! At some point the money will have to start trickling down, or maybe even torrents will flow, seeing that it has pooled at the top for so long. After all, we are producing and selling more dairy than ever, so perhaps it is time all New Zealanders start to reap some of the benefits, like being able to upgrade hospitals, keep physio pools, housing, jobs etc...

Celebrate the best!

Putting NZ on the map. Raising the profile of Otago University. Call me old-fashioned - go on, see if I care! - but I can't see how "investing" in sports teams attracts worthwhile students and other bright innovative people to Dunedin better than this hero, "A University of Otago professor whose research into stomach cancer has saved lives worldwide":

"Prof Guilford's research included playing a key role in developing non-invasive bladder cancer diagnostic tool Cxbladder, which is being sold by Dunedin company Pacific Edge."

As he says "the research was the result of work put in by a team of scientists". What an attraction for above-average researchers, the opportunity to work on such valuable research with such a talented leader!

Let's see more of this kind of thing to attract people to Dunedin, to OU, instead of the "watch sport in a stadium, party till you pass out, burn a couch student lifestyle" rubbish.

I can live without Air NZ

When I moved from Sydney to Dunedin in 2010 there were 2 direct flights per week in summer months between the 2 cities. I used these to fly back for Christmas with family. In 2013 this cost me $650. (I went at a different period last year).

This year there are no direct flights and the cost is $950 return. I could go a bit cheaper if I was willing to sit all night in Auckland airport (no thanks).

Therefore I have booked with Emirates from Christchurch for $640 (and I will get a meal). The flights from Dunedin to Christchurch with Air New Zealand (of course no choice) are $136 up on 22/12 and $156 back on 30/12.

I have booked with Intercity bus up for $19 which I have now done several times, it connects nicely with Emirates. Coming back there are no late buses but I have booked a night in the YMCA for $80 and $5 for the bus the next day.

I can live without Air New Zealand.

Key not wrong

It's pretty much a done deal that National will be forming the Government again, so yeah!, John Key is right - they are the only party who will deliver major free trade agreements.

Issue is simple

Hamas fires missiles at civilian-populated areas. They broke every ceasefire, and they will be first to fire missiles again. They will continue to fire mssiles from civilian areas to discourage Israeli retaliation, and martyr the public to gain international sympathy. There will be no elections in Gaza; all who disagree with Hamas will be sorted out forcefully. The building materials will be used by Hamas for more tunnels, instead of helping its people. Hamas will receive more weapons and money from their wealthy supporters. Notice how Egypt doesnt want to have a border crossing with Hamas? Why not blame Egypt for the blockade? Read the Hamas and PLO charters if you want to know why there will never be peace. This extreme unrelenting hatred is why there is no solution. If it was about land there would already be peace.



Well done Chorus. I thoroughly appreciate all the street art we're seeing in our city: it's respected & therefore left alone by taggers,  and provides colour and amusement in otherwise dull corners. More please! 

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