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Fish oil

I recommend hemp seed oil, it works wonders for me. I may even have cured ankylosing spondylitis as diagnosed in Dunedin.

It is sustainable, local and tastes good. Nothing fishy about it.

ORC don't take any prisoners

These statistics are a national disgrace >>Link<<

Yet the ORC are telling farmers in Otago that even though Otago is facing drought conditions and farmers are not allowed to use water or shoot any rabbits, they will have to pay huge sums of money to pay for the poisons to get rid of rabbits on their properties. And if they don't or can't pay, will those farmers' names be added to this disgraceful list?

Little to indicate that it is private

To be fair, there is very little at the park to indicate that it is private, or that you don't want pedestrians walking through it.

School pools

OK, for a start it's Ben Sincock, not Simcock. He is one of many teachers on the front line of the education battle facing the MOE led by Hekia Parata.

I learned to swim in a school pool and would be saddened to see the loss of this, or any other school pool. 

(Thanks for pointing out the error. The story has been corrected. Ed)

Turbot futures

What, invest in real primary product? Farm stuff and harvest? In the 80s, we changed to paper investments, then on to IT. Whoosh! Bang! Return.

Carpark hassles

Doesnt look like much of an issue.  They look so smiley happy in the photo.

Nightcaps in Dune diner with Railwomen

Nightcaps people rightly ask why intoxicated townies want more than one Nightcap. Dunediner is surely a restaurant in Frank Herbert's 'Dune'. Christchurchwoman is elided, as is the gender neutral 'Railwomen', pronounced 'Reilwimin.


Local schools should look into charging families in their communities a key rental for the summer including older families, or adults who no longer go to the school. Under the condition that an adult is there at all times to supervise their kids. All the school would really need to do is get the families to sign paper work saying that they do not hold the school responsible for any accident while using the pool outside of school hours. This would help fund the pool for the school. When I was a kid many, many, many years ago. the local school I went to on the west coast did this. However this was more due to their being no public pool where I lived at the time.


It may have made sense to contract a service when carparks were staffed and you'd pay an attendant, but now that they're automated it's much more reasonable to have council staff service the parks. It can't be much different than managing the automated ticketing machines on street parking.

Pointless question

So the question asked was, "Is Little a better match for John Key than the previous Labour leaders". Does that fact that 55% answered yes really tell us anything? If the new Labour leader was Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street, Oscar might well be a better challenge to Key than the previous Labour leaders.

This may be an improvement for Labour and recent developments in Australia show that huge losses can be turned around. However there is a large amount of ground to be made up yet.

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