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Social investment

Investments are made in the hope of positive outcomes. For Moneybags's, this means a financial return. 'Social investment' is forward thinking. It is unusual to hear Bill English talk in these terms, but if the government had invested in social housing 5 years ago instead of selling state housing assets, there would not be the housing or accommodation crisis we have now.

RIP Brent

His depth of insight into a game of rugby was always apprecated. I also like how his pen was not afraid of being critical of goings-on at Otago rugb! in a time when most were not.  His prose will be missed.

Premise flawed

17 Maryhill Tce is in Mornington in the middle of suburbia. Furthermore the tree is native to Europe and Africa. Down with them all!

Gin traps

I realise we live in "I can do what I like" times, but shouldn't someone investigate whether possum traps are being set close to residential areas?

Silver birch

Considering the tree is about 1km from built up suburban Mosgiel, I can't see this being a problem - that is unless you hang out on that stretch of Riccarton Road West which is an 80km zone.

Leave the tree alone.  


So we have the most successful Maori MP of the last ten years, a professor from Otago uni, the census, and Auckland uni's survey supporting it and on the other side is one single professor from Massey.

More rubbish on the side of the road

More rubbish and junk on the side of the road - in fact some people are that bloody lazy it gets dumped on the road!

It won't cost much to clean it up because it doesn;t get cleaned up umless the locals do it. 


Its been said far better by others but I'll say it anyway: if there is no immediate threat to life then it it is wrong to to kill an animal using a method that is not fast or painless , preferable both. Leg traps are neither and I am surprised and a little ashamed they are still in use today when better and kinder methods are available.
As for being hit by a car ... well , you should stop if you've hit something. What sort of person wouldn't ? Probably the same kind of person that sees nothing wrong with legs traps.

It's mostly a government issue

I did not read the entire essay written by Hypothermia, as I have a feeling I'm being trolled.

I'll just sign off by going back to the subject. I'm not surprised the budget does not consider how families living day-to-day must live with regard to housing. And, until the NZ government puts regulations in place to better monitor how homes are built, how rental houses are maintained, to unbiasedly asses the value of houses, and to fairly tax real estate transactions, nothing will change. Unfortunately, despite the fact renters pay the mortgages of home owners, they will continue to be treated as second-class citizens.

Equal or better

lovedunedin, the trial run will finish just before the contract ends. But to add to your points people need to remember that compass guaranteed to provide us equal or better than we had before to get the contract. They have managed to get staff , patients and clients offside so far and the only people still in their corner seem to be senior management who most likely rarely eat the meals. 
I have a new retirement plan which involves me getting jailed . Things are starting to look good in there. If a manager took over any business and withen weeks managed to get rid of 50% of the customers in one area , 25 complain in another area and even the staff preferring to pay more for the competitions product , would they get away with trotting out lines like "trial period" , assessing feedback, changing packaging etc etc? This goes beyong crappy food to the serious lack of control shown by the government, as they forced the Compass issues and then appointed the commissioners.

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