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Pay rise

The town is broke. This mob don't want business (divestment) and yet vote themselves a huge pay rise. What planet do they live on?

Pay rises

Pay rises for average, to below average, constructive output and decision making? Hells bells, I'm in the wrong reality if this is the case with these people.

More questions than answers

So the recommended pay increase would put Dunedin councillors closer to the salaries of their counterparts in Tauranga, a city of roughly the same size. And yet ...

Tauranga has fewer councillors and no boards, so an appropriate question might be, how do the respective total wage bills compare? Are the councillors' duties comparable in the two cities? Is it possible Tauranga councillors are overpaid relative to the work they do and the hours required? No one can know from reading this article. And others may ask even more questions. Those are answers we deserve.

Council pay rise

The old saying is if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. If we pay decent money we will attract competent business people who will move Dunedin forward but unfortunately they would not even look at this type of money.

How many prepared?

So, like the recent obscene pay rises awarded to national politicians by the Remuneration Authority, the DCC Councillors apparently are not able to turn down the pay rise. So, how many of thet current Councillors would be prepared to donate this rise to the people of Nepal instead of accepting it for themselves?

Alpha man aboot town

Credibility not the point. Behaviour and empathy are. Like, lack of it, and making your wife dress like Irene Papas in S. Arabia.

Just wait . . .

What really annoys me with these pay rises are the defenders of these terrible decisions that come out and tell us we are all wrong to attack this mammoth pay rise. Rubbish. I am sure they deserve the pay rise, but so do the business owners and their workers who are getting no pay rises, or small pay rises, or even making losses in the Dunedin economy. Oh well, no brainer for the councillors today to vote against the "ethical" divestment from fossil fuels because we need that money to pay the councillors, let alone the council debt!


All we need now is for the ODT to devote as much page-space to the arts and crafts as it does to sports and we may get somewhere.

Time for a change

It really is time for Mr Cull to stand aside and let someone who understands we just don't have more money to spend take the role. Lee Vandervis comes to mind.

A pay rise?

An interesting read, as it seems many of you believe more pay will bring in a more diverse range of councillors. Do you mean having a Green Party member, green supporters, an artist, a scrap merchant, some CBD shop retailers, ex-MPs and an ex-TV host etc are not diverse enough? Or do you actually people who are better qualified for the job? I can see sense in that if you mean the latter.

I do agree it should be a full time job. It's very obvious that doing this job 1/2 to 3/4 time is not working for the city, as we are in a big financial mess that this currant set and previous 20 years of councils have not been able to fix.

As for those of you who stated "im not in it for the money", I'm delighted to hear that and I look forward to seeing you deposit your pay to the charity known as the long suffering DCC ratepayers. I thank you in advance - as I'm sure we all do - for your donation. 


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