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I do not blame them

I am an Aussie who moved to live in Dunedin at age 65. I have now been here over 4 years and would never go back to Australia except to see family and friends. I have been so well treated by the NZ Government and people. I am ashamed at what those who go the other way have to put up with. I realise I did not have to seek for work here but am disgusted that Australia treats our NZ cousins worse than immigrants from other countries of completely different cultures.

Thank you DCC - at last!

This will remove one of the top three litter items we pick up on Long Beach daily. Now we just have to address plastic drinks bottles and polystyrene - oh, and cans, bottles, cigarette ends, bits of fishing rope, sweet wrappers...

Tax is tax

The last thing we need is more tax. Investors are already in the market so they will push the price up to cover the cost of the capital.gains tax which will hurt all home buyers.
Just because everyone else has a CGT doesn't mean we should too, especially as it failed in Oz.

Yes, a capital gains tax

New Zealand is one of the very few western countries that don't have a capital gains tax, many tax capital gains at the same rate as ordinary income and I can't see any reason why unearned income should be taxed at a lower rate than income from doing actual work, that's a quite insane situation which if anything should be the other way around.

Creating an even taxation field will encourage investors to move their money out of the housing market where they are pushing housing prices up without creating any real lasting wealth into more useful long term investments. Otherwise they are pushing home ownership out of the reach of our kids, they'll hop on a plane and go somewhere where they can afford a house.

It's common overseas  to provide a capital gains tax exemption for the family home - one that follows the needs of a normal lifetime: not charging tax on income that's transfered from one home to another as your trade up, and a one time exemption as you sell your home as you retire - this pushes the burden of the capital gains tax onto those who are speculating, pushing housing prices up while protecting home owners.

What global warming?

So the IPCC has reported with 97% certainty that humans are causing global warming, when has this warming occurred and how much has the earths atmosphere warmed this century?

Is this the 3% margin of error? No global warming for the last 17 years, until there is 100% proof and evidence of actual warming NO Council resources or Ratepayers money should be frivelled away on these hair brained scaremongering unproven theories.

Thanks, Cr Calvert

Cr Hilary Calvert says: “…Council has decided to leave the finance committee chair off the group looking into the business case on the basis that finance is irrelevant to the business case.”

What sort of dufus outfit is the DCC, really? The cycle lane issue is a multimillion-dollar controversy. Next question: Who is to blame for this gross oversight, exactly? The answer might be the (same) people who don't know finance, have no sense of cause and effect, enjoy spending other people's money, and through their iffy decision-making processes contribute (now and historically) to harder times for local business.

Jill Guy's letter to the editor (ODT, 9.4.14), opens: “Cr Richard Thomson thinks parking is not important to retail businesses outside the CBD (ODT, 2.4.14), and that council should just get on and create cycleways. I suppose as his own retail outlet is comfortably tucked inside a mall with plenty of parking and foot traffic, it's easy to advise without care or responsibility.” (Link)

Damned if they do, damned if they don't include the council’s chair of finance in the cycleway group?

Cr Calvert again: "It is a concern ... that we have now returned to the mistaken idea that the 'full cost of the proposed cycle way is $4.5 million'. This is simply wrong. There will be significant costs as yet unknown to the ratepayer, not the least of which will be around parking."

Cr Thomson as a fair and diligent chairman can be expected to exercise himself on defining all development costs of
the preferred cycle lane options proposed for the one-way system; and to communicate these to the public in a timely way before the final decision goes to council for adoption.

Nonetheless all city councillors have a responsibility to the city's renters and ratepayers to identify and expand on the wider costs. Councillors must be transparent and accountable, but to this add rational, logical, prudent, ethical and well-researched. Are they? The jury's been out an awful long while.

The Pretty Irresponsible

Oh great, another record for old people: Drinking, 'naughty girl' vocals kick-ass rocking out with a bottle of Jack antisocial disorder. Can the can. Play Suzi Quatro instead. The first woman with a bass, low slung.


Where does all this revenue from fines end up? It seems someone makes a lot of money from the fines. Basically for doing nothing!

Being prepared is important

Before spending ratepayers' money on infrastructure, such as roads, footpaths, streetlights and sewerage, the Council should consider the long term risks to that infrastructure from threats such as sea level rise and more intensive flood events. The IPCC has reported with 97% certainty that humans are causing global warming. Deniers can squawk all they like, but it would be madness not to take climate change seriously. Peak oil can not be ignored either, oil companies would not be looking for oil miles under the sea bed off the coast of New Zealand if they weren't running out of the easy to reach reserves.

Times long gone

Some of those planes were from the time when we actually had an airforce. At the current rate we'll soon be paying the Air Vice Marshall to oversee local Kite Flying contests.

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