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3 more years

This is a real blow for the staff and families affected so close to Christmas, and sadly with Dunedin as it is we will have few job prospects for them to replace the ones they loose. It will affect the local economy as well. Yet here we are having voted in for three more years a goverment who just dont care! Sadly for the next three years this country will get what it deserves as in the end the voters put in the goverment and it will continue to forget that below Christchurch New Zealand exists. 

But the NZ dollar is rapidly dropping

With reports today that the NZ dollar is now dropping rapidly, with the Reserve Bank apparently aiming to get it down to near 65c US, surely Donaghy's will not go ahead with these staff cuts?

although, I have to wonder if they are in fact like a lot of other medium to large size buinesses, and it is all about maintaining an unrealistically high profit in an ever increasing competitive world, rather than just a matter of survival. 


Some drivers just never learn

As loco crew myself, I know this crossing, had a very close shave with a SUV there, 3 more seconds and he'd have been history.  What on earth does it take with these people - a quick turn of the head in both directions is all that's needed.  Locomotives are pretty conspicuous with yellow painted fronts, headlights, plus flashing ditchlights once we toot the horn.  It's the most avoidable crash, surely. 

Nuggets game

I took my 10 year old son to a Nuggets match last year and was so appalled at the audience's behaviour that we left at half time and I vowed never to return. The opposing side was booed when they came on to the court and whenever they scored a point and or had a throw in. I clapped when either side scored and received thunderous looks from my neighbours when this happened to be the "other side." What did this teach my son about "fair play" and "may the best team win?" I see the same lack of sportsmanship when I attend school miniball matches at the edgar centre. Having lived in Scotland for many years where this sort of partisanship does not happen at this sort of level, I find it alarming that New Zealand seems to be going down this path more and more. No wonder people are no longer attending matches, whether it be basketball, rugby or whatever, when sport appears to have been taken over by the feeble minded zealots who care only for winning and not for the sport itself. 

Always a way

Mr Bait has a point - there's always a way. Mind you, then they will be able to do anything, legal and illegal. Better the hall of residence provide trackable access so they can then track illegal uses and act accordingly.


I had not heard the Breakers were in town and did not know there was even an event called Southern Showdown. This is not the first time this has happened. These days it seems I only here about many events the day before , or on the day or after. Many events appear to have almost no real promotion. When I first moved to Dunedin events like these would be known about well in advance as the advertising would be everywhere, TV , papers , radio, posters every where fron on walls to Studant noticeboards to mailouts etc. Amazingly if people don't know somethings on they won't go.


Boof: That's because a certain entity encouraged the bars to the central city and progressively ran the outlying bars out of business in the misguided belief they would be easier to police, not realising so many in one place leads to more trouble. When they were spread out there was actually less trouble as people either stayed where they were or had to walk more than a few meters from bar to bar, usually in smaller groups and getting some sobering air and exercise in between, and most likely passing a food outlet. Now they have what what they wanted and are suffering the consequences.


Oh yeah sv3nn0. Of course all tourists head for the most polluted parts of the country so obviously high tourist numbers indicates crystal clear streams continue to flow through dairy world. Put some effort into it please.

DVML secrecy

MikeStk: Thks for your comprehensive reply re rugby ticket pricing breakdown. Just like the Hillside wagon bidding censorship,and now DVML secrecy re ticket pricing details, you have to wonder what is there to hide after contracts have been signed. There is no moral or legal obligation to hide stadium ticket price makeup behind the smokescreen of "commercial sensitivity".  "Managerial and Director insensitivity" would be a more apt description.


Mike you miss my point. I'm not defending anything. You said rent should be included in profit and loss statement - I was pointing out it is and the "operating profit"  is just a part of the profit and loss statement, not the entire statement. In this case rent is included in the profit and loss. I even gave a rough equation. The reason in this case rent is probably included after the operating profit and loss is due to the difficulties of dividing it up between the events,  so operating profit/loss (includes event finances in/out) + other capital in/out + any other categories = profit/loss. 

In the end items of income and expenditure can be put under any category the business wants them seperated into and broken down as long as its all added and subtracted to get the final total.

The issue of subvention payments etc is entirely another matter to the point I was making in response to what you had said, and that point was rent is included in the profit and loss statement. 

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