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Southside Noir

South Dunedin was odd last night. Around eleven, a stretch limo with bluelight interiors passed down MacAndrew Road. Hatted women like the Topp Twins at polo were seen on Hillside. There was some sort of knees up under the signage 'In beer and food we proudly stand'.

Next time

If National lose in 3 years it won't matter - the rest of the country will be sold down the drain by then and there will be nothing left to generate income for the Government. In fact, there will be nothing left to govern.

Poor form to call 'unfair!'

It is poor form to call "unfair!" when you lose because of your own actions and you lose by being extreme and unpopular.

You have to decide what political side you are on that will get you enough votes and that does not seem to have worked for the left on this occasion.

Young people did not vote in the numbers as they were expected to by some parties, so those who did vote probably could not have swayed it one way or the other.

Sour grapes does not become you GW_scam.

National in Clutha/Southland

I am looking forward to amazing things from this candidate.

No vision?

Do not say the government has no vision. They got us where we are as a nation in the last six years and will do so for the next three.

I am happier with National's vision than the crazy "Green vision" that would ruin us all. Green smoke-screen for a "red" future more like.

National win

Glad they got  in because they need to sort the economy out and not leave it to someone else.  I do feel for those who live on low incomes under this government  though.

Labour are themselves to blame

Three leader changes cost Labour dearly, in fact it killed them.  When the first leader started to grow on us, they decided on another leader and while David Shearer wasn't much of a debater he came across as a decent and likable man. I refuse to believe that he wasn't good enough within the Labour party, who again decided to choose another leader. When that happened they made the biggest mistake of all time by chosing another David. Sorry to say but he did not grow on me at all. Yes I voted Labour, but not because I liked the leader; I wanted a change of government and we would have had that. It was Labour themselves who stuffed it up, by the discontentment within their own party.

Winners and losers

Harre and Harawira sold out their supporters for the cash of a rich egotist. They now blame the very people they conned. What goes around ...

Congratulations from Otaru, Japan

Congratulations to Jennifer and Christian!
All the people in Otaru who know Jennifer are delighted to hear the great news.  You were such a wonderful English teacher here in Otaru so we have many fond memories of you. 
Congrats and bon voyage to you all!

Todd who?

National could put Bin Laden up for Clutha Southland & he would win. It's hilarious. 



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