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Fingers crossed that the prize money will be spent on beneficial and enduring projects that have maximum positive impact. In other words, keep it away from the DCC. 


Something is majorly screwed up here, This is a schools rugby competition - why on earth does it cost $90,000 per year to run it?

Am I just living back in the 1980s or is this just plain crazy?  

Great achievement for Chorus

You've got to hand it to the marketeers at Chorus for a doing a bonza job of getting people all excited about the roll out of their new product (UFB). As a shareholder I'm pleased as punch and would have been whichever town had won. Please pardon my cynical observation which will no doubt be filed under 'anti' but believe me it's not.

Gigatown could help

I think some locals are just jaded as they endlessly debate the massive losses at the stadium, record debt, lack of economic development, a contracting retail sector and a rather uninspiring council. Now let's face it, there has been very little to celebrate in Dunedin lately but it would be hard to miss the excitement and enthusiasm this Gigatown campaign has brought to the city.

If Gigatown helps rid us of the current malaise gripping our city then how can it be bad?

It may not be the answer to all our woes but at least it has people excited and believing in Dunedin's future. It is good to hear some good news for a change and to see just how how happy it has made people.

Your time is up

Dunedin Dave - why don't you go back to England? You are clearly very disillusioned with our city. You'd probably be much happier back in your (super-duper) homeland.

Leaving here and ridding us of your complete negativity would be a massive bonus to Dunedin.

Nearly as big as winning Gigatown

Not for the first time in my view

Not for the first time, in my view, that we find the Prime Minister dancing on the head of a pin.  He is very good at it, God knows he has had plenty of experience in the last 6 years.

How does one forget texting a blogger who was at the centre of an inquiry of such importance, or misunderstand the same simple question twice?  It is instructive to me that he returned to Parliament to correct his "mistake" after the truth emerged.

He keeps saying that some details in the Gwyn report are "contestable."  That's not the same as saying that those details are incorrect, or that the Gwyn report was wrong.  What he's doing, in my opinion, is cunningly muddying the waters, hoping that somehow the public will shrug their shoulders and let the issues pass.  The problem is that these issues are extremely important. 

The question in my mind now is whether we can trust him on anything since we can't know when we are being cunningly flannelled.

Over the years he has assiduosly fashioned a wholesome image portraying him as a folksy, unpolitical, great bloke which appears to have been swallowed hook line and sinker by a gullible electorate.  Now we are finding out how wrong we were. 

Cheer up Dave

We all did the work for you, i'm betting you did not contribute at all to the #gigatowndunedin cause but are happy to sit behind your computer and lamely attempt to bring down all the hard work that the majority of Dunedinites have done to try and bring something positive to our great city.

I love how the anti's use this forum (anonymously) for their own agenda but never comment on the FB posts that the ODT post.

Some things never change

As is the norm for Dunedin the second comment made on this wonderful achievement was by someone throwing in a negative. How can Dunedin ever move ahead when it is full of negative people determined to ridicule anything positive that this city does? 

We all banded together to make this happen, both businesses that donated products and services and the public who frantically hashtagged to keep us in the running. Unfortunately there are a few that are just going to hate something good happening that might just change a sleeping backwater into a raging giant. Heaven forbid the city may actually grow -  we can't have that now can we?



OK, Dunedin won an advertising stunt run by Chorus. The money won is probably what Chorus would have spent on advertising anyway.

"Seconds after the annoucement, Mayor Dave Cull was at the podium in Wellington accepting the prize he said would have a
real effect on Dunedin residents

''This will affect their lives, it will affect their children's job prospects, it will affect their educational possibilities, it will affect their medical services, it will affect their retail, it will affect every aspect of our lives."

Can someone give me a real scenario how this will benefit the ordinary person sitting at home? The solo parents struggling to pay for those little extras when grocery shopping, The senior citizen struggling to keep warm during the winter due to the rising power costs? The person about to lose their job as yet another business closes or relocates north?

Are Dunedin residents suddenly going to have free internet supplied to their homes? Is Dunedin going to set up a free wireless network that covers all of Dunedin including places such as Palmerston, Mosgiel etc so people can move from costly communication plans run by mobile companies?

Some businesses are going to benefit but not all, the "knowledge economy" firms so often touted by governments will embrace this for sure but to most companies, it just means those annoying emails are going arrive that much faster.


GI Jane

Women comprise 51% of the population; not a minority.

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