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Shag Point road works on overtaking lane

There must be many drivers feeling aggrieved after driving on overtaking lanes through Shag Point roads on Friday, November 21 -  driving at 100kmh and having loose gravel hit their cars and breaking windscreens. 

Well done DCC

My thanks to the DCC for flying the flag options in Great King St. They certainly are easier to compare when seen properly rather than a postage stamp sized prin version.To me, the Kyle Lockwood with the red white and blue is a clear winner.

Portobello pumping station

My understanding was that the Portobello Rd pumping station failed to turn on during the flood as the system was clogged up with leaves and a long term lack of preventative maintenace of the drainage network in South Dunedin.

Name changes

Just a thought. With Nigger hill, stream and head all being changed because apparently the names are unacceptable, then why the universal acceptance of All Blacks? Political correctness should not be biased.

All Black victory

Hayden Meikle's article in the weekend re the All Blacks 2007 loss is a classic case of the news media trying to make us feel wary of playing the French.

The fact is, despite that loss, years have passed and the All Blacks, current world champions, have displayed time and time again how great they are.

Disability Parking

Disability Parking

It's coming into spring and the warmer weather, and this naturally means people are coming to the beaches to enjoy the fanastic environment we are lucky to have here in Dunedin.

The Flag, of course

New Zealand being the first country in the world to see each new day/year, where's the sunshine in the flag? 

Climate change denial illogical for most of us

The 2 degrees often spoken of is seen by an increasing number of scientists as being too high.

Urgent action is needed

Wayne Stephenson's comments here, assuming they were reported accurately, seem quite a way off the mark. I'm no expert, but grew up near the dunes, and walk on the beach often.

An open letter to Todd Barclay, MP

Dear Todd (an open letter)

It's obvious from your recent column that you are struggling with getting your head around some complex issues. That's OK - you are young and new to a very demanding position that you have little experience with; many people would find this challenging. Here's a quick ten-step programme on how to succeed in your new job.

Costs? What costs?

The Green Party have recently released a policy which includes plans to reduce the size of 2,400 dairy farms by 75 cows each.

How does the flag vote work?

I like Kyle Lockwood's design and favour the one with red. It certainly looks better than black when hanging, rather than flying in a breeze.

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