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Dunedin Motel Mafia

Having visited Dunedin for the Elton John concert a while ago I was more than annoyed in having to stay for a minimum of 2 nights in Dunedin.

And again this situation arose for the upcoming Rod Stewart concert, having to stay in Dunedin for a minimum 2 nights.

What 'type' is that?

Reading the story about the midwife's car broken into in the early hours of the morning leaves me with some questions.

The reporter claims he "knows your type". Well what type is that?

TPP - Seek and you will find out

Aotearoa New Zealand is party to several International Treaties known as Free Trade and/or Investment Agrrements (FTA). These are variously known as Bilaterals if between two nations or Multilaterals.

Scales for customers

I wonder how many people there are like me who, when buying loose fruit and vegetables, very much appreciate access to a customer scales to assist them with their budgeting.

Dog walkers' paradise found and lost

Last week I took my rescue dog on her first walk along John Wilson Drive.

Islam in secular New Zealand

Dr Daneshgar's opinion piece this morning should be compulsory reading for every New Zealander who values our western values of human rights, freedom of expression and secular laws which separate state and religion.

TPPA demonstration

It was good to see such a great cross section of people in Dunedin who understand that a secretive and undemocratically negotiated investment treaty is not something that we want to see New Zealand tied into for the forseeable future.

Ocean View freedom campers

Can someone tell me who polices the Ocean View freedom camping area at Brighton ? And if it is Policed, how often is it done?

Time for Key to go

In August 2013 John Key said he'd resign if the GCSB conducted mass surveillance of New Zealanders >>Link<<  - now that the Pulitzer Prize winning Edward Snowden has shown that the GCSB has indeed been conducting mass surveillance of Kiwis living in and communicating with those in

Dunedin Public Hospital 'downgrade'

The unfortunate truth is that the gap between the level of care provided at Dunedin Hospital and the best medical care available will continue to increase. 

Wool run

Wool run...... but who forgot to tell the sheep ! Poor things were so confused by all the people they tried to turn around and run away... as a 'cow' girl may I suggest that next year you try using a quad bike and filling the tray with some sheep grub and running it ahead of the sheep. Shame we will not be here next year to see another 'run'. All the same it was good fun.

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