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Highlanders parade


Never been in 'The Stadium' as conscientious objector to same. Secondly too expensive, stairs too steep, parking problems etc. Dedicated Highlanders advocate who appreciates the team culture which is unique and there is not a bone of arrogance or selfishness in the whole outfit. That is the main reason they won.

Rugby tickets

It amazes me that someone can purchase 23 tickets to a major sporting event like the Super Rugby final, and according to your front page (30.6.15) that just happened.

Superannuation and statistic shuffling

National "are the only party that promise to keep the retirement age where it is" says sv3nn0. I wonder if that's about caring for older people, or caring about unattractive statistics.

Alcohol problems

I have read so much, and experienced so much of alcohol-related issues and problems, both in Dunedin and elsewhere. From streets which resemble the aftermath of a war-zone at 7am in the morning, to reading about Police and women being attacked, fights breaking out, drink-driving and on and on it goes.

St Kilda flooding

I was at home of the day of the flood. Once we realised that the flood waters were rising and not going to be draining away I hurried to check local media to see if we were going to have to evacuate.

South Dunedin

Mayor Cull is absolutely right to start a conversation about South Dunedin and rising water levels. Painful and indeed devastating to many people, the facts have to be assessed and then acted on. The alternative is to take the easy option - and do nothing. ‘It's only a 100 year event!' people will say. But this really is not an option.


Cold homes

Our electricity prices are too high.This is because of the setup we have. Too much need to have big profit for different groups. We are in a good situation. to have cheaper prices. People are too scared to heat their house to an acceptable level because of the cost. There is no need for this. People should not suffer like this.

Flooding question

I have 2 questions for the Otago Regional Council. We are aware that the Lower Taieri Flood Protection scheme is working exactly as it was designed. Can they please tell me why then is it okay to leave a house in the ponding area so that when there is an excess of water this house will get flooded.

Mural altered

Shame on the DCC for censoring the mural with arrows. How small minded does this look and how hypocritical to site the reason as sensitivity, cultural or otherwise when there so called penis sculpture was allowed in the Octagon to offend all and sundry, or not. As the Ngai Tahu representative so succinctly said, "Art is intended to provoke a response".

Flagman down

Anderson's Bay has been hit hard during the last few weeks, losing 3 iconic strands in the rich tapestry that is Anderson's Bay.

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