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Time for Key to go

In August 2013 John Key said he'd resign if the GCSB conducted mass surveillance of New Zealanders >>Link<<  - now that the Pulitzer Prize winning Edward Snowden has shown that the GCSB has indeed been conducting mass surveillance of Kiwis living in and communicating with those in

Dunedin Public Hospital 'downgrade'

The unfortunate truth is that the gap between the level of care provided at Dunedin Hospital and the best medical care available will continue to increase. 

Wool run

Wool run...... but who forgot to tell the sheep ! Poor things were so confused by all the people they tried to turn around and run away... as a 'cow' girl may I suggest that next year you try using a quad bike and filling the tray with some sheep grub and running it ahead of the sheep. Shame we will not be here next year to see another 'run'. All the same it was good fun.

Dunedin community

Commuting to work on my bicycle this morning, my chain came off.  After some fruitless struggling, a truck driver and a police car stopped and offered to help, and I was back on the road minutes later.  A big thank you to all three men who paused to help a baby boomer and her heavily laden bike - and three cheers for our great Dunedin policemen!

Pim Allen

No water tanker in Palmerston

I read in disbelief that Palmerston Volunteer Fire Bridgade does not currently have a water tanker to enable them to be more effective fighting fires in the area.

Surely the Waitaki District Council/Whitestone can front up with a loan water tanker for the bridgade to use until funding is available from the Otago Rural Fire Authority.

Dunedin has a lot to offer in summer

What a shame Millie Lovelock in "A situation report" counts herself as being a "poor unfortunate" student who hails from Dunedin. I too have been a student who "hails from Dunedin" and count myself lucky to have been able to explore so much that Dunedin city and the surrounding regions offer!

Protect our babies

I cringed today to see the photograph on page 2 of the toddler being thrown high in the air by her father.

It is sad to see such risky behaviour with such little children for the sake of a photo.

Queenstown Airport

There have been many changes to Queenstown Airport during 2014, however the fact remains the airport is simply not large enough to accommodate its burgeoning traffic.

Auckland house prices

Foreign property buyers are not are not forcing Kiwi first-home buyers to the sideline - the problem is the first-home buyers cant afford to buy in Auckland, as even the years ago houses were out of reach for most first-home buyers .

Rubbish Woes

As a student who has lived on the one-way portion of Castle St this year (opposite Cumberland College), I have found it absolutely appalling to witness the large number of passing-by tourists who freely dump their excess rubbish on our front verandah.

Why Dunedin needs (some) separated cycleways

Diane Yeldon raises some important questions. She aligns herself with the 'vehicular cycling' movement, which argues that the best place for cyclists is in among the traffic, obeying the same rules as all other road users.

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