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Climate change denial illogical for most of us

The 2 degrees often spoken of is seen by an increasing number of scientists as being too high.

Urgent action is needed

Wayne Stephenson's comments here, assuming they were reported accurately, seem quite a way off the mark. I'm no expert, but grew up near the dunes, and walk on the beach often.

An open letter to Todd Barclay, MP

Dear Todd (an open letter)

It's obvious from your recent column that you are struggling with getting your head around some complex issues. That's OK - you are young and new to a very demanding position that you have little experience with; many people would find this challenging. Here's a quick ten-step programme on how to succeed in your new job.

Costs? What costs?

The Green Party have recently released a policy which includes plans to reduce the size of 2,400 dairy farms by 75 cows each.

How does the flag vote work?

I like Kyle Lockwood's design and favour the one with red. It certainly looks better than black when hanging, rather than flying in a breeze.

Gigatown has failed us

The Gigatown failure is evident. No one is talking about it apart from John Clarke.

The issue of bikes and biking is important because that is wasting money we do not have and will probably need to borrow. But the greater loss to most of us is loss of internet speed because Gigatown is not working for the vast majority.

Flag Poll

Rather interestingly, the comment regarding second referendum being first past the post and binding, even if by only one vote,raises the technical question of can a vote be voided for any reason i.e completing form incorrectly.

This being the case then it only adds to farcical nature of the plan to change present flag.

Cartoon tedium

If a cartoonist submitted a cartoon saying the same thing, and making exactly the same point they already made half a dozen times before, you'd think a decent newspaper might tell them to get some fresh ideas or move on.

No conundrum for Labour

It is interesting to read that Audrey Young believes that Labour have a conundrum (see here). It is perfectly possible to argue that the flag debate actually offers an opportunity for Labour to do to significant damage. Here's why:

1) Mr. Key = National


A few questions need to be considered:

1. Why did we export our "dairy know how" to Chile, Argentina etc? Now that has backfired and they are producing far more than we ever can simply because they have the land mass to do so. Their products are being sold dirt cheap and match ours in quality.

Trophy Hunters

How could any decent human being kill an animal of beauty for absolutely no reason -this is what trophy hunters do. This is what the American dentist Walter Palmer did (Cecil the lion) and this is what his fellow American trophy hunter Sabrina Corgatelli did when she butchered an "aged" Giraffe.

Highlanders parade


Never been in 'The Stadium' as conscientious objector to same. Secondly too expensive, stairs too steep, parking problems etc. Dedicated Highlanders advocate who appreciates the team culture which is unique and there is not a bone of arrogance or selfishness in the whole outfit. That is the main reason they won.

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