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Footpath and road repairs

DCC please add a couple of targets to this year's Footpath and Road Repairs Annual Plan and update your compliance inspection programme to ensure Contractors repair our footpaths and roads with a quality finish, that loose gravel is controlled to a minimum and there's no patches of weeping tar during hot weather.



David Bowie

For many years, humans have pondered whether we have been visited by people from outer space, when all this time they have been amongst us. RIP David Bowie. You changed this planet for the better.

TPPA and the Investor State Disputes System

Last year Mr Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, UN Human Rights expert, presented his report to the Human Rights Council, and later to the UN General Assembly.

Drug testing

This is a very interesting article, especially in terms of hearing all the different viewpoints on this emotionally charged and controversial subject. That this article was even published shows how times are changing. I doubt this article, balancing the story on the rise of drug testing would have made it to print even five years ago.

Another view for the new year

Certainly the end of a year is a time for reflection and a time for setting new goals and your editorial goes some way in doing just this. But the problem will be forever in aligning hopes with reality.

St Clair

St Clair esplanade is a total disgrace to the city, boulders everywhere, rust rails, broken steps to the beach ( what beach? ). Instead of wasting more ratepayers money on paying people who think they can fix St Clair's walls, holes, steps etc . . . no you can't, get the experts in and who better than the Dutch, if they can hold back the North Sea?

So many lights

So many lights

What a fabulous idea it was to have all the wonderful lights from the mid winter carnival processions all on display in one place for everyone to enjoy.

Tremain is as witty as a stuck record

Another day - another flag cartoon from Tremain.

He bores us with exactly the same thing ad nauseum.

Time to get someone who can comeup with something new and witty, instead of someone who can't think of anything new to say so just repeats the same thing over and over.

Please turn off the stuck record.




Great ODT Cartoon

After the never-ending series of groan and yawn inducing flag cartoons, how refreshing to have a concise. cutting witty cartoon making an excellent point.

Well done Wuerker and ODT - a brilliant cartoon. 


Snow, snow, snow ... or Kiwi reality

In Saturday's ODT there were 4 cartoons, 3 about the problems Americans have dealing with snow, and one about a fat viking.

It's the middle of summer.

Time was we had Footrot Flats to ground us in our Kiwi reality, but sadly Dog has moved on to doggie heaven.

DCC not responsible for flooding? Yeah right

Taking the kids to school this morning, the drain at the end of our road is blocked and water is flowing across the street. So I started counting blocked drains on my short journey to Queens and Tahuna schools. Grand total - 14 blocked drains, including three bad enough for large amounts of water to be flowing right across the street. 

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