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Auckland house prices

Foreign property buyers are not are not forcing Kiwi first-home buyers to the sideline - the problem is the first-home buyers cant afford to buy in Auckland, as even the years ago houses were out of reach for most first-home buyers .

Rubbish Woes

As a student who has lived on the one-way portion of Castle St this year (opposite Cumberland College), I have found it absolutely appalling to witness the large number of passing-by tourists who freely dump their excess rubbish on our front verandah.

Why Dunedin needs (some) separated cycleways

Diane Yeldon raises some important questions. She aligns herself with the 'vehicular cycling' movement, which argues that the best place for cyclists is in among the traffic, obeying the same rules as all other road users.


I vote 'no' to the cycleway project. Has this council not learnt from the mistakes of the past ie the Forsyth Barr Stadium? Millions of dollars have been poured into this and judging from the article in the ODT on 21/11/14 a lot more is required to keep it afloat.

Delayed repair of the Portobello jetty

The Portobello community raised $83,000 towards a new jetty and, in conjunction with DCC funding and support, has been using it for only a little over a year. In August this year, the jetty was found to be leaking and towed into Dunedin central for inspection.

Learning from stadium-related mistakes

One of the few good things about making mistakes is that you can learn from them, and avoid making the same kind of mistake again.

Tremain Cartoons

I enjoy Gareth Tremain's cartoons, however when we get to the tenth cartoon labouring the same tedious point - i.e. about the flag change being a distraction, or TPP negotiation being secret - I get the feeling he's run out of ideas so just re-uses the same ones ad nauseum.







Germany a permanent member of UN Security Council?

It was with interest today that I read in an article titled "Global political heavyweights to visit NZ this month" that Angela Merkel would be visiting New Zealand or, as we here in the Deep South like to say, Auckland.

Jacobean Bulletin, 1605

Jacobean Bulletin, 1605

Hear Ye, horrid AngloCatholic polloi. Look for Guido Fawkes, malcontent. Last seen loitering with Felonious Monk, sackbut player. Public nuisance, who says 'Im The Guy. How about a penny?' Run him in, he is overdue for a racking. Court of James. His KJV out soon!

Electricity it is then

Well here we go with something that I hope does not end as an "I told you so", but as a start of us doing something while we can.


I am truly flabbergasted. I know this is an Internet-news comment forum, but the ignorance being spouted as fact here is insane. Add all the rampant negativity into that and I truly see why 80% of Dunedin's population has yet to sign up for the competition to support our city.

That said, I appreciate the opportunity to separate fact from fiction here:

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