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Octagon closure

Recently I had a fall and am unable to walk any distance. I had brought tickets to The Rocky Horror Show at the Regent for ther 25th June. On Friday the 24th it was announced that the Octagon would be closed off for the Rugby, which I though wouldn't be a problem as I was able to borrow a wheechair.

Foreign fishing guides tension

I read with great interest Shawn McAvinue's article titled Foreign fishing guides tension in the ODT dated 13th June, 2016. 

Carisbrook - thank God it's gone

As someone who worked very hard to get this place demolished I strongly disagree with David Latta. 

Hopelessly hopeful

"Sometimes too much hope can be a bad thing. It had been hoped the Government's indication there would be no housing bonuses in Budget 2016 was something of a decoy.

Sadly not.

Electricity prices

Electricity prices

Electrical power bills should be reduced and kept affordable.


Bouquets go to the drivers who slow to 20kms passing school buses. Having just driven around Otago and Southland I came across at least six situations where drivers responsibly slowed going past school buses.

State House sales

Housing New Zealand is selling a house in Queenstown (ODT Thursday, 19 May). According to the South Island regional portfolio boss, Monique Fouwler, this house has been vacant for some time. Queenstown has a housing crisis so why are HNZ allowing their houses to remain vacant? Can Monique Fouwler explain how HNZ has determined there is a low demand for social housing in Queenstown?

Parker's wishing well

Yesterday on Radio New Zealand failed Labour Party leadership aspirant David Parker was strident in his determination to put a new tax on water users.

Our city's trees

We must preserve and nourish the natural resources that remain in our city. The green belt and garden trees must be protected. They, along with other plant life, are our only source of oxygen.

Look to Christchurch for clues

ODT reader Hype.O.Thermia wrote the following in reply to a story on the launch of a Dunedin CBD revitalisation group

Grammar or spelling errors

Whatever happened to the practice of indicating incorrect use of language etc, when reporting verbatim or printing contributions such as letters to editors? Has the ODT abandoned the once standard newspaper use of [sic] after such errors?

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