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Grammar or spelling errors

Whatever happened to the practice of indicating incorrect use of language etc, when reporting verbatim or printing contributions such as letters to editors? Has the ODT abandoned the once standard newspaper use of [sic] after such errors?

Queenstown vs Wicked Campers

I wish to express my support for Wicked Campers and their vibrant, smile-inducing art work.


It is almost beyond belief that the Queenstown Council is threatening fines for such creative freedom of self-expression. Obviously the great NZ clobbering machine is at work again.


City of Dunedin debt

When Mr Harland left the DCC I wrote:

DCC and Gigatown

Did you bother to read the latest missive from the DCC?

It's the Annual Plan Consultation Document. Under "Supporting economic development" at the top of the page it says GigCity (yet another name for Gigatown). A total of $250,000 for GigCity been included in the plan for 2016-17.

Mail delivery

Mail delivery

Now that we have three times weekly delivery of snail mail, we are finding out some of the thorns.  

For those of us that get delivery on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, there will be a week over Easter that there is no mail delivery. 


Recently I was a client of ward 4 A at Dunedin Public Hospitol and I can not speak more highly of the staff there. One gets the impression they work in spite of management rather than because of them ! Yes the hospitol is tatty, run down and an absolute maze of a place to get around with most facilities such as Xray, ultra sound and MRI a fair hike from the wards !

Tall Poppy

It is interesting to see that the Tall Poppy syndrome is alive and well in New Zealand.

How dare our Prime Minister be popular, successful and wanting to continuing to serve New Zealand in a fourth term in his role as our country leader! How dare he prevent lesser mortals from achieving their own exaggerated ambitions of taking his position!

Roseneath cycleway problem

I am a Roseneath resident. I would like to be able to temper the perceived cycleway problem by looking historically.

Footpath and road repairs

DCC please add a couple of targets to this year's Footpath and Road Repairs Annual Plan and update your compliance inspection programme to ensure Contractors repair our footpaths and roads with a quality finish, that loose gravel is controlled to a minimum and there's no patches of weeping tar during hot weather.



David Bowie

For many years, humans have pondered whether we have been visited by people from outer space, when all this time they have been amongst us. RIP David Bowie. You changed this planet for the better.

TPPA and the Investor State Disputes System

Last year Mr Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, UN Human Rights expert, presented his report to the Human Rights Council, and later to the UN General Assembly.

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