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Domestic violence

I was pleased to see that men were acknowledged as potential victims of domestic violence in your front page article, yesterday, reflecting a reality mostly ignored for the last 40 years.

I have one question: where are the refuges for men? Particularly men with children.

Physio Pool closure

So the Physio Pool is to close. Well done Dunedin. By doing this you are showing once again that you don't care about the poor, the elderly, the injured and those who cannot take part in the many aspects of daily life that the rest of us take for granted.

You should feel very proud! 

Mosgiel pollution

Since my husband and I moved from Christchurch to Mosgiel 2 years ago his COPD (chronic obstructive airways disease) has been much better than it was prior to the move.

What's the point?

The ball park cost of running this Stadium and paying its capital debt are around 20 million a year. Around 10 million appear to be running costs as far as available figures can be unravelled. DVML only currently have to deal with 20% of this total cost and about 40% of the running costs - and they are still squealing like a stuck pig about it.

Cancellation of direct flights to Sydney and Melbourne

It is no surprise to me Virgin has cancelled their direct flights to Sydney and Melbourne over November-December of each year. There was no publicity for these much valued flights - I only stumbled across them when searching online for a Xmas flight on the Virgin webpage.

Keep Octagon open

I previously commented, and have since read the submission document to close the Octagon on the DCC website. I had hoped to be impressed with this student submission, but with respect, I was left very disappointed in the document and it's lack of quality insight or direct applicability to our city and its unique challenges, strengths, and weaknesses.

Archibald Baxter Memorial

Archibald Baxter's memoir of his wartime experience, "We shall not Cease" is powerful testament to the heroic courage and indomitable spirit of a man whose Christian principles and informed conscience set him on a path of non-violence - in direct opposition to the prevailing jingoistic propaganda.

Civis on Aluminium

I agree that workers at Tiwai Point deserve to be paid 12 hours in lieu if they worked a 12 hour day.

Balance needed with cycle lanes

The DCC is trying to encourage cycling across the city of Dunedin, and in principle few would disagree that it is a good idea.

Boxing positives

In response to the ignorant and shallow point of view expressed in the ODT on 15/05/14.  

The height of hypocrisy

Immigration NZ has required Nigella Lawson to obtain a special visa to enter the country because she publicly admitted that she has used drugs.

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