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Let's hear it for MMP

Speedfreak, I don't know what research you have done so quickly, but it is far from "obvious" that Labour faithful were not happy with one or both of Labour's coalition partners, and it is far from clear that as a result they gave their party vote to National.

Money well spent?

Money well spent?

is nick smith not aware that 1080 kills skinks? He's been spending hundreds of millions driving them to extinction.

Dairy industry at risk?

Dairy industry at risk?

It would appear most have missed the real issue of farm sales.

Highlanders are getting soft

The latest abysmal results tell me the Highlanders are getting 'soft'.  The only way to remedy this is to stop them playing in the 'clinical' environment of our local stadium.  May I suggest that DVML install water sprays to simulate rain and powered turbines to simulate wind?  This should ensure our players become re-accustomed to the real world of rugby in which their competitors play.

Services enable business to do business

What was forgotten in the great rush to privatise our functional infrastructure - the services that make society and the economy work - is that network services like roads, telecommunications and airlines enable a wide range of other business to do business.

Current state of racing

As a new TAB account holder I can see why the turnover is down.

Dunedin street maintenance

Since moving from Dunedin to Palmerston North in 2013 due to the high Dunedin rates and lack of long-term direction within the City Council, I travel to Dunedin on business every 2 weeks. I cannot resist comparing the shocking condition of Dunedin Street surfaces with those of Palmerston North and Wellington.

Domestic violence

I was pleased to see that men were acknowledged as potential victims of domestic violence in your front page article, yesterday, reflecting a reality mostly ignored for the last 40 years.

I have one question: where are the refuges for men? Particularly men with children.

Physio Pool closure

So the Physio Pool is to close. Well done Dunedin. By doing this you are showing once again that you don't care about the poor, the elderly, the injured and those who cannot take part in the many aspects of daily life that the rest of us take for granted.

You should feel very proud! 

Mosgiel pollution

Since my husband and I moved from Christchurch to Mosgiel 2 years ago his COPD (chronic obstructive airways disease) has been much better than it was prior to the move.

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