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The Royals

The Royals have gone and wowed New Zealand. The 1 million spent was worth every cent. New Zealand has been well published throughout the world and will have a big tourist return. Thank you Kate and William, little Prince George is a lovely wee fellow and you both have done New Zealand a big favour.

Progress much too slow on cycle safety

As a survivor of a near fatal car-versus-cycle accident myself, I was brought to tears at the news of the latest death of a cyclist on Christchurch roads, Ms Sharla Haerewa.

Royal Visit Dunedin

What a delight having Kate and William in Dunedin.

No simple answers to energy supply

Energy supply is a complex issue to which there is no simple answer.

Reducing CO2 emissions

Refusing to make changes to try and avoid damaging climate change, unless someone hands you all the solutions on a plate, is a total cop out, and we don't have to stop using fossil fuels overnight, that is wrong.


At long last the evil, age old, process is over.

Nonsensical beatup

The story in today's business pages that breakfast costs have gone up much faster than inflation, is a nonsensical beatup.

Graphic content in the cinema foyer

I took a group of children to see Mr Peabody and Sherman at the Rialto Cinema on Saturday afternoon. The foyer was busy with parents and children of all ages, sitting in the foyer, waiting to go into the theatre. 

Oil Drilling in Otago

I believe that the people of Otago need to stand up proudly and state that they do not wish drilling to occur in our waters.

Oil is a non-renewable resource so the government should be concentrating its efforts on alternative methods for fuelling our vehicles rather than laying out the welcome mat for oil companies to drill on our shores when we have too much to lose. 

Feeding the family

Perhaps Timothy Brown ($50 weekly savings... 26.3.14) could advise me how I can get a copy of the actual list that makes up the "weekly food basket for a family of four".

Build Dunedin Facebook page

After requesting information about who administers this and the progas sites, Andrew Whiley believes the people behind both these sites should remain anonymous, Who are you protecting Andrew? Now people on this site are trolling to find identities of people who have objective views.

Waterfront hotel

Hotel. Waterfront. Vast ugly box in front of beautiful graceful hills and the rest of a city that tucks itself into the shape of the land.

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