Ratepayer sick of DCC says: Vote for me

Hello, I am a 36-year old Dunedin ratepayer with a wife and a 2-year old kid. I am working hard to save for our future and a base for my kid to aim high from.

I am sick of council fiscal irresponsibility and gutlessness and inability to say no to anything rugby-related.

If you elect me mayor in the next elections, I will list the Forsyth Barr stadium online with a $1 reserve till sold.

If not sold, I will welcome all comers to pluck whatever usable stuff they can from the stadium in return for a voluntary donation to the budgets of the library or Regent Theatre.

I will mothball all discretionary spending, cut council jobs by 20%, and put money aside for a referendum-like questionnaire sent to all ratepayers each year, instead of the council promo magazine, that will enable Dunedin residents to pinpoint their least favourite council employees, (councillors and mayor included), who will need to resign that year.

The least popular 5% of council employees must leave. This will increase council accessibility, civility, and customer friendliness, and ensure that council will always take decisions that ratepayers like to see in the city.

I will delay road resurfacing works wherever possible until it absolutely needs to be done, because this is a huge expense, and sell the Dunedin Chinese gardens to the highest bidder with a $1 reserve. I will put all money saved towards paying down the city's debt.

Because of all these cost cutting measures, I will limit the increase of funding to the library, and other council owned basic amenities to the rate of inflation published that year.

My first thought at all times when it comes to the council treasury is to negate all discretionary spending and pay down debt until it is zero.

Would you vote for me?

Big oar

Here I am again, putting my 'big oar' in.   I would agree that rugby is given too much prominence, however, sorry ab67, after that you lost me.  You cannot allow roads and foot paths to be so run down, they are safety hazards.

would I vote for you?

Not a chance.

I actually disagree with all the cutting that appears to be going at the moment...town hall, water supply etc. I think we should look after our assets and ensure Dunedin moves along with the rest of New Zealand. That would include better protection for our character buildings and perhaps trying to leave some of hills in hill form instead of removing them for making roads.

Let's accept what the previous council invested in and use it to our advantage. The mentioned assets are great resources and we should enjoy them.

Don't stifle Dunedin


This opinion piece should be published in the ODT along with Charlie Brown, Hagar the Horrible, Calvin & Hobbes and the other funnies.

Perhaps a regular column could be submitted by ab67 as this would surely brighten up the day of anyone reading it.

Hell yes

And I would stand as well.  Because we can lower taxes by having less government.  Therefore the cheapest way of running local government is to have no government at all. 

If nothing gets done, that's OK because at least we don't have to pay rates, which as we all know, are a tax on the poor and not payment for a public service.  

When the roads break up, the public buildings fall down out of neglect (sound familiar?) and the city is a joyless dilapidated ghost town, that's not my problem, so long as I can blame the counc...

Oh wait, I think there's a flaw in my plan.

If I can't see a problem with my own eyes, it doesn't exist

Delaying roadworks until absolutely necessary is the shortsighted view I've come to expect from the more vocal ratepayers of Dunedin. Unless a benefit is immediately apparent, people like ab67 would keep Dunedin exactly the same as it is now, whilst slowly letting it deteriorate into oblivion. "Preventative maintenance" isn't just jargon made up to justify a budget.

I assume those ridiculous statements about selling the stadium and Chinese garden are just an attempt at satire. Maybe we should fence off and sell the botanical gardens as well. Why are my rates paying for trees and flowers?

Actually, why don't we just pave over all of the grass in the city. Look at all the money we're spending on mowing lawns and trimming hedges and trees.

Perhaps ab67 needs to rethink whether Dunedin is the kind of city they really want to live in.

Would I vote for you?


In response

no way Jose



Not a chance.

In a word ab67 .....