Battery cages not the best future for chickens

Battery farmed eggs remain the choice of many consumers due to their low price.

Coery Blakeborough of Gore High School wrote a well researched article putting the case for economy over welfare, assuming in the end that it is OK to keep animals in inhumane cages if it saves the consumer money.

However this doesn't take into account that our Animal Welfare Act in New Zealand finds cage egg production inhumane, and against the law, were it not for the "exceptional circumstances" allowed for ecomomic reasons in the animal welfare codes.

The movement of egg industry out of cages and into barns or free range is similar to that in Europe and consumers are willingly paying the extra dollars to support that.

Gandi said "one can measure the greatness and the moral progress of a nation by looking at how it treats its animals".

I am sure that Coery would not like New Zealand to be measured on the way it treats the cramped, featherless egg laying machines that are our battery chickens that live up to 18 months in cages, unable to stand to full height, flap their wings or get away from their feather pecking cage mates. 

The SPCA Blue Tick guarantee of good welfare for farmed animals ensures that consumers get what they are paying for and consumers buying barn or free range eggs contribute to a better life for the birds they depend on to produce their breakfast.


Battery hens

Strangely enough, those who raise chickens for their meat know how to look after their chickens, but battery hen farms think that it is okay to treat their hens harshly, just because they are only after a hen's by-product - its eggs. Those farmers should investigate how the chicken meat producers treat their prize chickens.

No win

You all know that free range chickens are just kept in big dirty pens? They might as well be in a cage.

Uncaged all the way

My family became really concerned with the caged hen thing.  We decided we could no longer eat caged eggs and we could not ignore what we really felt. I bought SPCA ticked uncaged eggs in a brown and grey container (very plainly packed)  They are $6.00 a doz.  They are absolutely beautiful and worth every cent, for the feeling of doing the right thing.  We have a limited budget, but we find a way to buy those eggs.