The run-down Exchange area

The Rattray St buildings rarmarked for demolition. Photo by Peter McIntosh
The Rattray St buildings rarmarked for demolition. Photo by Peter McIntosh
There are two incomplete jobs that contribute to the generally dowdy, run-down Exchange/Rattray Street area.

I would like to know why they have not been completed before now.

The first is the long overdue demolition of the three buildings that have been partly demolished in Rattray Street. The owners have given completion dates more then once but still the area looks like a garbage dump.

I am sure that if the buildings were North of the Octagon, the council would have applied pressure before now to get the job finished.

Pedestrians have now been forced to walk on the street to pass the buildings for several years.

When oh when will this appalling mess get cleaned up?

The second permanent Work In Progress is the repairs to the Cargill monument in the Exchange.

Next July it will be four long years since the top of the monument was removed for repairs.

Even allowing for the delay in locating the correct sandstone, this delay is unforgiveable.

These two unfinished jobs must leave visitors with a pretty bad impression of Dunedin's "heritage".

Lest we forget...the Star Fountain

I quite agree with the concerns regarding the Cargill monument.  We all know what happened to the Star Fountain when it disappeared from view and was entrusted to Council's "safe keeping and storage".

An embarrassing sight

Absolutely! These two construction/demolition zones detract greatly from the beauty of that area. I am most embarrassed during high-profile events in the City. It was even more of a state during the Rugby World Cup. We have a lot of accommodation down that way, with the access way to one metres from a 3-year-old demolition zone. Surely the building owner, in this instance, should be held accountable.