Tickets for speeding tourists

Bruce Dow.
Bruce Dow.
Police in Omarama have handed out speeding tickets to overseas tourists demonstrating ''unacceptable behaviour'' over the past week.

Senior Constable Bruce Dow two Chinese nationals were both issued with $630 speeding fines and $150 fines for failing to keep to the left-hand side of the road at 6.45pm on Monday. The men, aged 33 and 35, were travelling in identical rental vehicles and appeared to be ''in a hurry'' to get to Queenstown.

''They actually went past me in the opposite direction when I was stopped issuing a ticket to another motorist. I realised they were going fast and back-checked them at 122kmh.

''I followed them and checked them at 147kmh going around corners between the Buscot (station) and Omarama. Both of them went at least half of their vehicles on the incorrect side of the road, before they realised I was there and they pulled over.''

A 58 year-old Irishman was also stopped for speeding at 6pm on Monday, after he was clocked at 125kmh travelling towards Omarama on State Highway 8 from Twizel.

The same man had been stopped at the same speed travelling the opposite way on the road on January 3, he saidA 33-year-old Canadian man also bagged a speeding ticket after being caught travelling at 140kmh on State Highway 8 on January 4, while already disqualified from driving.

Do they have to pay?

I'd be interested to know if they have to pay before they leave the country. I recall hearing that they don't have to and NZ can't follow it up when they return home. So really it's not going to stop them speeding. It's a shame the pair doing 147 weren't going 3km faster or their rental cars could have been impounded for 28 days. That would teach them a lesson!


Oh my dear god . . . halfway over the centre line, how utterly terrible! The officer should have called in the armed offenders squad and had the drivers sniped from a safe distance . . . and another man dared to travel at 125 on a beautiful fast flowing road, what a disgrace.