Video: Ruben Wiki tackles streaker at Warriors game

A streaker is tackled by former Warrior Ruben Wiki, now a trainer, during the NRL pre-season match between the Warriors and the Broncos at Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin.

Top video by Luke James/YouTube video by Gothewarriors

Whose 'tackle' was it anyway?

I think somone at the ODT is getting a bit confused. Apparently, a 'streaker' was tackled by Rueben Wiki at the recent Rugby League Match. The report in the ODT invited those interested, to go onto the web-site to see 'Reuben Wiki's Tackle'. Surely, under the circumstances, it would have been the other bloke's 'tackle', wouldn't it?


When a  bloke wants to have a bit of a streak across a field in his birthday suit he gets arrested and charged with disorderly behaviour. When students deliberately set fire to furniture in the street they get a smack on the hand. It's about time these arsonists are charged with arson, to hell with their future careers.