Tackle on streaker under review

A tackle by a security worker on a streaker will be reviewed by Dunedin Forsyth Barr Stadium authorities.

The tackle, in the 62nd minute of the All Blacks v England test on Saturday, will form part of a postmatch review of the test, Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML) marketing and communications manager Kim Barnes said yesterday.

''A postmatch review meeting will be taking place tomorrow morning with all relevant parties and this incident will be part of that review. Comment will be made after this meeting,'' she said.

Videos of security worker and New Zealand under-20 rugby team triallist and 2013 Crusader development team member Brad Hemopo's tackle of a 28-year-old streaker had attracted more than 200,000 views on You Tube late yesterday and comments were divided on the incident.

One person described the tackle as ''cowardly'' and another said it was a ''cheap shot''. Others defended the security guard and said the streaker would not have been tackled had he not invaded the pitch.

Mr Hemopo brought down the streaker from behind and three security guards escorted the naked man from the field.

When contacted, Mr Hemopo (19) said he could not comment. Sergeant Reece Munro, of Dunedin, said the arrested man from Christchurch had a ''cold night in the cells wrapped in blankets''.

He was released about 4.30am yesterday with his ''watch and covered in paper overalls''.

The man was ''moderately intoxicated'' when he arrived at Dunedin Central Police Station about 9pm and was charged with offensive behaviour.

He had been summonsed to appear in the Dunedin District Court on Wednesday. The charge was a fine-only offence with a maximum penalty of $1000.

Southern District Command Centre deployment co-ordinator Senior Sergeant Dave Scott said he did not believe police had received a complaint about Mr Hemopo's tackle and streakers were ''treated reasonably seriously'' by police.

''It's seen as a bit of a giggle and a laugh, but there is a serious side to it,'' he said.

''There's potential for them [pitch invasions] to be untidy.''

Questions to DVML concerning both the qualifications and the conduct of Mr Hemopo went unanswered yesterday.

Senior England teams media manager Dave Barton said the team had no concerns for the safety of its players because they were ''confident'' security ''would do their job''.

''It's one of those things that happen in matches,'' he said.

A spokesman for the All Blacks said they would not comment on the incident.


Still not fair

Craypot - still not fair. On one hand, the city, the public, the Police etc are saying that nudity is ok, that's it's all a bit of fun and a laugh. On the other hand, that nudity is offensive.

That nude game was in a public space. There was no paid entry for example, it wasn't inside. I for one didn't know it was on and anyone could have walked past with their children etc. Not to mention that it has traditionally taken place on the grounds between the one-way system roads, and I believe at least once at the beach? Highly public places. The video with full frontal nudity is freely and publicly available online including on this website.

If the streaker was charged with pitch invasion, trespassing, fined by the venue etc, that would be one thing, but to have such a blatant double standard is unfair. The final question is, however, when did we decide that being naked was 'offensive'. It is just anatomy. The person in question was not making any lewd gestures or similar - he seemed to be just standing there.

Excessive force?

Considering this security guard will have had training, one has to wonder why he felt if necessary for such an aggressive flying tackle into a stationary pitch invader? Even more so when he sprinted up from behind!

Surely a simple surprise bear hug hold around the guy's chest would have been more appropriate. Or was he the only security guard at the stadium and felt threatened by this naked man?

I am left with the impression this particular security guard was was more interested in the applause he would get from the stadium crowd. I for one feel it was a pretty gutless tackle. 


10/10 for the tackle

What a tackle! Maybe that guy will think twice next time. He had the choice to run on or not.

Whether it was nude or not, people are missing the main point as it interrupted the match of play. People get life bans in other parts of the world.

Fun police

This is plainly assault. Which law gives this person or any security force which is non Police the right to lay hands on a paying customer showing no aggression? I am sure it was some people's idea of fun to see this person being assaulted but it must be against the law in any venue. It certainly would be in your own home. [abridged]


He did the job needed with minimum disruption to the game. Any form of tackle would have had all the pc people in this world having a sook. Streaker restrained and off the field with little to no interruption to the game. Good job.



Lilly: On one hand if you went to the nude football game you did it knowing what to expect. That's your thing. But on the other hand if you paid to take your children to a rugby match to watch a national game as a fun/family thing to do and then someone exposes themselves in front of the kids then that's just ruined that game experience.. Fair ?

Unnecessary tackle

This security worker should be charged with assault, there is no need for such an agressive fast tackle from behind, just grab the streaker and take him off the field....that tackle could have injured him and was not needed, the guy wasn't even running!

Streaker assaulted

I'm sorry but this just proves the double standards that exist in our community.

In my book that tackle by the security guard was assault with excessive force!

It was totally unnecessary not to mention cowardly.  I note the streaker has been locked up and will probably be charged. His act was fun orientated, stupid perhaps but he meant no harm to anyone but as usual officialdom over reacts.

What the NZ Police do next will either prove that they condone the use of assault with  excessive force whenever it suits them.  

The NZ Police should have already arrested the security guard and he should be facing charges of assault (and battery?) with excessive force. They should also be investigating anyone else involved especially by way of "leadership" or training as well as the "culture" that exists within the "security" industry.

Sadly New Zealand has become a "bully boy" nation. 

God help us if they ever arm the Police - our streakers will be shot on sight.

Levi Malone

Let me befirst to congratulate Mr. Hemopo on a job well done.

Excellent, give him a medal

Well done the security guard . . .  [abridged]

Double standard

Why is a streaker charged with offensive bahaviour when earlier the same day there was a naked rugby game taking place a few hundred metres from the stadium? A double standard. On one hand public nudity is condoned and considered a laugh, and on the other it is called offensive. Not fair at all.