Changes proposed for Church Corner intersections

The community can now give their feedback on proposed changes to several key intersections around Church Corner.

Christchurch City Council transport operations manager Stephen Wright said the proposed changes would simplify the layout for all road users and introduce safe speed platforms and new pedestrian crossing points.

"Over the last ten years there have been 81 crashes at the Main South Road and Yaldhurst Road intersection," Wright said.

"Seventy of those involved vehicles turning right from Main South Road and colliding with vehicles on Riccarton Road."

Two people were seriously injured, including a cyclist, Wright said.

"At the Riccarton/Hansons/Waimairi intersection there have been 35 crashes over a ten-year period.

"One person riding a motorcycle was killed at this intersection in 2021 and another motorcyclist was seriously injured in 2022.

"Again, the main crash type involved people turning at the intersection and colliding with oncoming traffic.”

Photo: Newsline
Photo: Newsline
Community concerns about pedestrian access to the Bush Inn Centre from Waimairi Rd have also been raised.

"This area is used heavily by people cycling and walking to the Bush Inn Centre and other shops and facilities, including young people from nearby Villa Maria College and the University of Canterbury.

"We've designed these changes to make the intersections and crossing points around Church Corner safer for everyone," Wright says.

Around the Riccarton/Hansons/Waimairi intersection it’s proposed to:

  • Remove the slip lane from Riccarton Road into Waimairi Road.
  • Add safe speed platforms to slow vehicle approaches to the intersection.
  • Add on-road cycle lanes on Waimairi Road from Riccarton Road.
  • Add speed humps on Angela Street, Brake Street and Leslie Street.

Waimairi Road would have a new signalised crossing on a safe speed platform, the bus stop and shelter relocated north of the new crossing point and on-road cycle lanes added between Leslie and Bowen Street.

Around the Main South/Yaldhurst intersection it’s proposed to:

  • Remove vehicle access from Main South Road to Yaldhurst Road and Riccarton Road. This would simplify the road layout and stop the merging of vehicles in this section. Traffic could still travel westbound from Riccarton Road to Main South Road.
  • Add a zebra crossing on Yaldhurst Road to make it easier for people to cross.

Said Wright: "Because these changes would mean more people turning at the Curlett’s Road and Main South Road intersection, we're also proposing to remove the slip lane from Main South Road into Curletts Road and provide a left-turning lane at the signals." 

People can see the planned changes and share their feedback before Thursday, December 7 here. Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency plans to install raised safety platforms at the approaches to the SH73 Yaldhurst Road/Peer Street intersection. To find out more about this project head to